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    any update of this rom?
    You can find some updated unofficial Coral builds over on Telegram.
    The motion sense work?
    NO, and PLEASE STOP ASKING this same question in ALL A11 forums. It is proprietary so NO, not until its reversed engineered.
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    Feel The Sting!

    Since we have no working TWRP for Android 11, we have to flash with our own custom recovery. In the download section below, you will find a boot image and the ROM zip. You need to download both and follow the install instructions.


    For First Time Install
    , you must clean flash! Check the upload date, this will let you know which factory image you need to be on before flashing your device.

    1) Plug the device into a PC and open a terminal
    2) adb reboot bootloader
    3) fastboot flash boot boot.img --slot all
    4) fastboot reboot-bootloader
    5) Using the device volume buttons, select Recovery Mode
    6) Use the custom recovery to Factory reset the device
    7) When it's done, select Apply update followed by Apply from ADB
    (This will allow you to sideload the ROM zip)
    8) adb sideload the_rom.zip
    **** Terminal will sit at 47%,wait and watch the phone let the phone finish it will take few min

    If you need help flashing come to support chat and ask like a Human....
    # Example (using a Wildcard shortcut)
    adb sideload S*.zip
    9) Reboot system and Enjoy

    NepoRood, dabug123
    ROM Source: https://github.com/ScorpionRom
    Kernel Source: https://github.com/ABCP4XL/kernel_google_floral
    Device Source: https://github.com/ScorpionRom-Devices

    Version Information
    ROM OS Version: Android 11
    ROM Kernel: Linux 4.x
    Based On: AOSP, ABC, DU
    Status: Stable
    Current Stable Version: v4.x
    Stable Release Date: 2020-12-17

    # Second Post

    Additional Info

    This rom is not meant to be the most feature filled, nor do we claim it is the fastest, or most streamlined. This is just a fun project for us to release our daily irritability.


    GApps are included

    Display Settings:
    QS panel:
    -Quick pulldown
    -QS rows and columns
    *Status bar
    -Battery Styles
    Lockscreen Weather
    Lockscreen tweaks:
    -Clock styles
    -Now Playing
    -Media art
    -Always on when charging

    Activate the Torch w/Power button
    Full Screen Gesture navigation
    Custom Gesture actions

    Power Menu:
    Advanced Power menu (Restart, Recovery, Bootloader, SystemUI)
    Google Wallet

    Other Info:
    Pixel Stand is charging only, stock features are mostly working just few left to fix up.

    Join us on Telegram for the latest news and discussion: Link

    Special Thanks
    Kdragon for kernel source,rom source and help when needed..

    (In alphabetical order)
    The hard working people at ABC and DU
    And anyone I forgot...
    New build coming soon:
    Feb patch merged
    Now builds will ship with sultan kernel built inline
    New builds out on drive!

    February patch merged
    Sultan Kernel is now built inline
    Scramble pin layout option added
    Smoother upload/download animations
    New themes
    To fix assistant behaviour for now, add Russian as a secondary assistant language. This will revert assistant to old ui and fix screen off ok google
    The motion sense work?
    NO, and PLEASE STOP ASKING this same question in ALL A11 forums. It is proprietary so NO, not until its reversed engineered.
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