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Dec 19, 2013
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* Your warranty is now void.
* We are not responsible for bricked devices, dead SD cards,
* thermonuclear war, or you getting fired because the alarm app failed. Please
* do some research if you have any concerns about features included in this ROM
* before flashing it! YOU are choosing to make these modifications, and if
* you point the finger at us for messing up your device, we will laugh at you.

OrionOS is a project based on slim. The name Orion was chosen as a representation of the beauty and vastness of the world around us (Too much Philosophy, eh? :p ). We started this project for Falcon (Moto G), to make a stable Rom, which would include Bitsyko layers and important customization. The Rom is built with Uber toolchain which delivers awesome smoothness and includes a custom kernel built from ground-up to ensure good performance [WIP]. Needless to say, this project is a product of our hobbies and the love we bore for Android.

*OrionOS  Features List*

Android 6.0.1 r62 based on AOSP

Statusbar customizations:
- Clock settings
- Battery styles
- Battery bar
- Network traffic
- Double tap on statusbar to sleep 
- Carrier Label
- Custom Headers - Normal, Modern, PolyHD, Orion
- Weather in status bar
- Quick Pulldown
- Task manager 
- Four tile QS toggle
- Force Expanded Notifications
- Immersive message toggle
- Notification count
- Breathing missed call
- Breathing voice mail
- Statusbar Icon toggle

- Slim Recents
- Clear all recent FAB with six positions
- RAM/memory bar in recents
- Full screen recents
- Show search bar in recents
- Show running apps only

- Home, Menu, Recents button rebinding
- Volume key cursor control
- Volume key playback control
- Notification slider [supported devices]
- Volume rocker wake
- Keyboard cursor control
- Swap hardware buttons 

Power Menu: 
- Power Off, Reboot, Screenshot, Airplane Mode, User Switcher, Sound Panel, Bug Report

Lockscreen Tweaks:
- Lockscreen wallpaper 
- Toggle Lockscreen date, columns ,time
- Toggle Lockscreen media art
- Lockscreen Weather

- Navigation bar buttons
- Navigation bar dimensions
- Navbar ime arrows 

- Ambient Display
- Pocket mode
- Hand Wave

- Advanced Reboot
- CM Lockscreen
- Double tap to sleep on lockscreen
- Quick unlock
- Pin scramble
- Screen pinning
- Disable QS on secured lockscreen

- Advanced Ambient Display
- Dcolumns, switches, dividers, tile view
- LCD density

Sound and Notification:
- Volume Steps
- Notification Lights
- Heads up toggle
- Unlink notification and ringtone volume
- Vibrate for calls
- Screenshot sound toggle
- Prevent audio ducking
- Battery Lights
- Disable camera sounds


- New Icon and logo
- New bootanimation
- Dark theme switch (many improvements on various preinstalled apps)
- Pre-rooted
- Substratum
- Uber 4.9
- Messenger instead of MMS (with NightMode)
- Update gallery (design tweaks)
- OTA (in device info)
- SuperSu in settings
- CM Browser 
- Viper4Android
- IME selector notification
- USB debug notify toggle
- SystemUI tuner by default
- Google Keyboard by default
- Orion changelog

Copy the ROM and Gapps in SD card.
Go to your recovery - Wipe Data, Cache and Dalvik Cache.
Install ROM and Gapps zip.
Reboot - 1st boot takes around 3-4 minutes.

ROM -Download
Gapps - Gapps

4th August - 15th Build [2.5]
r62, August patch
Add Substratum
Remove layers and add Substratum 171 in settings
Updated SuperSU to 2.76
Add System mode SuperSU
Updated Webview
Remove duplicate ringtone 
Updated LockClock, Snap
Updated Google Keyboard
Fix Alarm FC
Add Camera shutter sound toggle
Tint Settings banner
Fix Missed calls
Toggles for Statusbar Icons
Nuked Email app

4th July - 14th Build [2.4]
r46, June Security patch
Better density implementation
Breathing missed call/voicemail
Force expanded notifications
Disable Qs on secure lock screen
Disable Screenshot sound
Disable immersive messages
Notification counter
Swap HW buttons
Download speeds
Show charging current on LS
Pause/resume downloads
Updated translations
Vibrate for calls
Unlink notification and ringer volume
Lockscreen Weather
Fix Clock FC 
Fix notification light FC
Fix charging in charging mode
Updated Layers Manager
Updated SuperSU 2.74
Updated Google Keyboard
Updated Toolchain
New Settings Logo
Add SystemUI restart option in Statusbar settings
Task Manager, 4 col QS, LS wallpaper needs sys UI restart now
Add Permission dialogs and Dialer layers commits

4th April - 13th build [2.3] 
Base updated to 6.0.1_r22
Quick pulldown
Task Manager
Rework QS 
Toggle lockscreen media art
Volume rock wake
Orion Headers
Live volume steps
navbar ime arrows
Dashboard switches
New QS tiles
Heads-up toggle
Advanced ambient display
Update dark mode
Orion logo in recents 
Materialize toast icon
Fix missed call notifications
Ability to pause/resume downloads
Update SuperSU to 2.65
Update LayersManager to 4.4.2
Dashboard tileview toggle
Dashboard dividers toggle
Extend night mode to telephony apps
Wave and pocket gestures ( Motodoze ) 
Update Lockscreen wall with sysui restart
Update Google Keyboard
Battery and notification lights
Organize About phone settings 
Fix Bluetooth share FC
Add quick unlock
Add CM lockscreen security
Fix lockscreen
Fix issues in camera
Per app keyguard notifications 

Orion 2.2 Changelog 
Update Contextual panel on-the-fly
Extend day night to telephony apps 
Fix msim call notifications 
Telephony updates 
Flip to mute ringer
Proximity speaker
Fix contacts app FAB
Disable haptic feedback and sounds by default
Enable advanced reboot by default
Hide lockscreen clock and date
Fix ram bar in recents for 3gb ram
Google keyboard as default
Update Viper4Android to Thanks Viper520
Update snap
Show dev settings by default
custom DPI settings 
volume rocker wake
change color in battery saver
tint layers icon
Dark Mode update, fixes
Navbar customization
QS customizations - draggable tile implementation
Changelog generator in settings/about
Fix lockscreen security for some devices

OrionOS 2.1 changelog 
Android 6.0.1 r10 - rebased to AOSPB
Fix OTA 
Volume long press skip tracks
volume buttons cursor control
Ime notification toggle
Add Viper back
use the power button as a camera shutter
Hide adb notification toggle
Make clock and time clickable in statusbar
Power menu customization
Disable Battery Saver color
Show weather in statusbar
Update ringtones
Ability to hide alarm clock icon
Ignore interruptions while playback
Buttons: Add recents customization
Lockscreen Wallpaper
CM Browser
System UI tuner enabled by default
Layers 4.0 commits 
Configurable dashboard columns
Fix advanced reboot

First M build


TipsyOS, martinusbe (big thanks)
Substratum team
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Jan 6, 2014
Awesome Rom(by features and additions), would be great if it will be also for espresso3g

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