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Mar 18, 2018
Xiaomi Mi 10T / 10T Pro
I tried the new build for about an hour.
Here are the bugs so far!:
-Performance seems fine, maybe a little bit slower than stock
-AOD doesn't turn off when the proximity sensor is covered
-Opening an app, the corner of the app animation are square instead of rounded.
-After opening the camera phone is stuck at 60hz until i turn off and on display.

Overall a quiet stable build, good job!


New member
Nov 15, 2020
So far no practical issues, but logcat is flooded with this, making it impossible to trace anything realtime without a filter:

11-15 14:55:29.269  1157  1157 I /vendor/bin/cdsprpcd: vendor/qcom/proprietary/commonsys-intf/adsprpc/src/fastrpc_apps_user.c:2033: fastrpc_apps_user_init done
11-15 14:55:29.270  1157  1157 I /vendor/bin/cdsprpcd: vendor/qcom/proprietary/commonsys-intf/adsprpc/src/fastrpc_apps_user.c:828: remote_handle_open: Successfully opened handle 0x0 for '":;./\attachguestos on domain 3
11-15 14:55:29.270  1157  1157 E /vendor/bin/cdsprpcd: vendor/qcom/proprietary/commonsys-intf/adsprpc/src/fastrpc_apps_user.c:1722: Error -1: apps_dev_init: app does not have access to fastrpc device of domain 3 (Permission denied)
11-15 14:55:29.271  1157  1157 E /vendor/bin/cdsprpcd: vendor/qcom/proprietary/commonsys-intf/adsprpc/src/fastrpc_apps_user.c:1844: Error 0xffffffff: apps_dev_init failed for domain 3, errno Permission denied
11-15 14:55:29.271  1157  1157 E /vendor/bin/cdsprpcd: vendor/qcom/proprietary/commonsys-intf/adsprpc/src/fastrpc_apps_user.c:1940: Error 0xffffffff: open_dev (-1) failed for domain 3
11-15 14:55:29.271  1157  1157 E /vendor/bin/cdsprpcd: vendor/qcom/proprietary/commonsys-intf/adsprpc/src/fastrpc_apps_user.c:830: Error 0xffffffff: remote_handle_open failed for adsp_default_listener
11-15 14:55:29.271  1157  1157 I /vendor/bin/cdsprpcd: vendor/qcom/proprietary/commonsys-intf/adsprpc/src/fastrpc_apps_user.c:1980: fastrpc_apps_user_deinit done
11-15 14:55:29.272  1157  1157 E /vendor/bin/cdsprpcd: vendor/qcom/proprietary/commonsys-intf/adsprpc/src/cdsprpcd.c:47:cdsp daemon will restart after 100ms...

Thoughts about what this could be?
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May 13, 2011
Hey guys,

Just switched from OnePlus 7 pro to OnePlus Nord. I installed crdroid on my Nord successfully, but it didn't work with twrp recovery. I had to use pe recovery. Rom is running smooth, thanks.

But, I have an issue installing zip files (such as microg). I always get an error on both recoverys.
Any ideas?