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[ROM] Official 2.2 (HTC 2.09 and 2.10): busybox, A2SD+, TUN, EXT4, Undervolt, SYSRW

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Jun 10, 2010
Dont know if this helps anyone, but this is the first rom I tried and ended in boot loop.

My problem was simply that I thought that Unrevoked3 s-off. But after flashing several times with same result, I noticed the "S-ON" line in Hboot.

I got S-off with AlphaRev.

Now Im running 2.10 with [SENSE KERNEL] (BFS/BFQ/SLQB/HAVS/OC1190Mhz/EXT4/CIFS/TUN/AUFS) and Radio

And its smooth! Thanks for a great rom

@Alexnew88 and desireusa91: There is a init.d script to set that fix on phone boot. It does not alter the kernel. Thus it works on all kernels (As far as i know). Cant find the link right now.
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Nov 27, 2008
I'd like to have an update with the 2.29.405.5 rom and the latest patchs available (GPU+, SDFIX, DATA2SD or EXT, etc...)

Would be great, i'm using your ROM everyday and it's really fast and stable

Thanks for your work


Sep 10, 2010
I used to use it up until i realized its dead :(

Everything worked fine for me, but never had the new market website on it, flashed cyanogenmod a week back and sticking with that now. At least that one will be maintained in the future.


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Jan 10, 2011
Is this a stock rom, or one of the many custom ones?.

Cause all i really want is to get tun.ko installed and working on my stock rom and yet I can not find anywhere where I can find the file nor the instructions on how to get it to my phone :/

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    Hi all :)

    I decided to give you an update for the apparently much-used 2.09 ROM :)

    This is fully rooted, kept completely stock with the following small mods,
    mostly for powersaving and ease-of-use.

    The following additions were made:

    - Busybox + Latest su and SuperUser.apk.

    - Still has A2SD+, a bit cleaner implementation this time. (Fully depends on whether or not you create an EXT partition, which can be EXT2/3 or 4.)

    - OpenVPN and TUN

    - Wifi module edited to make sure it never goes into standby.

    - Symlinked /data/local/bootanimation.zip for easy bootanimation replacements.

    - Cpufreq_interactive governor as default. This is slightly better than ondemand.

    - Default undervolting by 75mV-100mV -> Major powersaving.

    - UnionFS-FUSE overlay filesystem for /system. This makes /system writeable, and therefore allows you to use stuff like MetaMorph.

    Thanks to tgreer for hosting my stuff! ;)

    Make sure you pick the correct radio to go with these two ROMs. It's a bad idea to use an older ROM with a newer radio, or vice-versa, seeing as these ROMs have updated RILs.

    *updated* HTC 2.10 ROM radio (recommended for 2.10 - new RIL)

    Older HTC 2.09 ROM radio (recommended for 2.09)