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Are you serious? That's messed up. So there's no way to move my app data to my new phone? I have to start absolutely everything again?
I have done something like that between devices and android versions. Only some specific apps don't like that.
If you still can, try taking a backup with "migrate".
Edit: needs root!
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Aug 30, 2014
Hi, I just bought the Zenfone 9 and wanted to install a Custom Rom. However, I only now notice a lot of people complaining about stability and compatibility and lack of features.
I am wondering, have the following issues been resolved:
- Instability
- Installing issues (this is totally not my field, so I will have problems if it doesn't go like described in generic how-to-guides)
- Inability to make Signal running
- Will it be maintained in the future? Or should I better take another Custom ROM?
I am willing to donate to improve it


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Apr 5, 2010
OnePlus 8T
Hi, I just bought the Zenfone 9 and wanted to install a Custom Rom. However, I only now notice a lot of people complaining about stability and compatibility and lack of features.
I am wondering, have the following issues been resolved:
- Instability
- Installing issues (this is totally not my field, so I will have problems if it doesn't go like described in generic how-to-guides)
- Inability to make Signal running
- Will it be maintained in the future? Or should I better take another Custom ROM?
I am willing to donate to improve it
I didn't have any of this issues, everything works like a charm.


Mar 11, 2023
@NisseGurra I just tried it without installing any app data from my old phone and it's still done the same thing. I wiped the data and the dalvik. What is going on with my phone? Could there be something wrong with my version of Magisk causing it? That's the only thing I can think of.


Mar 11, 2023
I seem to be having a unique bug with omnirom. It specifically seems to be the Aurora Store app that is causing my device to bootloop but it only causes a bootloop specifically on omnirom. At first I thought it might be Magisk even though I had the nagging feeling that it was Aurora Store because I just couldn't see how Aurora Store could cause my phone to bootloop.

I have gone into bootloop numerous times now in order to pinpoint exactly what is causing the bootloop whenever I setup my phone. I have eliminated the possibility of it being Magisk or Fdroid. It is only Aurora Store that keeps soft bricking my phone.

I also imitated the same processes on stock rom and on blissrom. I skipped installing Magisk on both roms and just installed Fdroid and Aurora Store. Both function completely normally with Aurora Store installed.

With or without Magisk however, omnirom keeps soft bricking whenever I system reboot after installing Aurora Store and I have to format all my data just to start again.

Why am I the only one getting this strange bug? I can't be the only one using Aurora Store on this rom? So why am I the only that seems to have this problem?


Mar 11, 2023
@NisseGurra Assuming that you're one of the devs, is there a way you can install a way to get out of the bootloop screen without having to let the device die. One of the main reasons that I got a Zenfone was so I could rely on the battery manager to look after the battery's health for years to come. I don't even wanna know how much damage has been caused to my phone's battery by waiting for it to die in bootloop every time.

Last time I held the power button whilst it was on the omnirom bootloop screen that I showed in the video, it just made the situation worse by vibrating my phone like crazy. Could you make it so it shuts down the phone securely?

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    @NisseGurra @micky387
    Very sorry about this. I’ve been meaning to make this comment for a few months now but I was either busy or procrastinating. This is a list for some suggested improvements for the rom going from what I consider to be the most important to the more trivial problems:

    • First and foremost, the updating has not been a seamless process for me. Every time I update I have to reflash magisk all over again. I’m not sure if that’s how it’s supposed to be or if it was because I initially installed the updates incorrectly but all that work has made me anxious about updating and so I haven’t updated in like a couple of months or something. So I’m not sure if any of these suggestions have been applied recently. Let me know if any of them have already been tended to. It is also very discouraging to do all that work updating every single week since omnirom does weekly updates.
    • The rom desperately needs a battery charge threshold. The phone comes with a charge threshold built in but omnirom doesn’t utilise this. I never like to charge to 100%. I like to keep the cap at its lowest on 80%. I can’t do this on omnirom. I have tried third party apps but they don’t work so I’ve just been using one of them to notify me whenever my phone reaches 70% and then I will unplug it myself because I generally like to keep my phone between 30% and 70% for my battery’s longevity. Can you enable the charging threshold?
    • The phone also has the ability to change between fast charging and slow charging but omnirom also doesn’t utilise this. Its only default is fast charging which I don’t like for my battery’s longevity. I tend to want to keep on slow charging as a default. Can you enable slow charging?
    • The phone is wifi 6e capable but omnirom only allows for wifi 5. Can you allow wifi 6e to be used?
    • I have also been using my mobile as a hotspot but I also like to keep my vpn on. Omnirom however doesn’t allow you to share your vpn connection directly. I remember that Lineage on my old phone actually allowed you to do this so I didn’t have to resort to using a third party app. The third party app is somewhat annoying to use since it adds an extra step or two to simply just turning on your connection and hotspot. So can you enable this?
    • Lineage also had this awesome ability to completely restrict apps of your choosing from using any internet connection, something that omnirom doesn’t have. There are plenty of apps and games that I have that obviously use trackers. They are mostly singleplayer and have no reason to use my internet connection other than for analytical purposes, obviously. Being able to restrict these apps completely would make using my phone feel much safer and more private.
    • Lineage also came with the ability to adjust the RGB using simple sliders. The display colour in omnirom has too much of a green tint that I wish to turn down. And then some people might want to turn down the blue light as well so they can sleep better without having to resort to an unnecessary third party app. Can you create these sliders too so we can change the display colours to our preferences?
    • Everyone using this phone has probably noticed how quick to respond the thumb sensor is. And they have probably also realised that it is not necessarily a good thing. Firstly, the phone unlocks way to quickly. Whenever I pick up my phone off of a surface, my thumb always ends up on the sensor because of where the sensor is placed, unlocking my phone. My phone unlocks accidentally all of the time. I’m sure I’m not the only one. It occurred to me that this problem could actually be solved somewhat by simply delaying how long it takes for the sensor to authorise the unlock. And it seems that I’m not the only one has thought of this solution. In the settings, if you search “long press” it will show a hidden concept setting to unlock the phone after long pressing the sensor rather than it being instantaneous. I’m not sure who’s setting that is, if it is omnirom’s or asus’, but it cannot be enabled, in omnirom at least. Can we get this setting to work? It would make the phone a lot more secure as well as less annoying. The sensor also needs work in other ways. For example, I find the ability to use the sensor to bring down the notification bar very useful. But it can sense it sometimes when I don’t intend it to such as when I’m using the phone sideways. It also sometimes just doesn’t work at all until I lock the phone and unlock it again. Just some food for thought.
    • Can you also allow the ability to turn off unlock pattern visibility? This is a security flaw. If I’m unlocking my phone using a pattern, other people looking at the screen can much easier see the pattern when the lines show. As far as I’m aware, most phones allow you to turn this off and this has been a standard setting for years. Can we get this in?
    • Can you enable unrestricted obb & data folder access? Android removed the ability to do this to prevent people from manually installing apks. There may possibly be a magisk module that can deal with this if I remember correctly but I will have to find the time to actually try it out and I don’t know if that will ever happen lol.
    • Can you allow us to change notification volume when the ring volume is completely off? I like to keep my phone on vibrate for calls but I also like to hear notifications. Omnirom doesn’t currently allow you to turn on and adjust notification volume when the ring volume is off though.
    • Okay these are getting on to the more trivial stuff. They are still problems that need to be refined bu they don’t matter as much. Can you allow the ability to separate the wifi and mobile data buttons in the notifications tab? I don’t know why android did this. As far as I’m aware, everyone just finds it annoying. There is an open source app that can do this just fine but I’d prefer not to have an extra third party app running just for this basic function.
    • Also, whilst still on the notification tab, omnirom comes with its custom setting to change how many options show vertically and horizontally in the quick settings. But it has a problem. I like to have 3 options horizontally, but I can’t do this because when you pull down the tab halfway, it will not fill up the whole bar. It will show me only 4 options and leaving 2 options of empty space when it should be filling up the entire bar with 6. The default option to have 2 horizontally and a custom option to have 4 works. But 3 does not.
    • Aurora Store also causes a problem with the notification tab. Whenever you download an app, it leaves a permanent notification that you can’t get rid of unless you force close the aurora store app which is what I always resort to doing. This is obviously because the app is systemised but can you allow us to remove the notification at will?
    • Finally, there is just a little thing that bugs me. Well it used to but it’s so small that I don’t even notice it now but it would still be better without. I’m talking about the little flash that you get whenever you unlock your phone or start charging your phone. The whole screen will do this little weird flash animation and I just think it would look more professional and refined without it. Kind of reminds me of those cheesy powerpoint transitions lol, you know?
    • I also want to say that the original omniclock app is quite nice but it has a problem where the actual alarm won’t go off sometimes and this has indeed led to some burnt pizza. I know that you have a second omniclock app although I’m not sure why you have two. They just have different styles. I was using the first omniclock app which had been just fine except for when I came across this problem of it not sounding the alarm a couple of times and this led to me relying on the second one instead.

    These are my critiques and suggestions. Omnirom is great and I love that it has allowed me to use my zenfone 9, a phone which does not seem to receive much support, in a private, unrestricted, and degoogled way. They even had the decency to build Aurora Store into the rom. I just like to focus on the problems first to get them solved quickly. So I hope you take on my suggestions to improve and refine the rom even further to make the experience that much better. Thank you
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    What is Omnirom ?

    Selinux Status:

    Instructions :
    Follow this Steps by steps

    * Remove all Security pwd/pin/pattern on you current Rom
    * Download the ROM (see Dl section)
    * Download TWRP recovery and installer zip (see TWRP section)
    * Make an backup of all your personnal data, like photos and videos on Google, cloud or computer

    For the first install.
    - reboot to fastboot (fastboot reboot fastboot or adb reboot fastboot, depend if you're on running system or bootloader)
    - fastboot flash recovery name_of_your_twrp.img
    - flash
    * Permanent TWRP. Flash now the
    * Wipe userdata ( by typing yes) ( if you have an format issue, go to Advanced section, Merge Snapshots and try again)
    * reboot and profite

    Update Rom
    - Go to settings -> system --> system updates --> (enable local flash) select the zip file and flash --> reboot
    Or wait OTA (All Sundays)

    if u did something else. we dont need/wanna know about it in the thread

    Device Maintainers

    What's not working ?
    Smartkey didn't work for the moment...

    ROM OS Version: Android 13.0
    ROM Kernel: Linux 5.10

    Weekly Rom or with Microg packages
    Rom with Gapps include packages

    Telegram Group:
    OmniROM zenfone9 chat
    Official OmniROM Community

    What's our MicroG version ?
    Weekly version is an Vanilla Rom. You can flash your favorite Gapps , like NikGApps

    Official TWRP realease

    Source Code
    Omnirom gerrit

    XDA:DevDB Information
    Omnirom for zenfone9, ROM for the ASUS zenfone9, Rom Asuszenfone9


    ROM OS Version: Android 13.0
    ROM Kernel: Linux 5.10
    ROM Firmware Required: Lastest stock Asus Official website for the firmware

    Version Information

    Created 2023-02-23
    Last Updated 2023-02-23
    All version are out
    No problem, thanks for bringing omni for ZF9 :)
    Microg is out :)