[ROM][OFFICIAL][OOS CAM][OnePlus 8T/9R][12.1.0_r11]Nameless AOSP[2022/07/23]

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Mar 30, 2010
Den Haag
So if i connect the OP8T with this rom to my PC it now only charges. All other options on the USB menu on the phone are greyed out. Windows also doesnt recognizes it, USB debugging is on, drivers are there (i installed the ROM via this laptop) What can i do, i want to transfer data from the phone to laptop and later flash another ROM, but cant connect :(
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Jun 20, 2016
Hi. This rom (A13) is smoother and faster than OOS12 (OnePlus 8T). Thanks for this amazing rom. But it seems I'm the only one whose battery drains faster than OOS. What could it be?
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Jun 21, 2022
OnePlus 8T
Dirty flashed 20221113 over the previous 13 release without problems. Nameless Launcher is back! Excellent!
(adb sideload, didn't dare to use the updater) ;-)


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Nov 14, 2022
Hi everybody !

My Oneplus 8T is currently running under the Oneplus default OS. My biggest complain is about the power saving battery optimisations which are very aggressives and kill app in the backgroung when screen off ... so i cannot use Tasker as i want.

Do you think a custom rom such as this one might resolve this kind of behavior ?

Thx !


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Apr 4, 2018
OnePlus 8T
with mindthegapps it happens.
Mindthegapps is just official google apps with no modifications, so even if what you're saying is true, then your issue is google apps. How did you deduce that mindthegapps leads to slower video loading times? So installation of LOS without gapps runs fine? Then the choice of your ROM is not the issue here.
fyi I used mindthegapps and los for near a year without any problems on the same device before moving to microg


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May 12, 2017
Hi, I updated the latest A-13 build (yesterday's) one from the Settings system updater on my Oneplus 8T. And when the device is restarted after reboot the touch is not working. I am wondering what happened. Before update everything was working as expected. If anyone can suggest how I can get out of this, Thank you. :)


Apr 1, 2019
So if i connect the OP8T with this rom to my PC it now only charges. All other options on the USB menu on the phone are greyed out. Windows also doesnt recognizes it, USB debugging is on, drivers are there (i installed the ROM via this laptop) What can i do, i want to transfer data from the phone to laptop and later flash another ROM, but cant connect :(
Make sure you are connected to the right port. I have a USB c cable and faced the same issue. Turns out I was connecting to the power port not the data port (not sure how to explain it better).

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    Nameless AOSP for OnePlus 8T/9R [Unified Build] [kebab]

    Nameless AOSP is based on Android Open Source Project, inspired by Google Pixel. We offer a smooth and stable experience for your device with a selected set of amazing features that provide an exceptional user experience.

    Whats working?
    Everything working :)

    Known issues

    Nothing yet
    You tell me

    Flash Instructions

    Chris Chen PayPal
    Chandu Dyavanapelli PayPal

    UPI ID: [email protected]

    Chris Chen - Founder & lead Developer
    Chandu Dyavanapelli - Co Founder & lead Developer

    Android Open-Source Project
    Pixel Experience
    Proton AOSP

    Havoc OS
    Arrow OS

    Others, I may have forgot to mention

    Stay tuned
    Our Telegram Group

    New build up!

    Source Changelog:
    - Merged android-12.0.0_r32
    - Added App Lock
    - Added Face Unlock
    - Added more fonts
    - Fixed circle battery QS tinting
    - Fixed navbar inverse layout not working after reboot
    - Fixed gaming mode settings not applied when overlay menu is disabled
    - Removed logo in settings. Simple best :)
    - Misc cleanup and improvement

    Device Changelog:
    - Switch to DaxUI for dolby
    - Improved audio experiences
    - Fixed echo's in calls
    - Fixed low Mic issues in calls
    - Misc cleanup and improvement
    I went through this yesterday evening and hit many snags and confusions due to looking up different posts... So I thought I'd write down my process in the hope it helps others.

    Before you begin
    • Backup of all Data, Fully charged battery, really backup all your data
    • Know how to use Windows command prompt, move files and folders about in explorer (or know how to set the PATH variable)
    • Follow this guide at your own risk!


    1. Install ADB + QualCom drivers. Reboot is required
    2. To check, connect phone to PC, reboot phone to fastboot, check device manager for anything with a yellow "!". Then repeat when in recovery. If you have issues here Fix this BEFORE continuing

    On PC
    1. Extract Nameless ROM zip
    2. Extract payload extractor zip
    3. copy payload.bin from ROM to payload_input folder where you extracted payload dumper
    4. Command prompt -> run payload_dumper.exe (takes about 5 minutes)
    5. In the payload_output folder will be .img files. You'll need these later

    Roll phone back to Android 11 with MSM tool
    1. Follow msm guide: https://www.getdroidtips.com/oneplus-msm-download-tool/. Took 900s to complete
    2. Complete first boot setup sequence, don't restore any data, skip as must as you can. Don't perform system udpate. Stop apps updating.
    3. Install Oxygen Updater -> Download KB2003_11_C.21 (Android 12) ~3.88Gb
    4. Whilst that's happening: Enable Developer Mode, Enable OEM Unlocking, Enable USB Debugging
    5. Once download complete, copy the update .zip file from root of phone to your PC
    Unlock bootloader
    1. In command window: adb reboot fastboot
    2. In command window: fastboot reboot bootloader (as soon as you press enter to run the command type and run the next one so it's waiting)
      • fastboot oem unlock
    3. Accept the text menu and phone will reboot and wipes itself
    Update phone to Android 12
    1. Clear setup asap, bypass / skip / ignore all you can
    2. Copy downloaded oxygen update from PC to root of phone
    3. Local install using Oxygen download file (ignore the system update) + reboot
    4. Enable USB Debugging
    5. In command window: adb devices -> ensure you're authorised
    6. In command windows: adb reboot fastboot
    On PC
    1. In command window: open the payload_output folder (with the extracted .img files from earlier):
      • fastboot flash boot boot.img
      • fastboot flash --disable-verity --disable-verification vbmeta vbmeta.img
      • fastboot flash --disable-verity --disable-verification vbmeta_system vbmeta_system.img
      • fastboot flash recovery recovery.img
    2. Use fastboot menus to reboot to recovery (new blue one)
    3. Press "Install update" -> "ADB Sideload"
    4. In command window: adb devices - ensure it says "sideload" and not "unauthorised"
    5. In command window: adb sideload copy-partitions-20210323_1922.zip
    6. Reboot recovery from menus on phone
    7. In command window: adb devices - ensure it says "sideload" and not unauthorised
    8. In command window: adb sideload Nameless-AOSP_kebab-12.1-20220723-1310-Official.zip
    9. Click back arrow in recovery, then click "Factory reset" -> "Format data/factory reset" -> "Format data"
    10. Click back arrow in recovery, then click "Reboot to system"
    If you miss a step and boot the phone it's likely not going to be stuffed. In this case, force it back to EDL mode (adb reboot edl) or hold the up + down volume buttons for ~40s and start with the MSM tool again.
    New Build up!

    - Supported latest Oxygen or Hydrogen OS 11 firmware
    - Dirty flash from early build is fine
    - Fingerprint & haptics may not work on custom kernel so don't spam in device support group

    Source changelog:
    - Merged July security patch (android-12.1.0_r11)
    - Switched to GameSpace, with all goods from old GamingMode kept
    - Refactored in-game lock gesture feature
    - Added Status Bar Ticker
    - Added Music QS tile
    - Added Google Lens into screenshot UI
    - Added proximity check on wake toggle
    - Added support to show battery level for AirPods series
    - Added support to reset auto brightness adjustment
    - Added more haptic feedback scenes for supported devices
    - Relax slider haptic feedback strength
    - Dropped slider haptic feedback for some devices
    - Added OPPO Sans
    - Allow receive / send any type of files from Bluetooth
    - Fixed less boring heads up toggle
    - Fixed 2-button navbar option missing
    - Improved partial screenshot
    - Improved pocket mode layout
    - Moved extra dim feature into display settings
    - Show 12L in settings and updated Easter Egg from PUI
    - Updated default wallpaper
    - Updated various system icons
    - Updated various APNs
    - Updated lawnchair to latest dev & Enabled dexpreopt
    - Other cleanup and improvements

    Device changelog:
    - Improved Haptics feedbacks. Enjoy OOS type haptic now :)
    - Improved some Chinese third-party input methods haptic feedback
    - Enable System Wide haptics feedbacks
    - Update blobs from LA.UM.9.12.r1-14200-SMxx50.QSSI13.0
    - Fixed Dolby visualizer effect
    - Attempt to match stock auto brightness behaviour
    - Attempt to fix Google AR Core
    - Fixed audio in screen cast (WiFi Display)
    - OnePlus Settings: Added support to automatically enable high touch sample / tp edge touch mode in games
    - OnePlus Settings: Increased vibrator strength level range to 5 (Only for default kernel)
    - Other cleanup and improvements
    New Build Up!

    Source Changelog
    - Merged May security patch (android-12.1.0_r5)
    - Added AdGuard & Cloudflare private DNS providers
    - Added Custom carrier label & Carrier label placement
    - Added Dora & Weed status bar icons
    - Added optimized charging QS tile for supported devices
    - Allow to hide back gesture arrow
    - Allow to switch slot in recovery for AB devices
    - Refactor QS tiles layout code (Previous settings will be revoked, set again in settings)
    - Fixed partial screenshot
    - Fixed wireless emergency alerts crash in settings
    - Maybe more that I forgot

    Device Changelog
    - Restore old notification haptic intensity