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Jan 1, 2017
How's CrDroid on the OP8 Pro? How's the battery life? I'm planning to switch to a ROM on my Op8 Pro tomorrow, I'm coming from my OP6T and crdroid was good on here. I hope support will be as good and works great as well.
Would Nikgapps be fine? It's usually updated and works fine for CrDroid on my OP6T
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Binary Assault

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May 25, 2016
OnePlus 8 Pro
Google Pixel 6
Upgraded to the latest and now the SIM doesn't work for me. Anyone with the same issue? I used the built in updater. Also, on T-Mobile not vzw.

Edit - not sure what happened, but I re-installed a second time and now it works.
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Jan 30, 2016
May I ask how you installed microG?

You can also use the real play store, but you must configure that yourself, its very easy. You can still use in app purchases and paid apps. I don't use android auto or have a watch, so I'm not missing that functionality, but microG has been mostly transparent to my experience, it doesn't really seem as if I am using something different, everything for the most part just works, not to mention the increase in battery life. AGPS works just fine, but make sure to install your location modules from fdroid. The Dev of microG seems to be picking up development here and there, its nice to have an alternative to Google, but not lose too much functionality.

Sig spoofing for the microG app is built in to the ROM so nothing needed on your part, just flash it and it works.


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Oct 27, 2020
Will there be an update for firmware on Android 11?
Or will the firmware be on the 12 android?

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