[ROM] Official HTC OTA 2.2 Update to Froyo for the EVO! (Not rooted yet)

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Apr 4, 2008
v3.26.651.3 Update (NOT YET ROOTED)

This file has not been rooted so if you flash it, YOU WILL LOSE ROOT! This file is mainly for developers to clean it out and root it for our lovely consumption here at XDA . It is an UPDATE and not a full release so you will need to install (or be updated to) the official HTC ROM v1.47 before installing this update. There is still a 30fps cap in place unfortunately but you can install netarchy's 3.7.3c kernel to help alleviate your FPS troubles. You can install the updated radio and WiMax on other ROMs with no issue but make sure you do a nandroid backup first just in case something goes awry!

Full Update
Sendspace Mirror http://www.sendspace.com/file/tos61r

Updated Radio v2. (thanks to 'efuse' for extracting it!)

Updated WiMax v26023 (thanks to 'efuse' for extracting it!)

Details so far:
Unrevoked's Twitter account posted this stuff:
"Warning: this Froyo OTA for EVO will wipe out your ENG hboot as well."
"FPS2D says 30fps avg."
"Froyo + EVO Linpack: 34.046 MFLOPS http://yfrog.com/55m5ej"
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