[ROM] [OFFICIAL] ArrowOS 9.x - Pie for X01BD [Zenfone-Max-Pro-M2]

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Apr 19, 2016
Cant update to july 5th version

Why i cannot flash manually/automatically my update in the twrp, it says error 7 etc.

anish sk

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Jul 7, 2014
Add this option.
volume panel in notification panel.
button long press customisation.
its daily needed features.


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Mar 27, 2019
Please replace stock apps with gapps

It's a fantastic rom andmy faily driver as well. The only thing that bothers me is stock apps like phone, contacts, massages etc. Replacing them with GApps would be great.
Still this is the best rom.


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Jan 27, 2005
Nope, am there and there is no changelog there

The July 1st changelog reads like this:-

Download: Arrow-v9.0-X01BD-OFFICIAL-20190701.zip

- A lot of things are updated and reworked, things are much refined.

- updated to latest pie blobs.

- Improved Camera and fixed GCAM on pie firmware and pie blobs.

- removed jason/Mi Note 3's build fingerprint and desc to pass safetynet, and switched to asus's latest ones - fixed safetynet (remember to pass CTS, just normally install Magisk and it will pass - no need to use any hax or change build fingerprint).

- From this build minimal pie firmware based is forced to May Build, so you should atleast have that pie firmware base if you don't get it from:


if you use this gcam (linked below) with the yesterdays arrow build gcam works. Sometimes front cam may not take a pic. A trick is you switch to rear camera, take one pic and switch back to front cam, it will be working. REMEMBER: This is on P blobs and you will need latest Pie firmware!
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Aug 20, 2013
Now using July 20 build. Everything else is working great except for charging speed. Its super slow if i compare it with ROMS using Etherious Kernel like Havoc. Anybody else feeling same ?


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Apr 17, 2016
There is a problem with saving pictures taken with stock preinstalled camera. After taking a picture you have to instantly view it. When you close or minimize camera app picture is not in the gallery and you cannot see it again. Major bug for me because you have to remember about this everytime when you take a photo.


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Jun 20, 2018
@bauuuuu Everything is good in the latest build including safety net which passes even without magisk, but could you pls look into this status bar padding issue in our device. There is too much space left on both sides of the icons which looks quite ugly. Thanks.


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Jul 5, 2014
while clean installing latest update I got error 7 this package requires firmware version 16.2017.1905.065 or newer. I am on crdroid rom v5.6
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Mar 2, 2017
Thanks for the rom and official TWRP. But could you increase the incoming call vibration strength &in call volume? This is one of the reasons users are not happy with the stock room and want to try custom roms hoping they can solve the problem.
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Jan 29, 2013
so far so good. but the asus camera has a bug. I can't set my sdcard as storage. I hope the team will fix this. I tried to flash the latest asus camera port but, it still has the same problem.... :(
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Mar 18, 2013
Hi @bauuuuu

Your ArrowOS is excellent. It is very clean, stable and fast. Moreover, you update the ROM regularly which is very nice.

The fact that you don't include nonsense or placebo features in the Kernel or the ROM makes it very clutter-free and safe to use.

However, I have two feature-requests which, if you implement, will be really appreciated.

1. Add a toggle to allow the use of old icons of Mobile Signal i.e., 4G or LTE written in small size on top of signal bar instead of a big icon next to the signal bar.

2. Allow the Network Speed Monitor to show an option to change the speed to Bits per second instead of Bytes per second in the Status Bar.

This is what I would request you to add in your ROM if you can. I will really appreciate it.

Thanks again for this wonderful ROM. I hope you keep supporting this project for our device. :)
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Jan 27, 2005
There's a new build at the repo!

Device Changelog:
* Kernel upstream to 4.4.188
* Wifi drivers updated
* Upstream to caf 5 August tag
* User build, safteynet passes without magisk

Source changes
* August Security patch
* Dark Theme similar to Pixel devices
* Advanced Location (QS tile)
* Messaging app white navbar
* Fixes for manual network selection
* Misc improvements to source and fixes
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    ArrowOS is an AOSP based project started with the aim of keeping things simple, clean and neat. We added just the right and mostly used stuff (Features) that will be actually USEFUL at the end of the day.

    Website: https://arrowos.net
    Telegram: Channel | Group
    Github: https://github.com/ArrowOS
    Code Review: review.arrowos.net
    E-mail: arrowos.contact

    To apply for maintainership Check this out


    You need to have a decrypted X01BD [Asus Zenfone Max 2 Pro]

    1. Download The ROM & GApps
    2. Reboot to recovery
    3. Wipe: System, Data, Cache
    4. Flash ROM + GApps if you wish
    5. Reboot

    ROM: Click Here for ROM

    Gapps: Click Here for GApps

    ArrowOS Source
    Kernel Source

    Dirty Unicorns
    Tibor Kaputa
    And all other Open Source - Developers,Teams and Organisations
    DM if we missed someone - you can always look at GitHub to find more contributors! :highfive:

    XDA:DevDB Information
    ArrowOS, ROM for the Asus Zenfone Max Pro M2

    bauuuuu, kubersharma
    Source Code: https://github.com/ArrowOS

    ROM OS Version: 9.x Pie
    ROM Kernel: Linux 4.x
    ROM Firmware Required: On latest firmware

    Version Information
    Status: Stable
    Stable Release Date: 2019-01-28

    Created 2019-01-21
    Last Updated 2019-01-28

    Kernel Source: https://github.com/ArrowOS-Devices/android_kernel_asus_X01BD

    • Almost everything

    • You tell us
    Be sure to include a log : check how to


    Q1: Is this device specific build or Generic System Image ( GSI ) ?
    A1: This is device specific build, not GSI

    Q2: Is this rom rooted by default?
    A2: No.

    Q3: How to root?
    A3: by flashing Magisk from TWRP

    Q4: How to update manually when a new build is available?
    A4: Download, reboot to TWRP, flash the new build + you can also wipe Dalvik and cache!

    Q5: Is GoogleCameraMod working on this rom?
    A5: Yes
    Tested GCAM:

    Sometimes front cam may not take a pic in Google Camera Mod. A trick is you switch to the rear camera, take one pic and switch back to front cam, it will be working. REMEMBER: This is on P blobs and you will need the latest Pie firmware!

    UPDATE: Any GCAM which works fine in stock pie should work fine here as well!

    Q6:playStore notifications are not working!
    A6: Common issue in Pie thanks to Google
    Go to :
    * Settings -> Apps & Notifications -> "See all apps" -> "Show System". Search for "Data Transfer Tool" or "Android Setup"
    * Disable them both and reboot your device..
    * Play store download notification will start working from now! (reboot if needed)

    Announcement: We have released device sources of X01BD which we brought up in collaboration (bauuuuu and me i.e kubersharma) for custom development, so anyone can compile any rom with these device sources and for collaboration (fork and make a pull request for contribution, we shall review it and then merge if needed and only if it is legit)
    Click here for device sources
    14th Feb, 2019
    Downalod here
    First ASUS PIE vendor based build, clean flash and be on ASUS PIE beta firmware
    Device specific:-
    - synced all vendor blobs from asus PIE beta release
    - fixed (again) video calling lags
    - fixed low sound
    - cleaned up lot of unnecessary blobs, much smoother and snappy now
    - update touchscreen firmware
    - fixed slow charging issue for users from certain country
    - refined statusbar height with respect to notch
    - fixed issue of 0 brightness for certain users
    - updated brightness values
    - kernel update 4.4.172
    - lot of minor optimizations and fixes
    - fixed cts profile mismatch

    ROM specific:-
    - Merge February Security patch(r31)
    - new Volte icon extracted from asus Pie beta
    - Fixed signature spoofing support
    - Hide arrows in Network Traffic indicators
    - Move statusbar weather to QS statusbar header
    - Move net monitor to expanded statusbar header
    - Make weather clickable in QS status bar header
    - Make traffic clickable in QS status bar header
    - Make statusbar header net monitor play nice with the QS Scrim
    - Clear all lingering notifications when network is disconnected
    - Remove unnecessary right padding from time picker
    - Network traffic: fix indicator not hiding on lost connection
    - Net monitor: fix text color on light theme
    - Statusbar net monitor: stop the handler if screen is off
    - SystemUI: Ambient Display: fixed overlap of weather and notifications
    - Fix disappearing home/recents button
    - Translations Updated
    - Updated qcom hals
    - optimizations, core changes and fixes which is not mentioned here but can be seen at Github Org or Gerrit

    Bug reports without logcat will be ignored.