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    ****Disclaimer: I'm not responsible if you destroy your device. Use at your own risk.****
    ResurrectionRemix ROM is a full featured and stable ROM for your android device. Not only does ResurrectionRemix provide a plethora of original features, it also utilizes some of the best features of other open source ROMs. Installing ResurrectionRemix will give you the best performance, customization options, power and the newest features on your device!​

    This is the official ResurrectionRemix for the HTC 10. It includes all the same great features as other ResurrectionRemix ROMS, plus full Energy Aware Scheduling (EAS) support, call recording and more. These builds include the tabp0le EAS kernel and all it's features!​

    Builds will be carried out daily, excluding most weekends.​

    Bug Reporting:
    First off, do not report bugs that already exist in LineageOS upstream or ResurrectionRemix upstream. Most bugs need to be reported to them and not me anyways. Basically, if it doesn't have to do with call recording, don't post it here. If it's a kernel issue or EAS issue, please post in my EAS kernel thread.


    Please only report bugs in the following format:
    Device Firmware base:
    Kernel &Version:
    ROM date of release/nightly:
    Any changes made within a kernel/ROM manager:
    Any bootup scripts:
    Brief description of bug:
    Intended behavior:
    Actual behavior:
    Steps to reproduce bug:
    1. Do this
    2. Do that
    3. See the bug
    ****Attach a logcat or you will be ignored****

    • Built with UberTC & Clang/Snapdragon LLVM compiler 3.8
    • Call recording (US only, may not work on all carriers. Will ONLY work with default AOSP dialer)
    • Full EAS support featuring tabp0le EAS kernel
    • F2FS support
    • Full OMS/Substratum support (for theming)
    • Magisk root
    • Working Night Light/Night Mode
    • Vox Populi EAS PowerHAL by @joshuous
    • Automatic OTA checking and updates
    • All the same great features as other ResurrectionRemix builds

    1. Flash ROM
    2. Flash GAPPS
    3. Optionally flash kernel (not recommended): Due to extensive changes required in the ramdisk for EAS support, flashing kernels without EAS may not work properly.

    Full changelog: CHANGELOG.mkdn

    Device Tree
    Vox Populi EAS PowerHAL

    Android Security Patch Version: July 2017

    Special thanks to:

    XDA:DevDB Information
    Official ResurrectionRemix for HTC 10 by tabp0le, ROM for the HTC 10

    Source Code: https://github.com/ResurrectionRemix/platform_manifest

    ROM OS Version: 7.x Nougat
    ROM Firmware Required: N or M firmware base
    Based On: LineageOS/ResurrectionRemix

    Version Information
    Status: Stable
    Current Stable Version: NJH47D (7.1.2)
    Stable Release Date: 2017-08-07

    Created 2017-03-02
    Last Updated 2017-08-07
    I just released a huge update. This merges the experimental branch with stable, and includes many changes and improvements:

    • Android 7.1.2_r2-> r8 (May Security Patch)
    • tabp0le EAS kernel 2.0
    • EAS v1.2
    • Vox Populi PowerHAL (an optimized port of the Pixel XL's) by @joshuous
    • Marlin (PixelXL) perfd (performance daemon) and accompanying libs
    • Dex pre-opt (way quicker initial boot)
    • Way too much to list it all. You can see the full changelog here
    • This release has been listed as "Milestone", so please don't get confused. I listed it as Milestone because it's a HUGE update.
    For you lazies:

    This is the FINAL release of RR 5.8.4 for the HTC 10. No additional builds will be released until RR has updated to Oreo. This update does include the latest security patches.

     ▼ Resurrection Remix Nougat Ver 5.8.4 Changelog
     ▼ 09/18/2017
     ▪ project build/
     ▪ 26e263f build/core: GCC 6 ubertc
     ▼ 09/17/2017
     ▪ project packages/apps/Eleven/
     ▪ 49b8b9c Eleven: Create one cursor per background task
     ▪ project packages/apps/Settings/
     ▪ efbb78f Add moderator tags to about settings
     ▼ 09/16/2017
     ▪ project android/
     ▪ f0c3b1f manifest: switch to our forks of several repos
     ▪ project build/
     ▪ f6958ef Updating Security String to 2017-09-05 Bug:63846344
     ▪ project external/skia/
     ▪ 878b9da Defend against ICOs with large BMPs embedded DO NOT MERGE
     ▪ project external/sonivox/
     ▪ 188ae17 Fix compiler warnings in sonivox and enable -Werror.
     ▪ project frameworks/av/
     ▪ eeff3f6 Merge remote-tracking branch 'lineage/cm-14.1' into HEAD
     ▪ project frameworks/base/
     ▪ bb68d19 Back-port fixes for b/62196835
     ▪ cbce7ff Don't disable the GPS prematurely
     ▪ 8503dcf PrivateStorageInfo: Exclude primary physical volume total space
     ▪ fe5307e Keyguard: Change fingerprint listening behavior
     ▪ project packages/apps/DUI/
     ▪ project packages/apps/Dialer/
     ▪ project packages/apps/Messaging/
     ▪ e0708ed Merge remote-tracking branch 'lineage/cm-14.1' into HEAD
     ▪ project packages/apps/OmniSwitch/
     ▪ project packages/apps/Settings/
     ▪ 6d05ff9 Back-port ag/2491664
     ▪ 2214a57 AppOpsDetails: Generate correct summary when changing list prefs
     ▪ ac086f6 Settings: Allow devices to provide remote gesture preferences
     ▪ 1b1f6ea Settings: Fix internal storage summary for non-emulated storage devices
     ▪ 4776440 Settings: Always show Privacy Guard permissions
     ▪ 02a6349 AppOps: Switch to an HashMap
     ▪ a3bbfda Settings: Add a shortcut icon for carrier selection
     ▪ cb1ab8b AppOps: Redesign
     ▪ 3a0e238 Revert "Settings[Wifi]: fix the input invalid length for WEP encryption."
     ▼ 09/15/2017
     ▪ project external/libavc/
     ▪ 2170933 Decoder: Fixed allocation of pv_map_ref_idx_to_poc_buf.
     ▪ 871e2ff Decoder: Fixed overflow in refernce list creation.
     ▪ 73ff61b Initialize DPB structures to valid values.
     ▪ 1a4a25a Added error check for output buffer size.
     ▪ project external/libhevc/
     ▪ 2f28765 Limit boundary PU sizes in case of errors
     ▪ 3008a9a Fix array size for hrd parameters
     ▪ d2b7822 Check number of output buffers and sizes
     ▪ 8e3fe3b Return error for invalid crop parameters
     ▪ project external/libvpx/
     ▪ 50bde27 DO NOT MERGE libvpx: Cherry-pick 8b4c315 from upstream
     ▪ project external/sonivox/
     ▪ afc7e48 Fix interpolator
     ▪ project external/sqlite/
     ▪ f55bb7e DO NOT MERGE - fix FTS3 column pointer handling
     ▪ project external/tremolo/
     ▪ 0000b2b Use heap instead of alloca in res012.c
     ▪ project frameworks/av/
     ▪ be42248 MPEG4Source: fix fragmented read.
     ▪ ac561ef stagefright: fix crash due to bad timestamp index
     ▪ 47f7228 stagefright: check aac_frame_length to prevent infinite loop
     ▪ 708ca76 MediaPlayerService: fix access of mPlayer in client
     ▪ 20a8bdc audio effects: filter reserved effect commands
     ▪ 1f8cd83 MPEG4Extractor: ensure returned status is checked.
     ▪ 09ebf66 DO NOT MERGE Check frame handle validity before freeing buffer.
     ▪ ae74db2 Change MPEG2 reinit Error Handling
     ▪ 6e05adf Track: Check buffer size of static tracks
     ▪ e0b8295 MPEG4Extractor: check size for yrrc box
     ▪ 7a84ae8 AudioFlinger: Fix memory allocation for client-less tracks
     ▪ b1c91bc Notify Errors Appropriately from SoftMPEG2
     ▪ 6dff427 EffectBundle: Check value size for get preset name
     ▪ 3fcd8ac Fix TOCTOU problem in libstagefright_soft_aacenc
     ▪ project frameworks/minikin/
     ▪ 440e10a Reject unsorted cmap entries. DO NOT MERGE
     ▪ project hardware/broadcom/wlan/
     ▪ 71b070f net: wireless: bcmdhd: update bcm4354/4356 FW (
     ▪ project hardware/qcom/audio-caf/msm8916/
     ▪ 7a797d4 Equalizer: Check value size for get preset name
     ▪ project hardware/qcom/audio-caf/msm8952/
     ▪ 0bf8b30 Equalizer: Check value size for get preset name
     ▪ project hardware/qcom/audio-caf/msm8960/
     ▪ 01e8f3b Equalizer: Check value size for get preset name
     ▪ project hardware/qcom/audio-caf/msm8974/
     ▪ f5a8e83 Equalizer: Check value size for get preset name
     ▪ project hardware/qcom/audio-caf/msm8994/
     ▪ 7da7e5e Equalizer: Check value size for get preset name
     ▪ project hardware/qcom/audio-caf/msm8996/
     ▪ 53c7f74 Equalizer: Check value size for get preset name
     ▪ project hardware/qcom/audio-caf/msm8998/
     ▪ c736bfe Equalizer: Check value size for get preset name
     ▪ project hardware/qcom/audio/default/
     ▪ 3f7e702 Equalizer: Check value size for get preset name
     ▪ project packages/apps/Messaging/
     ▪ 87f81d9 37742976 - Catch bad gifs
     ▪ project packages/apps/Nfc/
     ▪ f20aedf Add READ_EXTERNAL_STORAGE for file based Uri while beaming.
     ▼ 09/14/2017
     ▪ project packages/apps/AudioFX/
     ▪ 3f7743b AudioFX: use vector drawables
     ▪ b94e30b AudioFX: set theme accent to white
     ▪ 00d3381 AudioFX: match control switches color with fragment background
     ▪ f5d78ad AudioFX: Add Reverb toggle
     ▪ 9fe5a3a AudioFX: Use default material toggle
     ▪ 9662067 AudioFX: Apply effects independently of the output flags
     ▪ project system/bt/
     ▪ 215d434 Add missing extension length check while parsing BNEP control packets
     ▪ a61aaf1 Free p_pending_data from tBNEP_CONN to avoid potential memory leaks
     ▪ 922d50b Add a missing check for PAN buffer size before copying data
     ▪ c6f7f86 Add missing packet length checks while parsing BNEP control packets
     ▪ 7e30b79 Add missing continuation offset check for SDP continuation requests
     ▪ 0700e5b Disable PAN Reverse Tethering when connection originated by the Remote
     ▪ 8825957 Allocate buffers of the right size when BT_HDR is included
     ▼ 09/12/2017
     ▪ project hardware/qcom/media-caf/msm8960/
     ▪ b28bc21 BACKPORT: mm-video: venc: Protect buffer from being freed while accessing
     ▪ f65fe19 BACKPORT: mm-video: vdec: Avoid processing ETBs/FTBs in invalid states

    Latest build is up, with June Android security patch.
    Latest update is out. This release includes the update to 7.1.2, and RR version 5.8.3. Please enjoy!