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Thread closed, sources not added by OP

@Arix-Arx Please check your PM-Inbox for more informtion.
You can read about it HERE why it's mandatory to post actual kernel sources according to GPLv2.


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    " #Dot-Extended "

    ROM Version: 3.3
    Device: sirius
    Maintainer: Etylix
    Build Status: Official


     * Your warranty is now void.
     * We are not responsible for anything that may happen to your phone by installing any custom ROMs and/or kernels. 
     * You do it at your own risk and take the responsibility upon yourself and you are not to blame us or XDA and its respected developers.

    "This is a user-friendly thread, all your suggestions are important to us and will be taken into consideration.."


    Dot-Extended bases on dotOS , is an Android ROM which focuses on performance and stability. We focus on making our rom look and feel great without struggling on Performance and Battery! So that one can get most out of his/her device.....


    Download the latest build and GApps
    Reboot to recovery
    Make nandroid backup (Not Necessary)
    Wipe System, Data, Cache, Dalvik
    Flash the latest build and GApps

    Download the latest build
    Reboot to recovery
    Flash the latest build
    Wipe Cache

    Note: GApps only has to be flashed once whereas Magisk/Su is to be flashed every time you Dirty Flash the OTA Update.


    MOD EDIT: Download link removed


    Note: Pico, Nano or Micro Gapps are recommended. We don't prefer STOCK/HEAVY Gapps​



    MD2 UI
    Rounded UI
    Enhanced QS Battery Estimation
    Seekbars for Media Notifications
    QS Panel Inspired Android Q
    Pixel Lockscreen weather
    Compiled using SDCLANG
    OTA Support
    Signature Spoofing
    Micro-G support
    Lockscreen charging animation

    [*]Battery Icon Style
    [*]Clock and Date
    [*]Statusbar icons
    [*]Brightness Control
    [*]Show 4G icon instead LTE 
    [*]Roaming Indicator
    [*]Battery Bar Customisation
    [*]Status Bar Gestures
    [*]Volte Icon Toggle
    [*]Wake up on charge plugged/unplugged
    [*]Show DotOS logo on statusbar
    [*]Carrier Laber
    [U][B]Navigation Bar:[/B][/U]
    [*]Navbar modes(Stock, Smartbar, Fling)
    [*]Smartbar tweaks
    [*]Navbar Pulse
    [*]Fling mode gestures
    [*]All DUI nav tweaks
    [*]Add Pixel Animation
    [*]Nav like Android Q 
    [*]Brightness slider toggle
    [*]Titles visibility
    [*]Tiles track accent color toggle
    [*]Qs panel Opacity
    [*]Vibrate when touching QS tiles
    [*]Rows and columns tweaks
    [*]Toggle to switch between pie and oreo recents
    [*]Double-tap to sleep
    [*]Lockscreen Tuner
    [*]Charging info
    [*]Lockscreen shortcuts
    [*]Media cover art toggle
    [*]Lockscreen Visualizer
    [*]Lockscreen clock widgets
    [*]Face auto unlock
    [*]Fingerprint Authentication Vibration
    [*]Ambient Music Ticker
    [*]Lockscreen visualizer
    [*]Lockscreen Weather
    [*]Lockscreen Clock Styles
    [*]Lockscreen  Cover Art Filters
    [*]Powermenu tweaks
    [*]Powermenu Visibility on lockscreen
    [*]Backlight Customisation
    [*]H/W keys customization
    [*]Volume button tweaks
    [*]3 finger swipe Screenshot guesture
    [*]Battery light charging customisations
    [*]Toast app icon switch
    [U][B]System wide themes:[/B][/U]
    [*]Accent Color Manager - Fruity pebbles
    [*]Qs panel Customisation with Android Q 
    [*]Neo theme
    [*]Ablity to reset Battery Stats
    [*]Switch to disable Screenshot sound
    [*]Auto Call Recording
    [*]Set ringtone for each sim slot
    [*]Switch to disable/enable Dashboard suggestions
    [*]Digital Wellbeing Preinstalled
      Accent Color
      Font Manager
     QS Themes
      QS Color based on Wallpaper
      QS Color based on Accent
      Custom QS Panel color 
      QS Panel Opacity
      QS Header Style (Black/Grey/Light Grey/Accent Based/Transparent)
      Custom QS Header Image
      QS Tile Style (Wavey/Cookie/Teardrop and 15+ More)
    Settings Customisation
      Switch Appearance (OnePlus/Material Design 2)
    [U][B]Ambient Display:[/B][/U]
     Ambient Options
      Always On
      Always On When Charging
      Wakeup On New Notifications
      Battery Level at Botton while Dozing
      Music Ticker
    [U][B]QS Tile Shortcuts:[/B][/U]
      Heads Up tile
      Caffeine tile
      Ring mode tile
      CPU info tile
      Suspended action tile
      Smart pixel tile
      Ambient display tile
      AOD tile
      Screenrecord tile
      Stabilization tile
      Gaming Mode tile
      Screenshot tile
      Alarm/Calc/Phone/Camera/Music tiles
      HW key tile
      LTE tile
      Navbar tile
      On the go tile
      Pie control tile
      Reboot tile
      Sleep screen tile
      Accent picker tile
      Volume panel tile
      High Brightness tile
      Sound Search
      One Handed Mode Tile
      Compass Tile
      App Picker Tile

    Aosp Extended
    Dirty Unicorns
    And all other open source Devs/Teams.

    Special thanks:
    Hung Phan - Leader Developer

    Important Links

    Liked The ROM? Want to Help Us? Then gift us some credits




    Telegram Channel

    As soon as the problem occurs, take a logcat!
    for more READ THIS
    Dot-Extended, ROM for Mi8 SE
    Source Code: https://github.com/Dot-Extended

    XDA:DevDB Information
    [PIE]-[ROM][Official]-[29.05.19]-Dot-Extended-v3.3, ROM for the Xiaomi Mi8 SE

    arix_arx, hungphan2001
    ROM OS Version: 9.x Pie
    ROM Kernel: Linux 4.9.x
    ROM Firmware Required: 9.1.24
    Based On: AOSP, DotOS

    Version Information
    Status: Beta

    Created 2019-06-07
    Last Updated 2019-06-07
    I'm not writing often, but now I have :)

    ROM installed for already 3 days:
    - Very smooth and fast rom
    - No detected bugs so far
    - Very much customizations
    - Low RAM consumption
    - Good battery consumption
    - Most important for me: BT in ear, in call and in car (media) works like a charm
    - Streaming on TV or whatever works
    - Few preinstalled apps, which can be deactivated

    This is the first rom for this phone where I'm happy. And believe me, I have installed almost all available roms for sirius :)
    It is much cleaner and faster as all the derivates of miui. At the same time it has no one of these annoying GSI-bugs.
    @Etylix, @arix_arx, @hungphan2001: Thank you for your work! Please drop me a message how to make a small donation because I'm excited.

    My only wish: keep the project alive and maintaining the sirius. Thumbs up! For now, my search for the best sirius rom is over.
    ...How much SOT do you get?
    Will be about 6 hours. For today SOT is about 3 hours with 30 min. calling, 1:30 h Andrioid Auto with 1:30 h Google Maps and about 1 h music play. My Battery is now at 47%.

    ---------- Post added at 06:56 PM ---------- Previous post was at 06:42 PM ----------

    @khangcobra: had very long time this issue. Only GSI ftom AOSiP was bootable, nothing others.

    First success with installing this rom as follows:
    - flash phone completely with miuiflash and last developer miui (i think, 9.5.14)
    - fastboot flash recovery 1227
    - boot again into recovery. Format (not only wipe) data (because encrypted)
    - boot again into recovery, after that dm-verfy and dont force encrypted, so your data will leave decrypted.
    - boot again into recovery and only wipe /data, cache and dalvik
    - do not wipe /system, as the rom installer will make that for you
    - install rom, opengapps and magisk as you want.

    Booting should now work. For me, the solution was NOT to wipe /system and to let the installing scipt of the rom do that.

    By the way, after using the rom a while, I was able to upgrade to the latest magisk 19.3 and to boot w/o any problem. Really fine.
    minor bug
    last full charge data wont reset since first time full charge (100%)
    after restart time reset to 7am but after connecting to internet its update automatically

    does AoD have burn-in protection ?
    and could you please add some tweak for AoD that have adaptive brightness and on/off schedule
    Thanks devs. DotOs is the best rom for me.