Development [ROM][OFFICIAL] Omnirom for zenfone8 [Android-12.1]

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Sep 9, 2011

What is Omnirom ?

Selinux Status:

Instructions :
Follow this Steps by steps

Knows isues:
UDFPS on AOD not working for the moment

* Remove all Security pwd/pin/pattern on you current Rom
* Download the ROM (see Dl section)

For the first install.
- reboot to fastboot (fastboot reboot fastboot or adb reboot fastboot, depend if you're on running system or bootloader)
- fastboot boot name_of_your_twrp.img
- flash
* Permanent TWRP. Go to Advanced --> Flash Current TWRP
* Wipe userdata ( by typing yes)
* reboot and profite

Update Rom
- Go to settings -> system --> system updates --> (enable local flash) select the zip file and flash --> reboot
Or wait OTA (All Sundays)

if u did something else. we dont need/wanna know about it in the thread

Device Maintainers

What's not working ?
Smartkey didn't work for the moment...

ROM OS Version: Android 12.1
ROM Kernel: Linux 5.4

Rom with Microg packages
Rom with Gapps include packages

Telegram Group:
What's our MicroG version ?
OmniROM zenfone8 chat
Official OmniROM Community

Unofficial Working TWRP with A12
Official TWRP realease

Source Code
Omnirom gerrit

XDA:DevDB Information
Omnirom for zenfone8, ROM for the ASUS zenfone8, Rom Asuszenfone8


ROM OS Version: Android 12.1
ROM Kernel: Linux 5.4
ROM Firmware Required: Lastest stock Asus Official website for the firmware

Version Information

Created 2021-06-26
Last Updated 2022-05-25
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Aug 10, 2017
ASUS ZenFone 8
Nice work, thanks a lot!

I just noticed; On the OmniROM website, it says that the version for ZenFone 8 is official. Also, there is a picture of the ZenFone 6. Maybe you can bring this up with the maintainer of the website. :)
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Using the ROM in the original post is great. Do we report bugs here?

SIM 1 doesn't work. It'll show your carrier but won't work. I tried with 1 and 2 SIMs at once. Only SIM 2 will work.
When you select the option to hide the nav bar (which is great because then it pushes the keyboard down), even if you're using gesture navigation, the back gesture stops working. Hiding the pill isn't as good because the keyboard and some apps leave a huge gap at the bottom.

Not necessarily a bug, but it looks like the GAPPs version can't get system updates? What's the best way to have Google apps but also utilize the system updates feature. (I know there probably aren't any updates available at the moment.)


Jun 14, 2012
ASUS ZenFone 8
I would really appreciate if someone who is anyway gonna try this ROM and use it to post some kind of short review. I am mostly interested in stability, battery life and camera (as usually on custom ROMs camera quality is way worse compared to stock)


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Mar 25, 2013
OnePlus 5
ASUS ZenFone 8
I don't know if this is coincidence or ROM-related, but has anyone else had adb and fastboot problems? Since flashing the June version of OmniROM I can't get my computer to recognize my phone in fastboot or recovery ADB. Nothing shows up in Device Manager at all.

Everything works fine from within Android, but once I get into recovery it's just silence. Same symptoms on my Win10 desktop, Win10 laptop, and terminal on OnePlus 5. As far as I'm aware I can't update the ROM, restore factory firmware, or root the phone without fastboot and/or ADB.

EDIT: I tried several other Windows, Linux, and Android devices and none would even acknowledge that I had plugged something in, but yesterday I tried my mom's ASUS laptop and my phone showed up in Device Manager without even needing drivers. I was able to fastboot flash TWRP and update the ROM. I still have no explanation for why so many devices didn't work or why this one did, but at least all of that is behind me.
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