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Mar 3, 2019
When are we getting the new update? Because this ROM is of no use without a working camera.... and is the maintainer of the ROM is still active on this forum or on the development of this ROM? Because he's not replying to the comments and also his account is not available on telegram anymore.


Mar 3, 2019
Camera will be fixed in the next update..Wait plox!
You blocked me on telegram sir....just because i was reporting too many bugs just to make this ROM the best for everyone. That's not fair. If you have problem with any of my messages you could have warned me instead of blocking directly. This ROM is pretty stable and amazing I just informed you the bugs I noticed to make the Pixel Experience more smooth and stable for every user. As a developer you should respect the feedback of your users and I apologise if any of my messages seems inappropriate to you.


New member
Mar 7, 2019
Network issues

There are network issues in this ROM, sometime it gets blank and other times it's normal, I am using Jio and Airtel sim, and the place where I live, I have strong network for both the sim cards.
Please help regarding this


Senior Member
Dec 20, 2009
Why this device recognize as Xiaomi Note 3? Where can I edit to make it Asus. Thanks! Other than that everything that I use is working.

About kernel, the lowest frequency is 1190?

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