[ROM][Official][harpia] LineageOS 14.1 for Moto G4 Play

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Jan 27, 2019
New build online:
May security patches have been manually merged.
repo sync
source build/envsetup.sh
croot && cd .repo/manifests && curl -L 'https://review.lineageos.org/changes/LineageOS%2Fandroid~274976/revisions/1/patch?download' | base64 -d | git am - && croot && repo sync --force-sync && repopick -t n-asb-2020-05
breakfast XXX
FYI, I won't be posting any more messages on this thread, so feel free to visit my home page to download future builds.
==> https://androidfilehost.com/?w=profile&uid=4349826312261606582


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Oct 15, 2013
New build online:
May security patches have been manually merged.

FYI, I won't be posting any more messages on this thread, so feel free to visit my home page to download future builds.
==> https://androidfilehost.com/?w=profile&uid=4349826312261606582
Sorry to hear you won't be posting here but understandable given age and popularity of device. I book marked your home page but we all know what happens to infrequently used bookmarks over time. :(

Thanks for giving this old gal some love. I would have donated mine log ago had stable ROMs not been available.
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My last LOS 14.1 build

Then at last I say "thank you" again for your great support in the meantime!
I have two harpia devices with your build and one with e/OS/. I will try the official build and hope the new 17.1-Nightlies will work fine. My previous experience with Oreo- and Pie-ROMs weren't so good ...


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Sep 11, 2012


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Oct 15, 2013
I need a help, there is no mention of g4 play in unlock bootloader section of motorola website. How do I go forward?
G4 series devices are long discontinued; if Moto is no longer offering/supporting bootloader unlocking then it's game over for installing custom ROMs on currently locked devices.

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    I have brought LineageOS 14.1 to harpia. LineageOS is effectively a continuation of the CyanogenMod project. This is the thread for official weekly builds.

    Official weekly builds
    Lineage su addon

    cmxlog official nightly changelogs

    XDA:DevDB Information
    LineageOS 14.1 for Moto G4 Play (harpia), ROM for the Moto G4 Play

    squid2, Alberto97
    Source Code: https://github.com/LineageOS

    ROM OS Version: 7.x Nougat
    ROM Kernel: Linux 3.10.x

    Version Information
    Status: Nightly

    Created 2017-01-25
    Last Updated 2017-01-26
    Installation Instructions

    1. Unlock your bootloader using a code from Motorola
    2. Install TWRP recovery
    3. Back up your current system using TWRP
    4. Wipe the system, data, cache, and dalvik cache partitions using TWRP
    5. Install using TWRP the LineageOS zip, and optionally gapps (OpenGApps work) and the su addon

    If you want gapps, you must install them at the same time as installing the OS. You must not boot the system before installing gapps. Gapps will be preserved when you install a newer version of LineageOS over a previous installation. You can use OTA updates to keep up to date with the latest weekly build.
    Test build with new blobs

    I've been working on extensive security patching for this ROM lately, and part of this effort includes migrating to newer versions of proprietary binaries taken from the Nougat stock ROM (for lux/harpia). I've updated nearly every prebuilt binary, and have also done extensive kernel patching for both security and compatibility with new binaries. I've made a build with these changes. I'd like to have them well tested before I merge them into official LineageOS for this device family. Please test this build for all your normal usecases, and let me know if this breaks or fixes anything for you compared to regular official weekly builds. Please use the bundled kernel for testing, and not any custom kernels. If your carrier supports VoLTE, also let me know if VoLTE still works on this test build. Be aware that since this is an unofficial build, you will have to do a clean install. You can back up your official build with TWRP, do a clean install of this test build., and later restore your official build backup if you'd like.

    Download link: http://www.mediafire.com/file/0dm2tka6i1jkjgn/lineage-14.1-20171223_192908-UNOFFICIAL-harpia.zip

    For those who want to see the actual changes, look at LineageOS gerrit for the device side, and here kernel and binary wise.
    Thank You! This is a awesome work, great rom. I'm happy to known that the camera will have improvment.

    Hope that the LOs project can be go to Oreo. Again, thanks for team, specialy to you @squid2

    EDIT: after a rom has ended, at least in the bugs, is it possible for it to continue receiving security updates?

    For this test build, the main camera change is security related (cameraserver is now a separate process).

    You'll keep getting LOS 14.1 builds for 2-10 weeks (no specific timeline) while I work on polishing up LOS 15.1 for official status. Of course LOS 16.0 would be in full swing by then (work has already started on the ROM side), so depending on the status of things and how long I take, we might skip official 15.1 and jump straight to 16.0. I haven't decided on exactly how I'll be handling this, so we'll see where things are in a few weeks.
    My last LOS 14.1 build : https://androidfilehost.com/?w=profile&uid=4349826312261606582
    Changelog : https://www.lineageoslog.com/14.1 ... with June security patches.

    This device will get an updated LineageOS 17.1 build.
    ==> https://www.lineageoslog.com/17.1/harpia