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OnePlus 8 Pro IN2020,from OxygenOS, to crdroid 7.15 Android 11,Magisk 23,opengapps for arm64 Android 11, and modules: advanced charging controller, Riru 25.4.4,Riru-EDXPOSED ,and custom system sound. The systemUI has a high CPU usage(at least 6%,checked with 3C all-in-1 toolbox) and I always meet fatal systemUI crash,which can only be temporarily worked around by rebooting to system. Is there something wrong? Maybe I can give logcat to find it out.


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Aug 12, 2010
Looks like security updates to me as Changelog still empty...
Yes, OTA local installation the ZIP file in Settings, System, crDroid updater.
Did not had to redo Magisk nor anything else. It just works.
EDIT: Obviously had to redo TWRP ZIP in Magisk
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Jan 1, 2017
OnePlus 3
OnePlus 6T
Looks like security updates to me as Changelog still empty...
Yes, OTA local installation the ZIP file in Settings, System, crDroid updater.
Did not had to redo Magisk nor anything else. It just works.
I updated to 7.17 now. I dunno why the changelog is empty tho like the OP8 and 8T don't have that. Oh well, but at least the update is fine. Download, install using internal updater and reboot. Kinda cool that Nikgapps restores magisk as well which makes things easy


Apr 21, 2021
Hi , I'm curious if after flashing this rom will i be recognized by OnePlus buds as a non-oneplus device or same as oxygen os ?


May 22, 2022
I've recently installed the 7.18 build of crdroid and just realized that I'm not able to allow certain applications access to services (camera, mic, contacts, etc.) upon their request. The popup is displayed, but the screen does not accept any selection - it seems like the popup has hung/crashed.

The problem has happend in three different apps so far, so its definitely not app-related.

Anyone else experiencing this issue? (rebooting the phone doesn't help)



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Nov 4, 2014
hey thanks for this wonderful rom and work! rom v7.18 works flawless!! only one thing, I have seen there is an app that is not working in this particular rom v.7.18 is called latino tv! I donw know why but it crashes and do not work properly! only happen in this particular rom! thats weird isnt it? any tip to make this app work again?
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Nov 4, 2014
Anyone else having issues with fod on the latest build (2022-02-25)? Can't get it to recognize any of my fingerprints.
I faced the same problem in the past. you need to be on latest android 11 to make fingerprint work again!! make sure you are on latest version of android 11 before flashing any custom rom!
I have following rather enigmatic problem with audio - I went asleep with music and sleep timer on. In the morning everything related to audio didn't work: speaker, microphone, bluetooth headphones... The catlog spams these lines faster than my father going to liquor store for 5% off promo

09-19 13:57:29.863 W/AudioManager(3437): updateAudioPortCache: listAudioPorts failed
09-19 13:57:29.869 E/qdmetadata(954): paramType 32 not supported
09-19 13:57:29.877 E/qdmetadata(954): paramType 32 not supported
09-19 13:57:29.879 E/AudioSystem-JNI(1398): AudioSystem::listAudioPorts error -19
09-19 13:57:29.879 W/AudioManager(1398): updateAudioPortCache: listAudioPorts failed
09-19 13:57:29.886 E/qdmetadata(954): paramType 32 not supported

Since then issue still persist, safe mode doesn't change anything.
I have searched whole internet and vatican library - except the Ark ot the Covenant found literally nothing.
Any good soul have a slightest idea what kind of demon possesed my phone?
Hey Bro I literally have the same problem I filtered out the whole internet but couldn't find any solution
Can you tell what you had to do in order to overcome that problem

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    *** Disclaimer
    I am not responsible for any damage you made to your device
    You have been warned

    crDroid is designed to increase performance and reliability over stock Android for your device also attempting to bringing many of the best features existent today


    for first install:
    • be on the latest firmware on both slots
    • download the file named like this:
    • unpack zip to desktop (or whereever you want)
    • reboot to bootloader
    • run ROMinstaller.bat
    • follow instructions
    • if you want to install gapps:
    • enter recovery
    • Apply update
    • Apply from ADB
    • from your computer: adb sideload (gapps package).zip , i recommend MindTheGapps, because with this package i could update without having to install Gapps again
    • factory reset
    • reboot to system
    to update:
    • download the file named like this: in the internal updater and update it
    some large gapps packages will not install due to lack off space

    Kernel: kernel url

    ROM download
    Changelog: Changelog

    Known issues:

    Tell Me

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    Visit official website @
    crDroid Community Telegram
    Donate to help our team pay server costs

    Source Code:
    Many Thanks to:
    FizzyAps and thznutz87 for the install script
    LuK1337 for his awesome work on op8

    Version Information
    Deleted member 4258086
    new builds up !
    Deleted member 4258086
    Hi guys, I had some issues with the rom the last weeks but it's solved now, updates will follow in a few days
    Deleted member 4258086
    Deleted member 4258086
    there's a new build up , DeviceSettings was causing a lot off trouble so i had to remove it.
    alert slider works again