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Jan 12, 2010
latest build, try clean flash 3 times, can't pass the splash screen
phone are working cause when i try to hard reboot (volume up+down+power) i can do screenshot
would llike to try this rom but i just can't

I had that and had to a hard reset and then it worked.
But then I got stuck on splash screen after changing the DPI so had to re-install(meaning I had to hard re-set AGAIN) and then it got stuck on splash screen after enabling Xposed. So I gave up.
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Same here, I'm going to Mahdi rom

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I had that and had to a hard reset and then it worked.
But then I got stuck on splash screen after changing the DPI so had to re-install(meaning I had to hard re-set AGAIN) and then it got stuck on splash screen after enabling Xposed. So I gave up.

phew, i thought i'm the only one since those posts before me are okay
back to rasta for a while


Flashed through multiROM. Very unresponsive on display touches. Long lags trying to open an app or Settings.


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Apr 28, 2010
Yeah I've tried it when it came out and it wouldn't boot, I've been asking for help on g+

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    AOSB is a custom ROM developed as free and open source software based on the official releases of Android by CyanogenMod

    Full Features

    2 second to up ! 1 second for restart or shutdown ! it is AOSB

    OTA Support
    AOSB Exclusive Feature: Custom SmoothProgressBar
    AOKP Navigation bar menu in settings for all devices now
    AOKP Animation Control
    ListView Animation
    Keyboard Animation
    Scrolling Animation
    AOKP Custom Navigation Ring
    AOKP Custom Navigation Bar
    ChameleonOS Gesture Anywhere
    ChameleonOS Screen Recording
    ChameleonOS Screen Recorder: add ability to record audio from mic
    TeloRadio (Connection Manager)
    Omni Audio Themes Settings
    OmniSwitch App
    Omni allow disabling call end sound
    Omni Audio : Stereo widening
    Omni Audio : Center frequency for Bass Boost
    AOSPAL LockScreen Notifications
    AOSPAL Lockscreen Blur
    Slim CRT animation: add scale down
    Slim IME options
    Slim DarkUI (system wide in black)
    Add Music Tile
    Flip to Mute/Reject Call
    Advanced BatteryBar
    Chainfire SU App
    User selectable camera click sound (disable camera sound)
    Quicktile row option:set 3,4,5 tiles per row
    LTE toggle support and Configurable up to user (LTE or 4G)
    Add Wifi name to notification drawer and option to enable/disable
    Frameworks: notification drawer background
    wide support for chinese language
    wide support for dutch language
    MediaScanner behavior on boot
    HALO: make windows move able and scale able
    Mobile Network Battery Saver Mode
    Configurable up to user (LTE or 4G)
    Advanced Battery Bar
    FB sync abbility to connect facebook contacts into contacts app
    App sidebar
    IME switcher notification
    Navigation bar with custom dimensions
    Screen video recording
    Configurable init.d
    Build PropModder
    Incoming calls dialog
    RAM bar with custom colors
    Builtin Xposed Framework
    Xposed : Per-App Layout
    Network usage stats
    ChameleonOS Active display (s-view alternative)
    AD: Display Time out
    AD: Turn Off Display
    AD: Threshold to proximity
    AD: Sort notifications by newest to oldest
    AD: HUGE Fixes
    mms: iOS features
    mms: Emoji and Smiley support
    samsung kernel super charged
    advanced low battery indicator options
    Custom Carrier Label

    Offical website: http://probam.net
    Source on github: https://github.com/AOSB/
    CM Gerrit: http://review.cyanogenmod.org/#/q/st...ch:cm-11.0,n,z
    Official Facebook Page : https://www.facebook.com/AOSB.Project

    [GAPPS][4.4.x] OFFICIAL Up-to-Date
    Android BaNkS Gapps 4.4.4 :

    Full change logs: http://probam.net/changelog/
    GitHub change logs: http://probam.net/github-changes/

    Installation instructions

    >If installing for the first time:
    >To install this ROM you will need to have an unlocked boot loader and a custom Recovery such as TWRP or ClockWorkMod installed
    >Copy the downloaded Rom to your phone.
    >update recovery, is required for install android kitkat
    >Boot into your recovery
    >Back up your ROM
    >Enter recovery
    >Make full wipe "included "system"
    >Install the ROM
    >Boot Rom
    >Reboot into recovery
    >install GAPPS package
    >Reboot - the first boot can take up to 2 minutes
    >Recommended to Reboot again after ROM is up for the first time

    Download Link :

    AOSB KitKat v1.3.7

    AOSB v1.3.7 is out

    Android 4.4.4 R2

    Download link:



    Android 4.4.4 R2
    AOSB: New BootAnimation supported all devices!
    Frameworks: SlimROM Heads up
    Swipe left for notifications and recents
    Swipe left an app in recents to open in floating mode
    Swipe down an app in AOSB recents to open in floating mode
    ActiveDisplay: Huge Fixes/improvements
    Sync AOSPA Floating window Changes with AOSB
    Implement App circle sidebar
    Floating widow: snap modes (up, down, left, right)
    HALO windows moveable and scaleable
    Over scroll effects
    code fixes HOVER And HALO
    Navbar: reimplement navbar cursor keys
    User defined wifi/usb tether network.
    Torch: fix torch toggle delay on boot
    Make torch shutdown by camera usage work properly
    Download: add to support pause/resume download by manual
    Bring DownloadManager API inline with AOSPA
    Send a boost hint when a key on the navbar is pressed
    MultiWindow: Improvement and more [buggy]
    Fix lock screen notifications proximity sensors
    Add APN for Tele2 4G, Claro (Panama), Tiscali Mobile (Italy), TIGO and VOX for Paraguay
    Themes: Fixes on Style, boot animation, and wallpaper , etc
    NavRing: Fix visibility issues on some devices
    SystemUI: New Smart Pull-Down
    SystemUI: Smart Pull-Down – Any Notification
    SystemUI: Over scroll effects
    SystemUI: Weather
    SystemUI: show statusbar icon if quiet hours is active
    SystemUI: Fix crash of SystemUI (OutOfMemory)
    SystemUI: Fix SystemUI crash on Recent App
    SystemUI: Fix crash of SystemUI (AOSB Recent Landscape)
    SystemUI: Show notification when charging.
    SystemUI: Fix Airplane mode toggle issue using Quick Access menu.
    SystemUI: Update UserTile from Google 4.4 code
    SystemUI: fix double tap to sleep not working with secure lock screen
    SystemUI: Swipe to float mode for notifications and recents
    SystemUI: Fix tile fliping
    HeadsUp: Fix dismiss on back key press.
    AOSB Bubble: Integrate with gesture SlideLayer
    AOSB OTA: Gapps auto update
    AOSB OTA: integration with Sourceforge download servers
    Settings: Search anywhere for anything !
    Settings: Driving Mode
    Settings: Heads up
    Settings: Show heads up at the bottom of the screen
    Settings: Implement App circle sidebar
    Settings: Vibration options customizer
    Settings: App Sidebar, Support for Configurable Trigger Region
    Settings: Protected apps
    Add native heads up support on dialer
    Remove Old non-intrusive dialog
    Remove Old Wakelock Blocker
    Mms: Fix thread view bugs also in black UI
    Mms: Fix FC issue that when tapping contact icon many times
    Mms: Add native heads up support
    Mms: Emoji and Smiley support
    Mms: Add quick emoji button next to text input
    DownloadProvider: add to support download into sdcard storage
    DownloadProvider: fix the crash when rotate screen.
    Add to support pause/resume download
    DownloadNotifier: Standardize play store and browser downloads
    DownloadNotifier: Normal notification for singles
    DownloadProvider: Add transfer speeds in notification
    Camera2: remove the pause button when timelapse is on
    Camera: Fix beauty mode & slow shutter indicator
    Camera2: Fix camera application memory leak
    Camera2: Add 50MP, 37.5MP resolution entry
    Camera: Fix JPEG quality DB update
    Blacklist call recording for US/EU mccs, remove sysprop flag for enabling
    Call recording service implementation, show recordings and allow playback in call history
    Dialer: Refactor SmartDial for additional languages
    Hardware: Add high touch sensitivity support

    AOSB v1.3.6 is out

    Warning : This release REQUIRED full clean/wipe before flash it !!

    Download links :


    New Boot animation :


    AOSB KitKat v1.3.6

    Android Kitkat 4.4.4r1 KTU84P
    Merge CM Changes
    Update SuperSu to v2.00
    New Bootanimation
    Base: iOS8, Bubble Recentes
    Bubble: re-work the activities
    Bubble: Fix NPE Fully and validate Contact ID/Image
    Bubble: check caller name if empty && calculate time duration
    Bubble: Make it optional
    Recent: Make it compatible with Holo Dark and Multi DPI
    Recent: Support landscape layout
    FastChargeTile: support m8
    Base: FastCharge & Touchpad Tile kernel feature toggle
    Base: Sleep Timer for Media Tile
    Base: Allow Power Notification Sounds For Wireless
    Base: Notification Reminder
    Base: Notification Reminder Interval
    Base: Notification Reminder New layout
    Themes: Use default_wallpaper for HOLO lockscreen wp
    Themes: Use first asset entry for lockscreen wallpaper
    PEEK: Sensors improvements
    HOVER: Option to exclude topmost app
    HOVER: notification timeout
    HOVER: New Settings
    HOVER: Improvements
    HOVER: Match notification width on tablets too
    HOVER: Theme Engine compatibilities
    Settings: add lockscreen themes in interface
    Settings: Pimp Custom Recent and Bubble Settings
    Settings: HTC Reflection Effect or iOS Flat
    Settings: Glowpad Torch
    Settings: Partition information menu
    Settings: Lockscreen Colors/Image
    Settings: Remove ‘More device settings’ menu
    Settings: Remove lockscreen slide delay option
    dlx: update adreno from qdevnet 24 June 14 KOT49H
    m8: add EasyAccessService
    m7vzw: update blobs from 4.10.605.3
    m7: Update proprietary files from Google Play edition
    toroplus: add blobs
    galaxysl: add blobs
    d801: Enforce known good ADSP images
    mako: Remove live wallpaper product entries
    mako: Remove libacdbloader makefile entry
    Working great so far, but volume button wake isn't working for me using gravity box.

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    Volume button wake is working great with or without gravity box...

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    AOSB version 1.3.7 with android 4.4.4 r2 coming soon!! :cool:


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    Latest build is out

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