[ROM][OFFICIAL][OnePlus 6/6T][11.0_r34]PiXeN-OS[2021/04/12][EOL]

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If you are booted into system and everything has been set-up, reboot to recovery, flash magisk 23.0. You'll need to first rename to to '.zip' to be able to flash it. After flashing, reboot to system, rename the magisk.zip to magisk.apk and install it
No sweat!

Thanks man. I really do appreciate your help! I did install 23.0. Asked me to update to 24.3 through the app, updated and now I'm finally gonna have the ROM I loved. Probably gonna keep it as it is, unless I get a new phone as a daily and try some new ones.

Thanks again! See ya!
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    PiXeN-OS Android 11 December Update 20201208

    Flashing instructions, Features and Bugs in first post
    ** If you face Camera FCs, do a clean flash.

    Firmware needed- 10.3.0 or above

    OnePlus 6

    OnePlus 6T


    • Merge December Security patch 11.0.0-r20​
    • Added OTA Support​
    • TWRP is now inbuilt (If you want to flash Magisk v21+, flash TWRP UNinstaller, link in OP)​
    • Add Verizon Support​
    • Add Support for Cards/Passes on PowerMenu​
    • Add back dynamic bootanimation (from PE)​
    • Add back offline pixel charging animation (from PE)​
    • Add Customisable back gesture height (from OMNI)​
    • Add Navbar Customisations (from DU)​
    • -Custom layout (Normal, Compact, Left-right Leaning)
    • -Long Press actions for Back, Menu, Home
    • -Double Tap actions for Back, Menu, Home
    • -Customisable Long Swipe Gestures
    • Fix issues with Safety Hub
    • Add CyberPunk FOD Animation for OP6T
    • OK Google Now works when Screen ON (Uses Google App)

    This ROM is a combination of PixelExperience and Nitrogen with Extra useful features

    - Looks of Pixel
    - Features of Nitrogen
    - Some other useful features

    Additions from PixelExperience

    Gapps included- Pixel Dialer, Pixel Messaging, Pixel Contacts, etc etc etc..
    Pixel Bootanimation
    Pixel Launcher
    Pixel Theme
    Pixel Sounds
    Pixel Fonts
    Pixel Weather
    Pixel Theme styles
    Google assistant animation
    Many other features and cosmetic changes to resemble Pixel

    Customisation options from Nitrogen -
    Basically Everything that Nitrogen ROM is having

    Some Other useful Features
    (Not present in both PixelExperience and Nitrogen)

    Swipe for Screenshot
    Notch hide
    Pixel clocks
    More accents
    More fonts
    Old style mobile network icon
    Omni style network speed monitor
    OTG toggle
    4G icon for LTE toggle
    Double tap to sleep on lockscreen and statusbar

    Many more useful things

    Device specific additions
    - OnePlus camera including Portrait, 4K 60fps, slow-motion works (OP cam is not inbuilt, Installer zip available on telegram) Inbuilt Camera is Google camera) Inbuilt Camera is Google camera
    - OnePlus Display panel modes- sRGB, Wide, DCI-P3
    - OnePlus Doze/Ambient - Pick to wake, Wave to wake, Pocket
    - OnePlus Off screen gestures - O, V, A, <, >, etc
    - OnePlus Alert Slider with Toasts
    - DC Dimming
    - Double tap to wake​


    Based on AOSP


    drpradsms - main developer



    Disable security lockscreen

    • Clean Flash
    1. Boot in latest TWRP recovery 3.4+
    2. Flash latest OOS 10 Firmware
    3. Flash latest PiXeN-OS
    4. Flash Finalize.zip(It copies firmware to both slots, so you dont need to flash OOS on both slots manually. Works for both OP6 and 6T. Thanks prakyy for this.)
    5. Format data; type 'yes'. (This will wipe your internal storage. Backup Backup Backup)
    6. Boot System

    • Dirty Flash(If Manually upgrading from previous version of PiXeN-OS)
    1. Boot in recovery
    2. Flash PiXeN-OS
    3. Boot System
    • Code:
      When an update is available, you’ll get prompt for it.
      From the Updater, Just Download it , Install and Reboot.
      After download it just takes 15 minutes if encrypted and 10mins if decrypted all happening in *Background
      You can use your phone during this.
      As simple as that.
      If you are rooted, root will be retained. No worries.
      For flawless updates to work on decrypted system, make sure you are decrypted on both slots.

    TWRP and Gapps is inbuilt.. No need to flash it.

    Your device may reboot once automatically after first boot. Nothing to worry.. Its normal..

    Telegram group Discussion- https://t.me/pixenos


    Download folder -
    OnePlus 6
    OnePlus 6T

    Whats working?
    Android Auto
    Mobile data
    Camera- Bit buggy Fully Functional now
    Fingerprint reader
    Indisplay Fingerprint scanner for OnePlus 6T
    Sound / vibration
    HW keys
    Ambient display
    Dash Charge
    Carrier VideoCalls
    Safety Net

    Known Bugs/limitations:
    SELinux permissiveFixed
    Few Camera IssuesFixed
    OK Google detection doesn't work, Assistant works though


    drpradsms PayPal


    Nitrogen Project



    ROM OS Version: Android 11
    ROM Kernel: Linux 4.x, Kernel source
    Based On: AOSP, Lineage, OmniROM, Nitrogen, PixelExperience

    XDA:DevDB Information
    PiXeN-OS, ROM for the OnePlus 6

    ROM OS Version: Android 11
    ROM Kernel: Linux 4.x
    ROM Firmware Required: OOS 10

    Version Information
    Stable Release Date: 2020-10-14
    Beta Release Date: 2020-09-30

    Created 2020-09-30
    Last Updated 2020-12-08
    PiXeN-OS 11 December Update 20201224

    Wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New year in Advance 🎉

    Already available on Updater for OnePlus 6 and OnePlus 6T

    Firmware needed- 10.3.0 or above

    OnePlus 6
    OnePlus 6T


    Updated inbuilt TWRP to 3.4.0-11 from mauronofrio (Fixes Decryption, still doesnt work with Magisk 21. If you want to flash Magisk v21+, flash TWRP Uninstaller, link in OP)

    • Fix broken screenshot sound toggle after Decemeber patch
    • Fix broken one click tile select after Decemeber patch
    • Fix OOS Cam support
    • Fix issues with incoming calls for some users
    • Fix issues with BT calling
    • Fix Carrier Videocalls
    • Fix keyboard bottom space with navbar pill hidden
    • Fix Rounded corners with Notch hide

    • Add Minimal style Expanded Volume panel
    • Add toggle to hide ringer icon from volume panel
    • Add Unlick ringer and notification volume
    • Redo Battery styles
    • Add option to Move battery to Expanded QS header
    • Make Calendar and Battery in QSS clickable
    • Add Edgelighting for sensitive notifications
    • Add option to hide back gesture arrow
    • Add vibration pattern for incoming calls
    • Add Ambient and AOD brightness slider
    • Add option to show privacy indicators (in statusbar, QS) under privacy settings
    • Add Livedisplay support
    • Add Adaptive playback
    • Add enable Ambient display on new track
    • Move Volume key to skip tracks to main settings
    • Added Quickbar columns customization and hide label

    New bugs
    • OK Google doesnt work
    PiXeN-OS 11 January Update 20210106

    Already available on Updater for OnePlus 6 and OnePlus 6T

    Firmware needed- 10.3.0 or above

    OnePlus 6

    OnePlus 6T


    • Merge January Security patch 11.0.0-R27
    • Update Radioactive kernel to 10.8.1
    • Merge Linux .249
    • Now that TWRP and Magisk work well together, I have added support for Magisk retention for flawless OTA updates (Will work when updating from 20210106 + )

    • Fix issues with VolumePanel not getting dismissed
    • Fix RTT issues for Verizon Carrier
    • Fix Gaming Mode
    • Fix Less Boring Headsup
    • Fix call connect vibrate toggle
    • Fix Vo Only Volte icon

    • Improve rounded corners for OP6T and OP6
    • Add Reading mode tile
    • Add Statusbar Clock mod
    • Add Vowifi icon support
    • Add OOS Volte icon from OP8
    • Improve Old style signal icons
    PiXeN-OS 11 April Update 20210412

    Please note this is the final update of PiXeN-OS 11. I won't be able to update it as i don't have my OnePlus 6 anymore.

    Thankyou all for your love..

    I would like to thank @acuicultor @DennySPB for their support whenever i asked, @MrGhostlyOrb @thedeadfish59 @yashpatel99 for testing, @a63548 for his unconditional help.

    Already available on Updater for OnePlus 6 and OnePlus 6T (Just follow the instructions in Updater for flawless update, magisk and it's modules will retain if you're rooted)

    Firmware needed- 10.3.0 or above

    Note: If you're stuck at bootloader warning, then boot TWRP and delete /data/apex

    OnePlus 6

    OnePlus 6T

    • Merge April Security patch 11.0.0_r34
    • Add Applock from AOSPA
    • Add Pocket service from AOSPA
    • Add FaceUnlock from Pixelexperience ROM (Will need to re-register if already registered)
    • Fix default SIM getting reset after reboot