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Development [ROM] [OFFICIAL] ArrowOS 11.0 [android-11.0][vayu/bhima]

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Jun 14, 2021
About CPU frequencies. I think they are wrong!

I see however is confusing, all other developers are wrong? I mean, if such frequencies are the best for efficiency why nobody use them? Just a legit question.
Moreover have you tried if the battery draining is the same in idle? Because a consumer user do not use the device 24/7, majority of the day is inactive.
Even my low-end intel 9400F can go under 800mhz in idle. I can be wrong of course, but is odd to me that a mobile cpu that is designed for power saving have a clock superior to a desktop cpu in idle.
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Oct 26, 2014
Xiaomi Poco X3 Pro
Seems you partition shrinked, not normal, but i never use magisk for this purpose, just for root explorer to manage folders.
Once i installed ArrowOS i just flash magisk via twrp then boot to the os and complete the installation inside the app, never touched boot.img at all.

View attachment 5374847View attachment 5374873
I never shrinked any partition, just patched the boot.img and flash boot using fastboot. That's it!! I will post this on the Magisk discussion group and see what they say.


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Feb 17, 2008
Moreover have you tried if the battery draining is the same in idle?
I'm using Vanilla-20210723 now. I get like 3% battery drain at night, which is not good but acceptable.
I agree with your concerns. The whole optimization is for full load. I would like at least little CPU optimized for idle/sleep state of phone.
Here 2 detailed measurements of 855+:


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Jun 14, 2021
I'm using Vanilla-20210723 now. I get like 3% battery drain at night, which is not good but acceptable.
I agree with your concerns. The whole optimization is for full load. I would like at least little CPU optimized for idle/sleep state of phone.
Here 2 detailed measurements of 855+:
Thank for yout testing mate, appreciated, so the drain in idle is real and is not good, inferior to the stock and other custom roms that use the stock frequencies.
Well, there is a reason if the original manufacturer use such scaling frequencies in their hardware, they know what is the best.

Maybe such values are good for intense office working or gaming, but bad for the standard usage. An option to change the profile based on personal preferences can be also a good compromise.

Better stay with 2021-07-09 for now.
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Nov 22, 2010
i flash the last update (31.07). handy hang on the poco start screen. i can't fash a older version (i try 23.07), now i have boot loop. can any1 help me plz thx


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Apr 5, 2019
i flash the last update (31.07). handy hang on the poco start screen. i can't fash a older version (i try 23.07), now i have boot loop. can any1 help me plz thx

Format data. Do Clean flash.


Section 2


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Jun 14, 2021
Format data. Do Clean flash.


Section 2
Is possible to make a zipped vendor backup via TWRP, reflashable when needed, so i can restore it without install the whole MIUI again?
There is no standalone vendor for X3 Pro like the firmware, i guess is merged into the miui rom image.

What's difference between "official" and "community" if both use oss vendor? Believe official use stock and community oss? Still 31.07 have the same scaling issue of the latest builds?
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Jun 14, 2021

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    I updated #2 with a possible solution for users facing ghost touch problems in their units, this has nothing to do with ArrowOS; this is something at HW or FW level, people are able to fix it while rolling back to or firmware (you will need to boot full MIUI rom for them to do their magic on partitions)
    Even if MIUI fixes it in the latest releases, we might not know how as they do not publish changes made to their kernel source rather publish the base/initial sources only
    anyways, read more at the FAQ section in #2
    Just to be clear, I never faced these issues as I unlocked on the 7th day and never went to MIUI again nor flashed any other firmware, more than 98% of the users also do not face it at a regular basis. I have a bhima 8/128gb variant (Indian vayu with no NFC)
    Good luck
    A new update will soon be released (08-09-2021) will include:

    - Update blobs from V12.5.4.0.RJUMIXM
    - Bring back and switch to AOSP WFD implementation
    - Import remaining Xiaomi init script changes
    - Fix Ambient Display crash on clean installs
    - Misc changes and improvements

    - Merged September security patches
    - Full source changelogs here: https://arrowos.net/changelog.php

    - Requires MIUI 12.5 firmware (any region), but if you face issues with the latest firmware you can use or above (Remember you need to boot to that specific MIUI version first for MIUI to do its magic on firmware partitions before moving back to ArrowOS)
    - These builds include custom source compiled vendor and ODM partitions
    - Misc changes and improvements
    - See full device changes at: https://github.com/ArrowOS-devices?q=vayu

    kubersharma001: UPI: [email protected]

    For helping me test new changes to some feedbacks, I am usually active in my chat, you can join it here: https://t.me/kubersharma001chat

    New update is available!


    - Merge latest CAF tag on kernel (LA.UM.9.1.r1-11100-SMxxx0.0)
    - Migrate to libperfmgr power aidl hal (pixel power hal)
    - Add NotchBar killer (Can be seen in cutout menu in developer settings)
    - Update Brazillian translations in device settings
    - Cleanup init rc files/scripts
    - Sync init rc files/scripts from CAF 9.1.r1-10900 SMxxx0.0 tag
    - Cleanup unneeded blobs
    - Add missing vintf entries
    - Remove duplicate, irrelevant references in init rc files
    - Introduce raise to wake gesture
    - Enforce all RRO for all resource overlays
    - Remove QTI perfd, I/O prefetcher blobs, props in favor of moving to libperfmgr
    - Decrease minimum brightness value
    - Update SE policy rules
    - Synchronise some props from stock MIUI
    - Enable idle_state mechanism
    - Fix Clear speaker footer text issues
    - Add a summary for clear speaker and Dirac preferences
    - Zram/swap improvements
    - Move remaining device-side RROs to vendor partition
    - Misc changes and improvements

    ^ This is not a full changelog, please check device repositories (https://github.com/ArrowOS-devices?q=vayu) and source changelogs (https://arrowos.net/changelog.php) for all the changes made from the last date of update.

    UPI: [email protected]

    Support chat: https://t.me/kubersharma001
    who is developer of this ROM? will u fix brightness problem at next update and when? if no pls inform, i will move to lineage or crdroid, lowest brightness on arrow is trash
    Developer of this ROM definitely is not paid by Xiaomi themselfs and is not obliged to spend his valuable time to improve / fix stuff on a ROM that is voluntarily maintained, yet he does. Instead, be thankful that OP still improves upon an AOSP based ROM which X3 Pro is not designed for originally. Please do not ask for ETAs. If you have any problem about the ROM itself, follow this guide by OP: https://blog.arrowos.net/how-to-report-a-bug/
    New update will include the following changes:
    - Enable AOSP Sim toggle
    - Minor refresh rate improvement
    - Fix SafetyNet issues for all users
    - Fix GoogleCamera mod video recording issue
    - Allow all 4 rotations
    - Misc changes and fixes

    PayPal: https://www.paypal.com/paypalme/kubersharma001
    UPI: [email protected]
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    ArrowOS for POCO X3 PRO (vayu|bhima)

    is an AOSP/CAF based project started with the aim of keeping things simple, clean and neat.

    Website: https://arrowos.net
    Telegram: Channel | TG Portal/Links
    Github: https://github.com/ArrowOS
    Code Review: review.arrowos.net
    E-mail: arrowos.contact
    PayPal: Donate to us
    Blog: blog.arrowos.net

    Checkout more documentation at (maintainership/contributing): Check this out

    1. Audio
    2. Bluetooth
    3. Camera
    4. Dt2w
    5. Display
    6. Torch
    7. Battery/Notification LED
    8. Sensors
    9. Radio, data. networks (2g,3g,4g+volte,vowifi etc)
    10. Refresh rates(120,90,60)
    11. Headset port, charging ports, etc
    12. GPS/Location
    13. Almost everything?
    • ArrowOS ships with source compiled vendor and odm partitions.​
    1. You tell us.​
    Be sure to include a log: check how to

    Click here to Download
    Tip: Select OEM -> Device, choose Arrow version, choose the build type: "GAPPS" or "VANILLA" to download.

    • Remove any fingerprint, PIN, or password in MIUI
    • Unlock the bootloader
    • Transfer ROM to internal storage
    • Install any suitable recovery
    • Flash ROM zip file
    • Do a data wipe in recovery (format data)
    • Reboot to the system, wait and enjoy
    • Download via OTA Updater and let it automatically install; OR
    • Download an update, transfer to internal/external storage (always check file sha256)
    • Flash ROM zip and reboot.
    Read our blog article/post about:
    * HOW-TO report a bug
    * GAPPS and VANILLA variants
    * Checking build integrity

    ROM Source: https://github.com/ArrowOS
    Kernel Source: https://github.com/ArrowOS-Devices/android_kernel_xiaomi_vayu

    ROM Firmware Required: MIUI global or you can use any latest R firmware from your region as well (firmware only)
    Donate: https://www.paypal.me/kubersharma001
    UPI: [email protected]
    You can download ArrowOS Recovery if you like or use other 3rd party recoveries


    Tip: If you are new to custom ROMs, I would suggest taking a TWRP backup/partition backup (usually: persist, efs, firmware partitions, etc) saved in your cloud or computer.

    Q1: How can I update to a new update?
    A1: Flash ArrowOS recovery and download and install the update from the OTA Updater application OR Download from arrowos.net [codename: vayu] boot to TWRP and flash it; if you are using ArrowOS recovery, copy build zip to external storage (sdcard, USB otg etc) and install via "Apply system update option"
    If you are on PC, you can also use adb sideload while being on recovery

    Q2: Why is Mi8 (dipper)/walleye oreo or any other device's build fingerprint and desc props/values are used?
    : As most of the custom ROM users might be aware that SafetyNet cannot pass with devices own build fingerprint props due to the multiple checks or other aspects which is unknown, done by the OEM/Google which fails hence nowadays devices are generally spoofed with build fingerprint and description props of devices which passes CTS/SafetyNet like from a device with Android Oreo or Pre Android Oreo (walleye oreo; mi8 oreo, etc) or from latest Pixels (like redfin)
    This device as of now uses Mi8 (dipper) build fingerprint and description to pass SafetyNet!
    (In future release: It can change to Pixels or some other device too just to "Pass SafetyNet checks") hence don't consider this as some lame reason to spam or message about.

    Q3: Facing ghost touch issues on your device?
    This issue has been recognized by Xiaomi as a fault in their MIUI firmware, I am not yet sure if this is completely a hardware fault or just a firmware fault with specific variants
    I have an Indian 8/128 variant and I never faced such issues.
    Since Xiaomi does not release newer changes done to the kernel source, we are stuck with the initial R source release hence we don't know what changes they made to fix it on MIUI if they ever did
    But, some people have fixed ghost touch issues by :
    * Flashing MIUI full MIUI rom, booting to it, setup up everything (like registering the fingerprint, etc), and then moving to custom ROMs.

    [* Using 120hz? (not confirm but 2 users have suggested doing this has solved sluggish touch issues for them)]

    If this method works for you do not update firmware unless you are sure that will work
    This is not a global issue, only a limited number of people face it!
    Also, users have faced ghost touch issues on MIUI versions aswell, so this is not something custom from related! It is hardware/firmware level

    Do not report bugs with mods or custom kernels.

    You can chat with me on Telegram: https://t.me/kubersharma001chat
    Hey. just wanted to notify you all that I am going to remove the "Smart Charging" feature in future builds, Also I suggest using mods/ modules which simulate similar behavior as the smart charging feature IS NOT RECOMMENDED!

    A bunch of Xiaomi devices (at least vayu, surya etc for sure) (or lets say some QUALCOMM devices in general too) have somewhat buggy PMIC ( i.e Power Management IC) and facing the issue is rare in most scenarios (some can face it without using these features too) till you don't mess power_supply or anything related to PMIC mods or features like smart charging, idle state charging, those Magisk modules for smart charging like ACC or whatever can trigger the PMIC to bug out as well and in that case your battery will be drained, won't charge unless you reboot to bootloader till the time you can. If you don't do that and let it drain (which I remind you might be quicker than usual) it might just go DEAD.

    Ref: https://github.com/lybdroid/poco-x3-pro/issues/1

    Most people might not face the issue, but still, there is a chance, and let's not risk it. I would suggest avoiding draining your battery to 0.

    I am not saying the above-mentioned features or mods are bad or broken but there is a slight chance something bad can happen, so my removal of this feature on vayu is just a safe play till we know something better
    "Be safe than sorry"
    Fixes/Changes done for next build/update:
    - Yellow tint on screen
    - Lowers vibration intensity to a decent level
    - Force volume steps to 25 as some MIUI vendors are forcing this to insane 150 volume steps, yikes.
    - Fix Recents Overview sluggishness
    - Ship GCamGoPrebuilt instead of AOSP camera2
    - Other minor improvements and fixes.
    BTW, Incase anyone wasn't aware you can see last 24 hour active/installs statistics here:
    vayu is now under top10

    Changes for Next update:
    Fixed WFD showing green screen while casting to laptop