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[ROM][OFFICIAL][fajita][11] PalladiumOS-v1.3

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    #include <std_disclaimer.h>
    * Your warranty is... still valid/probably? ( Subject to OEM's)
    * We are not responsible for bricked devices, dead SD cards
    * unpleasant experiences. Custom ROM's are Custom for a reason and
    * as developers, we try our best to give you the most complete experience
    * When you choose our ROM, its a choice which you make but it doesnt make us
    * liable to any unfortunate events. But we will be happy to help for the greater good.

    Palladium OS is not yet another ubiquitous os but a trendsetter of its own level. The Prime focus here
    are on speed, stability and above all, its a community driven os where everyone can experience their ideas
    without any limitations. All these is complemented by the Meteor Fall programme which are a series of OTA updates
    which adds in new features and suggestions. So, now you know why its christened The Palladium OS.


    Pranav Ajay


    Support Us if you like our work

    Got an issue or suggestion? Reach us at
    Telegram: https://telegram.me/palladiumos_chat


    New Settings UI
    New About Phone UI
    Atomichub v1.2
    pdC version 1.2
    Enabled SystemUI Tuner
    Added Custom Clocks
    QTI BT
    Double Tap to Sleep
    Double Tap to wake
    Lock Screen Charging Info
    Switch Styles
    Face Unlock Support
    MIUI Styled Volume Panel
    Rounded corner
    User Selectable Font options
    RGB Accent picker
    Lock Screen Clock Styles
    System Theme options
    Volume Rocker Wake
    Volume Rocker Cursor Controls
    Volume Rocker Music Controls
    Torch Long Press Power
    Auto Turn Off Torch
    Wake on Plug
    HW Buttons Customization
    Accidental Touch
    Adaptive Playback
    Hidden & Protected apps
    QS Brightness slider
    Status Bar Battery Styles
    Volte User Selectable Icon
    Show 4G Instead of LTE
    Lockscreen Charging Info
    Data Disabled indicator
    OOS Style clear all button
    Old-Style mobile data icons
    Roaming Indicator
    Network Traffic Indicator
    Clock Settings
    Data Usage in QS Header
    Haptic Feedback to QS tiles
    Heads Up
    Gaming Mode
    FOD Recognizing Animation
    Three Fingers Swipe to Screenshot
    Gesture Bar options
    Vooc Charging Support


    Palladium: PalladiumOS



    Download the latest build, TWRP and Magisk(optional)
    Reboot to Twrp
    Flash OOS, TWRP & Reboot to TWRP
    Flash OOS, TWRP & Reboot to TWRP
    Flash BUILD, TWRP
    Format Data
    Reboot to Recovery(optional)
    Flash latest magisk(optional)
    Reboot to System


    Download the latest build
    Reboot to TWRP
    Flash the latest build & TWRP
    Reboot to TWRP
    Flash Magisk (Optional)
    Wipe Cache
    Reboot to System

    The ROM has GApps persistence in between dirty flashes, so you only have to flash them once!


    PalladiumOS-Gapps: here
    PalladiumOS-Vanilla: here


    - Google for AOSP
    - LineageOS
    - Project Fluid
    - ShapeShift OS
    - Pixel experience
    - Project Streak
    - Dot OS
    - Octavi OS
    - Bliss ROM
    - AICP & POSP & Pixys Team for thread template idea
    - Also many pro devlopers who all help us to bring this rom to you..
    - Please let us know if we forgot to mention your name in credits..

    Special Credits: LuK1337 , Chandu dyavanapelli for trees
    Build Author/Maintainer - Durgesh gagoria
    Device Name -OnePlus 6T
    Device Codename -Fajita
    Kernel Source - link
    ROM Status - OFFICIAL
    Android Version - 11.0.0
    ROM Version - v1.3
    Updated On: Follow Post#2
    Change Log:

    Build Date: 06/05/2021

    Initial OFFICIAL Build
    Android 11.0.0.r35
    April Security Patch
    Kernel Illusion 4.9.261

    Some Screenshots

    Wall.jpg QS Style.jpg Extras.jpg Extras 1.jpg Settings 1.jpg Settings.jpg Security.jpg Screenshot_20210430-225134_OnePlus_Launcher.png
    Palladium Fajita Update: 15/05/2021
    OTA Pushed + Download link updated here & in OP.

    Download: Vanilla | Gapps

    Device ChangeLog

    Source ChangeLog Version: 1.3
    - Merged May security patch.
    - Update PixelPropUtils to redfin May fingerprint.
    - Added New Palladium Clock Based on Moto Display.
    - Added Support for Lawnchair Launcher.
    - Added screenshot quality setting.
    - Added Music ticker
    - Redesigned Media Player View.
    - Added Incall vibration options
    - Added an option to Show and edit Ambient Icons on Lockscreen
    - Added HeadsUp snooze function
    - Added HeadsUp timeout option
    - Added Status bar notification ticker
    - Added optional colored Statusbar Icons
    - Redesign BatteryMeterView
    - Fixed Settings & endless SystemUI crash

    PS: Call recording will be fixed in upcoming build
    best firmware on android 11.
    Can we hide nav bar in order to use other gesture navigation apps? Also, which gapps are included in gapps version?
    Thank you for the ROM and your effort.
    yes you can hide navbar, Stock Gapps are included