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Jul 4, 2014
I never did this, and its also the first time that I read about this.

For my part I upgraded from 18.1 and never flashed this. Everything, also OTA updates are working for me without any issues.
It was added after 19.1 was released.

I suspect the vendor_boot is part of the LOS19.1 rom/zip but also a hard dependency for the 19.1 recovery to boot. So the chicken or the egg problem. For upgrading we are using a 18.1 recovery so that's why we probably don't need it. I am gonna check the payload.bin of the latest LOS19.1 and see if the vendor_boot is in there.

Update: I checked the payload.bin and my suspicions were correct, it has the vendor_boot in it. It has the same hash as the downloadable vendor_boot from the wiki.
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Mar 25, 2022
For the people still under 18.1 my personal experience after upgrading:

Im using 19.1 since a few days now and everything is running fine for my use cases. Battery usage is same or even "feels" a bit better than 18.1 (dont have statistics).

Under 18.1 with corresponding Android 11 firmwares (I tried them all) I had the problem here in mexico (f3 bought and made in indonesia) with flaky mobile network connections in some regions or parts of cities. The network connection was sometimes breaking away, or, I only had 4G for the first few seconds after I got signal. At first I was thinking this is an frequency related problem, since I bought the phone in asia, but the new global firmware or/and 19.1 seemed to solve the problem. My connection is much more stable now.
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I've been using the 19.1 ROM from several days and no problem so far from the perfomance perspective.
The only "issue" I see is that slow charge is displayed when I'm pretty sure it actually works as if it was fast. Any suggestion on how to fix this wrong indication?


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May 31, 2019
I'm getting it on Lineage for microg, maybe it's an issue for installations without gapps. Have you managed to solve it? It doesn't happen just right after boot, I've also had it appear randomly when I'm using the phone.

I blocked its connection and it stopped crashing for few days, but today it crashed again untin if forced stopped it.


Jan 30, 2013
Xiaomi Redmi Note 7
Any who have tested this rom found issues with android auto using MindThe Gapps?. On 18.1 it fails, so I installed open gapps and it was solved.
On another hand, screen cast failed also, so I would like know if somebody has tested this feature.
Thanks in advance


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Jan 28, 2009
I have only one question: is it normal that after every reboot this setting turns on again?

View attachment 5615291

It's not a big deal, I'm just asking to know if it's the intended behavior. Also I have removed the line to push, not sure if that's the reason.
It is a bug in lineageos. Same behavior (after restart it turns back on) before ih8sn installation.
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Jan 28, 2009
There is a new firmware for EU region: V13.0.6.0.SKHEUXM. After flashing, it broke my internet connection and I had to return to V13.0.4.0.SKHEUXM.
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    In last release (today's one), security patch level is still 2022-05-05 despite in changelog it's reported June security update.
    Is someone experiencing the same?
    "332260: Jun 2022 Security update & Feature drop" commit, is related to android_vendor_lineage.
    POCO F3 vendor Security update level is still 2022-04-01 for me.
    332260 commit seem to be only related to the Google devices. And as there is no vars/alioth in this commit, there is no vendor security patch level update flag for alioth.
    In last release (today's one), security patch level is still 2022-05-05 despite in changelog it's reported June security update.
    Is someone experiencing the same?
    There is a new MindTheGapps build: . Everything is working fine at first sight.
    Just flashed the version from "2022-05-28".

    Taking pictures with the provided android cam or gcam look somewhat blurry/photoshopped/filtered.
    Anyone else having this?
    • Android camera2: version 2.0.002
    • Google camera: version
    Using the latest Gcam build seems to solve the issue:

    Tested it with pictures of hairy legs. Before the body hair looked like some weird blurry paste. Now the body hair looks sharp. I guess that's good :p
    i already spammed the thread enough, so, if i may ask, link to LOS telegram please, i can't find it.
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    LineageOS is a free, community built, aftermarket firmware distribution of Android 12L (Sv2), which is designed to increase performance and reliability over stock Android for your device.

    LineageOS is based on the Android Open Source Project with extra contributions from many people within the Android community. It can be used without any need to have any Google application installed. You will need to provide your own Google Applications package (gapps). LineageOS does still include various hardware-specific code, which is also slowly being open-sourced anyway.

    Base source code is available in the LineageOS Github repo. And if you would like to contribute to the project, please visit our Gerrit Code Review.

    GPL compliance:


    • Camera (and flashlight)
    • WiFi
    • Bluetooth
    • Telephony (Calls)
    • Audio (Record and Playback)
    • Video Playback
    • Sensors
    • GPS
    • VoLTE/VoWifi
    • Nothing (?)

    Installation :
    • Required firmware version must be based on MIUI 13.x.x builds (Based on Android 12).
      • V13.0.5.0.SKHCNXM 12.0 China
      • V13.0.4.0.SKHINXM 12.0 India
      • V13.0.3.0.SKHMIXM 12.0 Global
      • Others flash region specific firmware MIUI 13.x.x.x 12.0 (eg: Europe, Indonesia, Russia, etc..)
    • GApps can only be flashed on clean installs.
    • Formatting data (all user data is wiped, including internal storage) is a must if MIUI was previously installed and device was encrypted.
    • Flashing LineageOS through TWRP is NOT SUPPORTED and NOT ADVISED. **
    • No custom kernels are supported in this thread. Only stock kernel and official builds will be supported.
    ** Please use LineageOS Recovery instead. Right now, Lineage Recovery is really only intended to be used on devices with Seamless Updates (aka A/B partitions) and, in that role, it is only intended to be embedded within the OS's normal Boot image. While flashing TWRP, it replaces boot image's ramdisk (possible security risks, coz it runs SeLinux permissive on recovery). That's why it's not recommend to use with A/B devices.

    Bug reports:
    • DO NOT report bugs if you're running a custom kernel or you installed Xposed.
    • Grab a logcat right after the problem has occurred. (Please include at least a few pages of the log, not just the last few lines, unless you know what you're doing.).

    Credits & collaborations:
    All LineageOS team would like to thank everyone involved in helping with testing, coding, debugging & documenting! Enjoy!

    Credits :



    DONATIONS : Paypal
    LineageOS 19.1 official build is out

    Make sure follow steps before upgrading to lineage-19.1

    - Follow this fresh install
    - Follow this for upgrade

    - Install Android 12 Gapps after installing rom (if you use)
    - Update firmware to required firmware version MIUI 13.x.x builds (Based on Android 12).
    V13.0.5.0.SKHCNXM 12.0 China
    V13.0.4.0.SKHEUXM 12.0 Europe
    V13.0.4.0.SKHINXM 12.0 India
    V13.0.2.0.SKHMIXM 12.0 Global
    Updated build is UP (Check OP for link)

    - Based on android-12.1.0_r2
    - Some features are up (like expandable volume panel)
    - Fixed recovery assert issue
    The ROM isn't PLay Certified, so you need magisk to use GPay.
    Not a big deal, but there's a way to do it without Magisk?
    By default lineageos don't pass safetynet, why?- its explained here

    You can pass safetynet by an unofficial way, using ih8sn
    This might help to pass SafetyNet without Magisk/Root

    1- Extract attached somewhere.
    2- Connect phone with USB debugging mode and rooted debugging enabled in developer options.
    3- Then run push script (.sh/.ps1/.bat) or manually enter whats in it.
    4- Reboot

    - Adding file will keep the spoofing stay in ota updates, use only if needed