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[ROM] [OFFICIAL] Dirty Unicorns 4.4,M7-TMO[04/23/14]v7.0

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Aug 12, 2007
San Diego
I think I have the wrong file downloaded for version 2.0.. Can somebody tell me the correct file to download

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Haha just realized I was on the updated one along and I flashed the older one that is y I was having FC haha

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May 22, 2012
Kansas City
I have changed my APN default to the LTE APN restarted and still no LTE I tried changing network mode to LTE/GSM/wcdma too and restarting and no LTE or data connection at all

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Apr 18, 2011
my lte seems to work. and my apn is 'fast.t-mobile.com' not 'fast.mobile.com'. Hope that helps. I am in sacramento, ca and my download speeds are only about 1500kbps on average. my area is a flooded network i suppose. on 4g i was having a good day with 350kbps


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Oct 17, 2010
Originally from Philadelphia
my lte seems to work. and my apn is 'fast.t-mobile.com' not 'fast.mobile.com'. Hope that helps. I am in sacramento, ca and my download speeds are only about 1500kbps on average. my area is a flooded network i suppose. on 4g i was having a good day with 350kbps

Yeah, sorry, I misspelled that. You can actually go with our without the dash though. Fast.tmobile.com works the same.


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Jan 29, 2011
New York
Sound does not seem to be anywhere as good as stock sound with beats. the sound gets choppy and staticy and sounds like a blown speaker. Same exact quality on 3 different headsets as well as the built in phone speakers. This only happens if the EQ settings are enabled. If theyre all off then i get just the normal flat sound with no bad sound.

Has anyone else encountered this, and/or know how to fix it?

I have not had this issue. I'm using Noozxoide EIZO-rewire as a DSP plug-in, and it works rather well. I was using it before I installed Beats Audio drivers, and the sound was pretty stellar. With beats, the drums are more noticeable and the mixes are cleaner, but reverbs and delays have a more muted effect.

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Does anyone have any issues with recording audio? It seems that my vines and the Sound Recorder app can't detect sound. I've yet to try my g-tuner apps, but I'm already having my doubts.


Jun 7, 2007
Definitely seeing a significant drop on data speeds. I'm with 2 bars of LTE pulling 25 down and 20 up (45ms Ping) with stock rom. Flash to this rom and I get HSPA+ only (600ms Ping, 15 down, 1 up), even when the LTE APN is selected. Toggling other LTE options doesn't help.

Any solution for this? Is anyone seeing "4G" in the corner on their phone?


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Nov 16, 2009
After flashing this and the most recent jb gapps, whenever the screen times out, I can't bring it back up. I'm forced to reboot and once it reboots, some thing again. Please help :eek:

EDIT: Swapped out my phone at T-Mobile and it works now!! W000000! Anyone having reception issues?
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Nov 28, 2011
OK so I have a few questions and this is the best place I've found to ask so I'd be very happy if someone could help. First let me say I'm bouncing between the normal and Google edition for tmo. Now I've read on Engadget that the Google edition does not support AWS for tmo. I'm in Chicago and I'm sure if LTE is not here and strong it will be soon so my question is: For the normal version of the HTC ONE on tmo can if you flash an AOSP ROM does LTE and AWS work? Wouldn't that be the smarter thing to do than buy the Google edition and not get AWS support? I mean obviously you would want to be on LTE but in spots where you don't get it it would suck to go all the way down to 3g. Also is the link for this thread to a Google edition ROM that is the same as the ROM on the actual Google edition phone? Thank you very much whoever can help me out.


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Dec 3, 2010
Default Message Settings

2 questions:

1. Any idea how to get into the default messaging app's settings?

2. No Beats Audio support in this ROM?
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Oct 3, 2012
Hello all just wanted to introduce myself and give you guys a quick update i have taken over this thread as the official maintainer of the m7 first i want you to know is i do not have this device so if you have any issues i need you to be as clear and concise as possible when explaining your issue accompanied by a logcat ( http://forum.xda-developers.com/show....php?t=1726238 ) this second part is not a suggestion i have to have this to see whats going on without a log you are wasting my time i build for several devices i dont have time to play a guessing game so if you dont know how to run a logcat the link i just posted will educate you also look up catlog in the playstore this app is good for running logcats as a begginer, so if you do your part ill do mine if you dont do your part ill ignore you no offence but you decided to root and flash custom roms its not my job to trubleshoot your device ill help when i can but you have to help to...with that said if you have questions ill do what i can to answer them if i dont know the answer ill try to find out im pretty quick with responding to your querries unless the above stated condition has been met lol about donations lots of people have contributed to this rom and code in general team dirt mazda shalkieth aokp cm etc.. consider donating to them knowing this if you still want to donate to me ill apply it to getting the device nuff said about that donations are not required i do this because i love it with that said the last thing i want to touch on please do not disrespect me or anyone else in this thread we are a community that means we have to work together and play nice if we want to accomplish our shared goals dont ask me for eta on the update i will post when it is ready to post not before im not going to do nightlys because as a team its been decided that when we update we want a quality solid rom with real improvements and fixes there are exceptions if needed fixes to the rom are needed to maintain quality...im going to need a couple of testers just pm me for details thanks for your time and i look forward to bringing you the best rom available
One last thing please do not clog the thread with how good this ROM is or thanking me that's what the thanks button is for use that to thank me
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May 24, 2010
On The Moon!
new build is up ill post the change log later

First Off... Thanks For An Amazing Build... I've Been Running It and the Only Two Issues I've Found Is the Battery Drains Pretty Quickly During Normal Use ( Chrome Browsing, Facebook, Text and Picture Messaging ) Like 1% Almost Every 3-5 Mins and the Network Handoff From Hspa+ to LTE and Vice Versa Is Not Working Well... It Works On Hspa+ Well but When Accessing LTE It Drops the Data Connection Completely. I Have To Reboot to Get a Data Connection Established Again.

Aside From that... The Rom Is Solid and Works Very Well. Hopefully These Few Kinks Can Be Fixed to Make This As Stable As Possible.

Thanks For Your Contribution :)

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Oct 3, 2012
Hey guys release is finally here are there any flashers left around here that would like to test the build is super solid let me know

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Oct 3, 2012
Hey guys looks like there are only seven of you you should go get some friends and bring them onboard seriously how do you like it and have you found anything wrong with it

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Dec 5, 2010
Running pretty well. Is there a way to adjust the back button sensitivity? Everything I hit the back button in an app it always double taps

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    Dirty Unicorns is a custom ROM built with stability in mind and optional customization. The idea to start this ROM began out of pure boredom around 4.1.2 on the EVO 3D and later turned into a form of an addiction (a good one) to see where we could go from there. We have since expanded to more devices to include the HTC One, Nexus 5, SGS4 and many more. We quickly realize that users loved what we were doing as well as other developers because it was done the right way. We've always had fun doing it and take pride in knowing that we've done it without having to bug the end user for donations to pay for server costs and/or any of those sob stories you hear. This ROM is 100 percent free and will remain that way.​

    Those wanting to use our ROM as a base are more the welcomed to do so but please maintained the credits/thanks below, do not ask for donations as it wouldn't be fair to do so considering and let us know as we often like to contribute to other projects.


    As stated above, we love to maintain authorship but we also like to publicly praise those that have helped us along the way with our wonderful project. With that said, this wouldn't be possible without the work and help of those listed below :) THANK YOU ALL!!

    | OmniROM | AOKP | CM | ChaOS | Paranoid Android | Slim ROMs | Preludedrew | Team Black Out | Official Testers / Translators |

    Please check our gerrit/github for full credits/thanks of individual contributors​
    Believe it or not, we are human and we do forget things. If we have left someone out of the credit/thanks list, just PM us and we'll gladly add on to the list.


    -- Option to disable FC notifications
    -- Ad-free toggle (Hosts file manager)
    -- Facebook Sync Hack
    -- PDroid patches included
    -- Immersive mode
    -- Hot Reboot Option
    -- Appbar (ribbons)
    -- Customizable Quick Settings
    -- Customizable power menu
    -- Customizable lockscreen shortcuts
    -- App Ops access in Settings
    -- TRDS (built in theme in settings)
    -- Statusbar Clock options
    -- NavBar Options
    -- Halo (multi-tasking tool)
    -- Halo size changer
    -- Hardware key remap mod (only for HW button devices)
    -- Battery Bar / Circle batteries
    -- Network speed indicators in statusbar
    -- SuperSU (chainfire)
    -- Build.prop mods
    -- Init.d Tweaks
    -- Active Display (Moto X notifications)
    -- ListView Animations
    -- Custom System Animations
    -- Toast Animations
    -- Custom BusyDialog
    -- Advanced Low Battery Indicator options
    -- ScreenShot QuickTrash
    -- Color Changing PhaseBeam
    -- Gesture Anywhere
    -- Button Light Notification
    -- Statusbar Color options
    -- OmniSwitch (multi-tasking tool)
    -- Driving Mode 
    -- Lockscreen theme options
    -- Lockscreen notifications / options
    -- System App Remover
    -- DU Download Center
    -- Identicons
    -- Suspend Actions
    -- Wakelock Actions
    -- SlimROM based recents
    -- Contextual notification panel headers
    -- SlimROMs privacy guard
    -- Blacklist calls/sms

    And much much more, just take a peek into Dirty Tweaks and ENJOY!!!




    - Make sure you have TWRP or compatible recovery for kitkat
    - Wipe everything but your external/internal storage
    - Move the ROM zip to your device
    - Flash it and reboot
    - Once the ROM boots, reboot back into recovery
    - Flash the recommend GAPPS and ENJOY!!


    -- Have not seen any issues but if you do, please provide as much information as possible and/or a logcat


    Check the merge section of our gerrit http://gerrit.dirtyunicorns.com/#/q/status:merged,n,z


    DOWNLOAD LINK - http://www.androidalex.us/dl/HTC One/m7ul/Official DU 4.4.2/v7.0/
    GAPPS LINK - http://androidalex.us/Gapps/4.4.2/PA Gapps/PA_Gapps_4.4.2.zip
    ALT. GAPPS (Team Blackout) - http://androidalex.us/Gapps/4.4.2/TBO_DU/DU_TBO_Gapps_03-06.zip


    Google+ community - https://plus.google.com/u/0/communities/109738128866939227235
    Please keep in mind that in our Google+ community, we like to post test builds to fix bugs and/or gauge what the user would like to see in this ROM.
    With this said, if you would like to test out an experimental build (might not be stable) please check out our G+ community.

    Github source (4.4.2) - https://github.com/DirtyUnicorns-KitKat
    Gerrit review - http://gerrit.dirtyunicorns.com/

    If you would like to submit a patch to our ROM, please use our gerrit as pull requests often go unnoticed.
    All patches are welcomed and reviewed in a timely matter :)

    For more screenshots, please visit this imgur gallery - http://imgur.com/a/KRhfq#0

    [U][B]Dirty Unicorns 4.0[/B][/U] 
    - ChaOS Gesture anywhere
    - New notification Weather icons (Touchflo HD icons)
    - CM Privacy Guard
    - Button Light Notification (only few devices)
    - Camera button support
    - Implement a pin keypad shuffler
    - Lower the RAM requirement for HWA
    - Status bar Auto-Hide / Quick Peek
    - Hybrid engine from BeerBong
    - Add switch to hide signal/wifi bars
    - Fixed PIE GRAVITY receiver
    - Fixed default navigation bar transparency value
    - Lockscreen Theme Color
    - Omni-ROM Multi-window
    - Video HDR Feature Integration
    - Added pause interface (camcorder)
    - Various Camera fixes
    - Squashed BT commits from CM
    - Added net stats to system bar (tabletUI)
    - Xposed persistance support
    - Removed LCD Density / UI mode (RC)
    - Add MVNO field for APN Editor
    - Fixed bug where user could not uninstall launchers
    - Fixed SmsCallService Wakelock
    - Improve app op details layout / Make app ops more usable
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    Reserved for future use......
    Another one just in case.....
    Released just in time for my one to be delivered. Thanks. Btw favorite aosp Rom for the one s.

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