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[ROM][OFFICIAL] LineageOS 17.1 weeklies for Nexus 7 2013 (flox)

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Dec 18, 2016
I have been running the official flox ROM for a few weeks now and updating weekly. Using this ROM has been remarkably smooth considering the age of the device. I encountered no issues during installation and I had previously repartitioned to run unofficial ROMs. I used both Lineage recovery and ROM this time. Just a couple of observations I wanted to mention.

First off, the weekly update downloads but fails to install using Lineage recovery. I just sideloaded as a workaround. Secondly, and more strangely, I get significant battery drain of 2-3% per hour with the screen off. Same result for all releases. The only way I can mitigate this is through using an app like Naptime to force the OS to doze. When that is active, the screen off drain reduces to 0.7% per hour. has anyone else experienced this behaviour and if so are they aware of any solutions? Thanks.
I have the same issue with Official Lineage 18.1... blank installation, still something drains my battery... (see here). Any ideas?
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Apr 18, 2014
I've upgraded to 18.1, but cannot get past the lock screen - the PIN is valid as it errors on an incorrect PIN entry, but then only clears the screen as if to display the home screen of the launcher, but instead goes back to the Lock screen. Any insight would be appreciated.
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Feb 7, 2018
First off - thank you for your effort!

Here is a part of my logcat, if my wifi problem is unknown to you:

If you have some idea I could test, tell me.
If you have telegram, to conversate easier, tell me.

Another thing I noticed is below.
I will look at it further - but I think some feature is missing (though, my AP has 802.11r disabled).

[   44.036895] wlan: [759:E :HDD] wlan_hdd_set_akm_suite: Unsupported key mgmt type 1027078
[   44.037017] wlan: [759:E :HDD] wlan_hdd_cfg80211_set_privacy: failed to set akm suite
[   44.037109] wlan: [759:E :HDD] wlan_hdd_cfg80211_connect: failed to set security params

edit2: Might be an upstream bug - I also have problems with my recently flashed Samsung Galaxy S2.

edit3: Definitely an LOS or android upstream bug - it is the 802.11w Management Frame Protection for wifi. No matter if it is on 'optional' or 'required', both of my LOS 17.1 devices don't connect with those settings.
I might do a bugreport - as soon as I've figured out where and how.
Thanks for the hint. I recently installed flox 18.1 20210614
I'm using OpenWrt 21.02 with WPA2/WPA3 Mixed mode, and those config sets 802.11w to "optional". I have to setup another SSID with only WPA2.


Feb 7, 2018
I couldn't find a post for official lineageos 18.1 for flox, but the links you posted as
"Official dowload links" are now for 18.1 , and btw the install instructions worked great upgrading from an old LineageOS 15.1.

In the official 18.1 i can confirm that encryption works ok.
The only problem that i can confirm is with using wifi with mixed mode WPA2/WPA3 (the same network in that the old 15.1 worked fine for the last year). For now, the workaround was to add in the router a new network offering only WPA2.

Thanks to the developers for their hard work, that allow us to keep this device updated, 8 years after buying it.
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    LineageOS is a free, community built, aftermarket firmware distribution of Android 10 (Q), which is designed to increase performance and reliability over stock Android for your device.

    * Your warranty is now void.
    * I am not responsible for bricked devices, dead SD cards,
    * thermonuclear war, or you getting fired because the alarm app failed. Please
    * do some research if you have any concerns about features included in this ROM
    * before flashing it! YOU are choosing to make these modifications, and if
    * you point the finger at me for messing up your device, I will laugh at you.

    LineageOS is based on the Android Open Source Project with extra contributions from many people within the Android community. It can be used without any need to have any Google application installed. Linked below is a package that has come from another Android project that restore the Google parts. LineageOS does still include various hardware-specific code, which is also slowly being open-sourced anyway.

    All the source code for LineageOS is available in the LineageOS Github Repo. And if you would like to contribute to LineageOS, please visit out Gerrit Code Review.

    Device-specific source code:


    What works?

    • Wi-Fi
    • Bluetooth
    • Sensors (Accelerometer, Compass, Light, etc.)
    • Camera
    • Video (playback & recording)
    • Audio (playback & recording)
    • GPS
    • Everything else not listed under "known issues"

    Known Issues:
    • Nothing (?)
    • Follow instructions at Official wiki
    • NOTE: Users who have already performed repartition should only change recovery to Lineage recovery or to my TWRP build (see the post below)
    So, why flox?
    We use name flox to show the difference between installation method in new versions of LineageOS on this device, which is not compatible with older versions.
    If TWRP is a convenient installation method for you, then you can download and use my recovery build.
    Update found new build and downloaded but didn't reboot to recovery to install.
    I downloaded it manually and flash it.
    Where can I find the update download bluid to delete it?
    It will be fixed in the next update, you can find it after mount /data at:
    Hello, I can´t use the updater. It says "installation failed". Is this a known bug? Regards
    Fixed now
    I have created an alternative single-click re-partition script which safely and easily generates the "UA" /flox partitions...

    --- Go to to the CROSS thread and run lineage-install-2-flox.bat CROSS2 script to install everything automatically.