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Mar 8, 2020
I install the lastest version and i found some problems
1. There is no gapps
2. I dont know how to set android 11 gesture
3. I can't transfer file from computer, the phone is connected but there is no storage
Anyone can help me?
Sorry about my bad english


Senior Member
May 25, 2010
OnePlus 8 Pro
I install the lastest version and i found some problems
1. There is no gapps
2. I dont know how to set android 11 gesture
3. I can't transfer file from computer, the phone is connected but there is no storage
Anyone can help me?
Sorry about my bad english
Have to sideload gapps.

Settings> Accessibility>System Navigation?

Settings>System>Developer Options> Set USB configuration. Change to file transfer


Senior Member
Dec 14, 2010
Audio is getting worse and worse. But it might not be the ROM. According to someone the AICP ROM thread, it's related to GAPPS.


This is the link they said to try for GAPPS.

There's a new bug since 7.7: wide-lens doesn't work anymore.

I'll try to do a fresh install it 7.8 today and see how that goes.

Looks like this GAPPs fixed issue.
Still need to do more testing, but after a clean install of CR, audio seems to be working.

BUG: Wide-camera doesnt not work.


Senior Member
Oct 23, 2010
OnePlus 8 Pro
I can confirm wide-lens camera doesn't work.
edit: Increasing ringtone doesn't work, too if call and notification sound are not linked.

Is it possible to force some apps (especially games) to use full screen?
Other than that 😉, awesome work.
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Senior Member
Apr 11, 2012
With the latest build (first time using it):

- Somehow, ongoing battery drain is high (like 2% in 5 minutes), which I suspect is due to the fact that refresh rate can't be automatically lowered to 60, it is either 120 or 60 which I have to switch from the settings (it could be my fault, but I have tried many things)
- Using Smart Pixel to turn off some pixels somehow bork the ability to change permissions (and accept Magisk prompts, but I suspect there could be other related examples)
- Installing pico or nano GAPPS wouldn't work (had to install MindTheGapps)


Senior Member
Dec 14, 2010
After more testing audio is still broken. Android auto doesn't route audio correctly.

Look like I'm headed back to stock OOS till issue is fixed. The ROM is not at fault, it's MindTheGapp that's broken. (it also seems like the only gapps that installs on OP8P).

If you don't need gapps or don't gapps + audio, this ROM is perfect.

update 1: Logcat: https://drive.google.com/file/d/10U1lOE6QWhzQhZiCFtihjkMtPNZMuDJz/view?usp=drivesdk

There are tons of audio_route errors and debug statements staying it can't find hardware. I'm kind suspecting it might not just be gapps causing the issue.

Update 2:
Audio issue actually just breaks any app that has audio. For example if you try to watch a video, the video will stop at random intervals because the OS is having issue with audio.
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Aug 12, 2010
Thanks for bringing back Photochrome (under Photo, filters, the very last entry)! (y)

No problems with Audio 4me. Using MindTheGapps 20210412 ARM x64.
Yes, wide angle is not working with 20210717.
No probs with ringtone volume changes while call & notification are unlinked.

We need TWRP for this device! 🙏
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Jul 31, 2021
New Delhi
How're the haptics on this ROM compared to stock OOS?

I've tried custom roms on my OnePlus 7T pro and had to back due to getting vibration feel rather than the precise click feel we get in stock ROM.

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    new build up !
    new builds up !
    Downloading now, but has the new update addressed the Google Maps Audio issue?

    The issue I'm referring to is when you open Google Maps and turn on navigation, audio gets broken. Initially I thought it was a bluetooth issue, but it occurs when bluetooth is not on.

    Here are all the errors matlog captured when the issues occurs:

    EDIT: Issue not fixed, still occurs on update.
    Thanks, the Oneplus specific settings are now working.
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    *** Disclaimer
    I am not responsible for any damage you made to your device
    You have been warned

    crDroid is designed to increase performance and reliability over stock Android for your device also attempting to bringing many of the best features existent today


    for first install:
    • be on the latest firmware on both slots
    • download the file named like this: crDroidAndroid-11.0-XXXXXXXX-instantnoodlep-v7.X-install-files.zip
    • unpack zip to desktop (or whereever you want)
    • reboot to bootloader
    • run ROMinstaller.bat
    • follow instructions
    • if you want to install gapps:
    • enter recovery
    • Apply update
    • Apply from ADB
    • from your computer: adb sideload (gapps package).zip , i recommend MindTheGapps, because with this package i could update without having to install Gapps again
    • factory reset
    • reboot to system
    to update:
    • download the file named like this: crDroidAndroid-11.0-XXXXXXXX-instantnoodlep-v7.X.zip in the internal updater and update it
    some large gapps packages will not install due to lack off space

    ROM: https://github.com/crdroidandroid
    Kernel: kernel url

    ROM download
    Changelog: Changelog

    Known issues:

    Tell Me

    crDroid OnePlus 8 Telegram group
    Visit official website @ crDroid.net
    crDroid Community Telegram
    Donate to help our team pay server costs

    Source Code: https://github.com/crdroidandroid
    Many Thanks to:
    FizzyAps and thznutz87 for the install script
    LuK1337 for his awesome work on op8

    Version Information
    new builds up !
    Hi guys, I had some issues with the rom the last weeks but it's solved now, updates will follow in a few days
    new builds are up so try
    happy new year to everyone
    there's a new build up , DeviceSettings was causing a lot off trouble so i had to remove it.
    alert slider works again