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Apr 25, 2017
It is showing slow charging, but it is not correct.. Rom is charging perfectly..

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Bro I Flashed the Boot img but while I am charging it shows slow charging!! Do I have to boot recovery for this issue?
All nougat roms showing slow charging it is not correct.. Rom full charge time is same as stock


May 5, 2016
It is showing slow charging, but it is not correct.. Rom is charging perfectly..

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All nougat roms showing slow charging it is not correct.. Rom full charge time is same as stock
See the SS bro!! What to do now!


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    About Resurrection Remix ROM

    Resurrection Remix the ROM has been based on CM,slim.omni and original Remix ROM builds, this creates an awesome combination of performance, customization, power and the most new features, brought directly to your Device
    Many things that in previous versions were tweaked with mods, are now included by default in the ROM so, please enjoy!

    Special thanks to, the CM team,OMNI team ,SLIMROMS and of course to all the supporters?

    Included Main Features

    Based On Latest Google Android 7.1.0_r7 release
    Resurrection Remix Crowdin : https://crowdin.com/project/resurrectionremix/?

    RR Customizations:-
    -Enable/Disable Navbar
    -Navbar Button Customization smartbar
    -Navbar Pulse
    -Navbar Fling
    -Double Tap To sleep navbar

    -Brightness Slider
    -Enable/Disable Show Notification Count
    -SuperUser Indicator Switch
    -Double Tap To sleep Statusbar
    -Carrier Label
    -Carrier Label Switch
    -Carrier label Color
    -Carrier Label Size
    -Clock Customizations
    -Time & date
    -Day & date Toogle
    -Center/Right/Left Clock Choice
    -Date Format
    -Clock Font Styles
    -Battery Bar customization
    -Battery Icon Customization(circle/landscape/Potrait and more)
    -Battery % Text
    -Network Traffic Indicator
    -Network Traffic Arrows Switch
    -Incoming/OutGoing Traffic
    -Network traffic Color
    -Statusbar RR Logo
    -RR logo Color
    -Custom Logos
    -logo Color
    -StatusBar Weather
    -Weather Color
    -Weather Position(left/right)
    -Weather Font Style
    -Weather Size
    -StatusBar Ticker
    -Ticker Text color
    -Ticker Icon Color

    -Toast Animations
    -ListView Animations
    -System Animations
    -Power Menu Animations
    -Misc Animations

    -Gestures Anywhere Feature
    -3 Finger Swipe Screenshot Gesture

    -App Circle Bar
    -Choose apps in AppSidebar
    -Trigger Width
    -Trigger Hieght
    -Trigger Position
    -App Sidebar
    -Choose apps in App circle
    -Trigger Width
    -Trigger Hieght
    -Trigger Position
    -Pie Trigger(left ,Right ,Bottom)
    -Pie Targets
    -Pie Colors
    -More Pie Features

    -Recents Panel
    -Clear All button Switch
    -Clear All Tasks Switch
    -Clear All Button Location(Top right,Top Left,Top Center,Bottom Left,Bottom Right,Bottom Center)
    -Full Screen Recents
    -Recents Styles

    -Cclock Widget
    -CLock And Alarm Customizations
    -Weather Panel Customizations
    -Calender Events

    -Lockscreen Bottom Shortcuts
    -Lockscreen General Shorcuts
    -100+ Icons for Shortcuts
    -Double Tap to Sleep Lockscreen
    -Lockscreen Media Art/Enable Disable
    -Quick PIN/Patter Unlock
    -LockScreen Wallpaper
    -Lockscreen Weather Widget
    -Lockscreen Icons Color

    -Quick Settings Draggable Tiles
    -Customizable Tiles
    -Dyanamic Tiles Adjustment
    -Number of columns/rows
    -Tile Animations
    -Notification Drawer
    -LongPress Toogles to Enter Settings
    -Disable Immersive Mode Messages
    -Force Expand Notification
    -Quick PullDown
    -Smart Pulldown
    -Notification Panel Transperency
    -Volume Dialog Transperency
    -Notification Panel Stroke
    -Volume Dialog Stroke

    -Backlight Timer
    -Backlight Strength

    -Advanced Reboot Menu
    -Power Menu Customizations
    -Power Off
    -Reboot(Recovery, Bootloader, Hot Reboot)
    -Power Menu End Calls Switch
    -Restart SystemUI
    -Airplane Mode
    -On the Go Mode
    -Sound Panel

    -Home Button(For devices with HW keys Only)
    -Home Button answer call
    -Long Press Actions
    -Double Tap Actions

    -Menu Button(For devices with HW keys Only)
    -Short Press Actions
    -Long Press Actions

    -Search Button(If Device Supports)
    -Short Press Action
    -Long Press Action

    -Volume Buttons
    -Wake Up Device
    -Playback Control
    -Ringtone Volume Control
    -Keyboard Cursor Control
    -Swap Buttons on Landscape mode
    -Volume Key Answer

    -Selinux Switch (Switch Between Permissive and Enforcing Selinux if Device has Selinux Enabled)
    -cLock Shortcut
    -Disable Battery Saver Warning Color
    -OTA U
    -Camera Shutter Sound Enable/Disable

    -SystemUI Tuner
    -Enabled By default
    -Removed Demo mode and Tweaked SystemUI Tuner As compared To AOSP
    -StatusBar Icons Cuzomizations
    -Quick Settings Customizations

    -Other Features
    -Perfomance Profiles
    -LCD Density
    -Expanded Desktop Mode
    -Heads Up Switch and customizations
    -Live Display
    -Configurable 0,90,180,270 Degree Rotation
    -Lock Screen Autorotate Switch
    -Native Tap to Wake From Marshmallow
    -Double Tap Power Button To enable Camera gesture
    -Prevent Accidental Wakeup
    -Wake Phone on Charging Plug
    -Battery Light Customizations
    -Notification Light Customizations
    -Font Size
    -CM privacy guard
    -Performance Tweaks(Kernel Aduitor Inbuilt)

    -CM root inbuilt

    -RR OTA
    -A Whole new RR Configurations
    -OverAll Smoothness Improvements
    -Optimizations to Improve Battery
    -Includes All Android Nougat Features
    -Includes ALL CM14.1 Features

    - Download the latest build
    - Download Gapps
    - Take a nandroid backup
    - Recommended : Full wipe and factory reset
    - Flash ROM using latest TWRP 3.x Recovery
    - Flash Gapps
    - Reboot.
    - Enjoy!

    - Download the latest build of Resurrection Remix ROM
    - Take a nandroid backup
    - Flash ROM usingrecovery
    - Flash Gapps
    - Wipe cache
    - Wipe dalvik cache
    - Reboot
    - Enjoy!

    RR Downloads
    GApps 7.1

    Thanks to
    XDA developers
    CM team
    Omni team
    Slim rom
    Team Hyper
    Ofcourse you for using

    BUILD DATE : 20170521
    • All new changes for RR
    • OTA Enable
    • VoLTE Is Back
    • Selinux is permissive

    BUILD DATE : 20170327
    • All new changes for RR
    • Rootless Theme Interface
    • Swift to new Kernel
    • Selinux is permissive

    BUILD DATE : 20170107
    • Added VoLTE now
    • Meraged LA.BR.1.2.9_rb1.9 from caf to kernel
    • Fixed Bluetooth
    • Fixed Hotspot
    • Now on Lineage OS
    BUILD DATE : 20161130
    • Initial release
    • All things are working except this
    • video recording & Bluetooth are not working

    BUILD DATE : 20160808(5.7.3)
    • Android 6.0.1_r53->6.0.1_r61
    • Frameworks: Halo Color
    • Frameworks: HALO
    • Halo: Add option to Enable/Disable Halo Button in Header
    • SysUI: Fix Layouts of Halo Button within Expanded Statusbar
    • StatusbarHeader: Fix Headsup and Halo Button Animations
    • Halo: Reverse message bubble bg and text colors
    • Blur: Minor fixes
    • Blur: Fix Arithmetic Exception when Radius and Scale are set to 0
    • Blur: Major update
    • SystemUI: BatteryBar: Gradient color
    • SystemUI: Display bluetooth battery status when available
    • Implement Blur Statusbar personalization options
    • Update halo and heads up qs button
    • Configurable Notifications transparency
    • Configurable Smartbar button transparency
    • Fix up header button icon, position and animation
    • Network Traffic and Custom Logos: Fix Inverted SB icon tint when color is white
    • Option to set custom scrolling values
    • Statusbar: Gracefully adapt 3Minit Battery hook for AOSP
    • Add 3Minit battery mod
    • Option to let ADB always notify
    • Custom Toast Color Options
    • Fix FC on Seekbar in VOlume dialog and power menu Stroke & opacity
    • SystemUI: Add vector support to SlimRecents
    • Update Slim Recent App Sidebar
    • mountservice: Don't nuke all volumes when decrypting (Speeds up bootime by 30 % for encrypted devices)
    • SysUI: Add theme manager permission
    • Themes: Add permission to themes protected broadcasts
    • Instant reboot action trigger
    • MobileNetworkSettings: Check CarrierConfig on isWorldMode
    • EditPhoneNumberPreference: Prevent empty text from being set
    • Dynamically tell the user which vendor image is needed
    • Show a more descriptive message when vendor.img is out of date
    • Update Kernel Adiutor apk
    • make overlay permission check configurable
    • fw: enforce android.permission.PREVENT_SYSTEM_KEYS in system server
    • SysUI: Add RecreateStatusbar to Quick Settings Blur
    • SysUI: Make sure new Blur Features dont Conflict with Transparency Items
    • bootanimation: add multithreaded decode
    • framework: don't allow assist activities while not provisioned
    • Services: Fix a small Derp from instant reboot action
    • sepolicy: Let the IO prefetcher look at sdcardfs
    • sepolicy: Put theme service in its own context
    • sepolicy: More IOP rules
    • sepolicy: Fix MTP for sdcardfs
    • Translation Updates
    • All updates from CM

    BUILD DATE : 20160801(5.7.2)
    • Pulse Solid Bar Sanity Levels & Lavalamp Anim Speed
    • Pulse 2.0 Advanced Audio/Visual Rendering?
    • Settings:pulse-Update Legacy Dimens and Bar Spacing Resource
    • Settings:pulse Use Sliders for Pulse Customizations
    • Add dependencies to pulse 'fading blocks' seekbars
    • Clock color master switch
    • Task Manager animations
    • Obey inverted statusbar ONLY when color is white
    • Color picker: Rework
    • ADB always notify
    • Disable gradient SB by default
    • Popup menu: Add support for item icons
    • Fix Null Checks to avoid NPE
    • Fix random crash in libhwui
    • Lights: Make sure the lights are out
    • SysUI: Define config for showing screen on hints
    • AudioDucking : Check session playback state
    • SysUI: Add first time use lock screen hints
    • PackageManager: make protected-broadcasts permission aware
    • Livedisplay: Add support for direct color balance control
    • Recents Styles - Add Android N Recents Style Button
    • SysUI: Show hints if showing keyguard and provisioned
    • SystemUI : Initialize state linked volume
    • Recents: Remove Dead Code
    • Factory reset: Wipe media by default
    • Improve the scan process
    • Fix notification panel can't hide in statusbar
    • Enable camera hal v3 interface
    • Revert "FWB: Volume Dialog: Force expanded mode 2/2"
    • Mountservice: Shut down volumes before restarting framework
    • Mountservice: Don't nuke all volumes when decrypting
    • SeekBarPreferenceCham: Expand with buttons
    • Add SIM status string for localizing voice/data strings
    • Settings: Fix possible crash
    • Settings: Improve vibrator intensity dialog layout
    • Settings: Add support for color balance in LiveDisplay
    • Automatic translations imports
    • All updates from CM
    • Bugfixes and improvements
    • For more info Track Github Activities

    BUILD DATE : 20160711(5.7.1)
    • Android 6.0.1_r46 >6.0.1_r52
    • FWB: Add RR logo to QS panel
    • FWB: QS shade stroke dash
    • FWB: VolumeDialog stroke dash
    • SystemServer: Do not start Atlas Service on lowram devices.
    • SysUI:Do Not RecreateStatusBar on Show3g and 4G
    • SysUI:Fix Show 3G and 4G Switch Not updating Icons
    • wifi: Enable WiFi IpReachabilityMonitor by default
    • SysUI: Disable Volume & QS Strokes by Default
    • FWB: QS shade stroke
    • FWB: VolumeDialog corner radius
    • FWB: VolumeDialog stroke settings
    • Configurable Header Text Shadow
    • SystemUI: Remove Duplicate NFC perm
    • Update QS panel resources to fix padding issues
    • base: remove unneded top margin in QS tuner
    • SysUI: Fix Reported FC
    • SysUI:SysUI: Clean up objects when recreating statusbar
    • Fix NPE in DocumentsUI when rotate UI before format as internal
    • Revert "Only show keyguard panel if on lockscreen + no activity on top"
    • SysUI: Make Dark Icon Mode Optional Along With New SB gradient
    • FWB: QSStroke: Don't apply any effect when disabled
    • Keyguard: Don't circular reveal a non visible view
    • Avoid NPE in printspooler when changing language
    • FWB: Volume Dialog: Force expanded mode
    • FWB: Volume dialog timeout
    • SystemConfig: allow app link to be set to any possible state
    • am: clear protected apps from recents
    • media:Modify the display of system default ringtone when it is none.
    • SystemUI: Fix pie translations FC
    • SystemUI: Restrict persistent USB drive notifications to USB disks
    • BT: Set persiste Bluetooth State during enable timeout case
    • Add absent sim info to locked screen text
    • Encapsulate the unbindService with try catch block
    • Bluetooth: Access mediaplayerlist in synchronized way
    • WifiDisplayController: Fix p2p disconnect before rtsp teardown completes=
    • Wifi: Make maximum selective channel scans and interval configurable
    • combo bug when location reported by providers do not come with extras
    • Ignore IMS type APN when notify data connection
    • MSIM: Restrict data activity change to listeners with matching subId
    • Add config to show HD icon on EVS codec.
    • Remove use of '_' variable name
    • Revert "Revert "Only show keyguard panel if on lockscreen + no activi?
    • Adjust padding between battery icon and text
    • NotificationPanelView: Make Qs Background More Consistent
    • KeyguardSecurityViewFlipper : Fix sim unlock height overlap
    • Disable proximity check on power key properly
    • fw: GlobalActions: Always dismiss any existing dialog
    • Settings:Telephony(MSIM): Fix ANR on SIM deactivation
    • Settings:Fix to enable data for non dds sub.
    • Settings:IMS: Set Wifi calling preference to Wifi preferred by default
    • Settings:Wi Fi: Do not display the not scanned saved networks forever
    • Settings:Don't start auto scan if screen recovers from frozen state
    • Settings:Fix mcc mnc population issue in apn editor
    • Settings:Update OperatorInfo in Simstatus settings for correct subid
    • Settings:Grey out PIN1 enable/disable option when SUB is not ready
    • Settings:Bluetooth : Handle SQL memory situation during OPP.
    • Apply active profile if user enables system profiles
    • LLS: Allow default enabled events to be overlaid
    • Themes: Provide 100% test coverage for themes
    • Themes: Fix ThemeManagerTest
    • Themes: Fix applying default theme
    • Translation Updates
    • All updates from CM
    BUILD DATE : 20160710(5.7.0)
    • Android 6.0.1_r52
    • FWB: Volume Dialog: Force expanded mode
    • Clear protected apps from recents
    • SystemUI: Fix pie translations FC
    • InstalledAppDetails: fix refreshing storage summary after force stop
    • Settings: Don't set the icon for sim activation / deactivation dialog
    • Smartbar: save/restore profiles
    • Adapt to 6.0.1_r52 backup whitelist
    • Smartbar editor action
    BUILD DATE : 20160707(5.7.0)
    • Add absent sim info to locked screen text
    • Configurable Header Text Shadow
    • Adjust padding between battery icon and text
    • Add RR logo to QS panel
    • Fix Show 3G and 4G Switch Not updating Icons
    • QS shade stroke dash
    • Allow devices to configure sensor location
    • handle 'always ask' for SMS subscription on 3rd party apps
    • Translation updates
    • For rest check RR git activity
    BUILD DATE : 20160705(5.7.0)
    • Android Update 6.0.1_r43-> 6.0.1_r46
    • Android N style "No recents" activity
    • Add animations to quick settings tiles
    • Add interpolators to qs tiles animation
    • Add new bunch of alpha and smart layer headers
    • Add per app controls for LP keyguard notifications
    • Remove LightStatusbar dark icon mode & make statusbar gradient
    • Configurable LockClock & Date Text Sizes
    • Improve some headers
    • BatteryService: Fully charged notification toggle
    • Visualizer: Let visualizer fill the entire available screen
    • Only show keyguard panel if on lockscreen + no activity on top
    • Update sb headset vector
    • Update keyguard weather layout
    • SystemUI: fix NPE when configuring blur layer
    • SystemUI: fix multi touch gestures and extra jank
    • SysUI: Simplify Code for Battery Icon Tint
    • SysUI:Fix a Recents Styles Default
    • SysUI: Fix SystemUI Crash on Notification Guts Media
    • Don't lookup application keyguard notification visibility unnecessarily
    • SystemUI: Add support for persistent usb drive notification.
    • SysUI: Fix Secure Lockscreen Pulldown Switch
    • SystemUI: fix NFC tile sometimes hiding
    • Fix possibility of slim recents icon fc
    • Fix a glitch causing shadow not to be reset when header disabled
    • DocumentsUI : Hide advanced menu option when in forced mode
    • SystemUI: fix one more misbehaving shadow
    • Settings: Update performance settings icon
    • Settings:Disable Weather Provider By Default
    • Settings : Fix dashboard colors default and reset values
    • Recovery : Update RR script banner
    • Themes : Update statusbar notify icon
    • SmartBar: Add app picker as an action
    • Give Pulse & Fling a Little CPU boost
    • Pulse:imrpove Reset Logic
    • Update Translations
    • All updates from CM
    • Bugfixes and improvements
    Bug reports:
    ResurrectionRemix is in development and has several small bugs and missing translations. Complaints/demands/bug reports without logs will be ignored.

    Explain how to reproduce the bug and attach logcat and dmesg (if you had a random reboot, also attach last_kmsg). If you don't know how to get those, you can use this app. Please, do not report bugs if you use any kind of mods (like xposed) or third party kernel.

    Frequently Asked Questions:

    Q) Where are Developer options?
    A) Go to Settings > About phone, and press five times on Build number.

    Q) How do I update Gapps? (Also useful if you have Gapps related problems).
    A) Reboot to recovery. Wipe System, Cache and Dalvik Cache. Install ROM + Gapps. (Yep, at a time) Reboot.

    Q) Does XYZ kernel work?
    A) It should work but do note that bugs, lags and visual glitches won't be considered if a custom kernel is used

    Q) Why am I facing lag on this ROM?
    A) It is either due to usage of kernel with un-monitered tweaks or some random app is eating away all your RAM.
    rom will be updated soon