[ROM][OFFICIAL][OOS CAM][OnePlus 8T/9R][12.1.0_r5]Nameless AOSP[2022/06/01]

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May 3, 2015
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It didn't work bro. That meteoric kernel also didn't work. I still have the same problem. While registering for fingerprint, the light glows up when I touch the sensor, but it does not vibrate. Therefore cant register fingerprints.
https://forum.xda-developers.com/t/...ebab-ddr0-ddr1-release-updated.4299231/unread this has the updated firmware for the 8t you can manually flash the firmware without messing with your ROM or data. Might fix the issue


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Feb 23, 2011
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It didn't work bro. That meteoric kernel also didn't work. I still have the same problem. While registering for fingerprint, the light glows up when I touch the sensor, but it does not vibrate. Therefore cant register fingerprints.
Are you running Magisk? If so, you have to install the Universal Safetynet Fix, and there's a specific one for the 8T. I have to remember to do it every time I install a new ROM if I use magisk.

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    Oh, good to know, at least I am glad he's good.
    Hi just everything works fine I don't know apexlegends mobile is showing me not compatible with this phone I have used it before on nameless but yesterday switched back to nameless

    Check if there is an update for the play store under settings->about->update play store. If it's up to date already then clear the data and cache for the play store and also Google services framework. Then see if it's fixed. If not then try uninstalling the latest update for the play store, reboot, and then update it again.
    Let us know if that solves it. The only issue I had with the ghost one cuz it wouldn't read my USB OTG if it was FAT32 format
    Dev had exams this month and been busy
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    Nameless AOSP for OnePlus 8T/9R [Unified Build] [kebab]

    Nameless AOSP is based on Android Open Source Project, inspired by Google Pixel. We offer a smooth and stable experience for your device with a selected set of amazing features that provide an exceptional user experience.

    Whats working?
    Everything working :)

    Known issues

    Nothing yet
    You tell me

    Flash Instructions
    Download recovery.img in download link
    Reboot phone to bootloader
    Open any terminal like cmd etc, enter "fastboot flash recovery recovery.img"
    Reboot phone to recovery and enter sideload mode
    Enter "adb sideload xxx" (xxx means the filename of rom zip you downloaded)
    Do factory reset in recovery (Mandatory for first time flash)
    You can also use rom installer to flash the way you did before.
    For root:
    Download Magisk apk
    Rename it to *.zip
    Reboot to recovery and enter sideload mode
    Enter "adb sideload xxx.zip" (xxx means magisk file name)
    You can also patch boot.img and flash via fastboot.


    Chris Chen PayPal
    Chandu Dyavanapelli PayPal

    UPI ID: [email protected]

    Chris Chen - Founder & lead Developer
    Chandu Dyavanapelli - Co Founder & lead Developer

    Android Open-Source Project
    Pixel Experience
    Proton AOSP

    Havoc OS
    Arrow OS

    Others, I may have forgot to mention

    Stay tuned
    Our Telegram Group

    New build up!

    Source Changelog:
    - Merged android-12.0.0_r32
    - Added App Lock
    - Added Face Unlock
    - Added more fonts
    - Fixed circle battery QS tinting
    - Fixed navbar inverse layout not working after reboot
    - Fixed gaming mode settings not applied when overlay menu is disabled
    - Removed logo in settings. Simple best :)
    - Misc cleanup and improvement

    Device Changelog:
    - Switch to DaxUI for dolby
    - Improved audio experiences
    - Fixed echo's in calls
    - Fixed low Mic issues in calls
    - Misc cleanup and improvement
    New Build Up!

    Source Changelog
    - Merged May security patch (android-12.1.0_r5)
    - Added AdGuard & Cloudflare private DNS providers
    - Added Custom carrier label & Carrier label placement
    - Added Dora & Weed status bar icons
    - Added optimized charging QS tile for supported devices
    - Allow to hide back gesture arrow
    - Allow to switch slot in recovery for AB devices
    - Refactor QS tiles layout code (Previous settings will be revoked, set again in settings)
    - Fixed partial screenshot
    - Fixed wireless emergency alerts crash in settings
    - Maybe more that I forgot

    Device Changelog
    - Restore old notification haptic intensity
    New Build up!

    - Dirty flash fine
    - FOD may not work in custom kernel's so don't spam in device support group

    Source Changelog
    - Merged tag 'android-12.1.0_r2'
    - Added Monet Settings
    - Added brightness slider changes
    - Added switch data saver icon
    - Added game props for mobile legends
    - Added customize tiles layout in QS panel
    - Disable face enroll on Setup Wizard
    - Allow to auto-hide for all clock positions
    - Force fullscreen for Google Dialer

    Device Changelog
    - Switch to perf+ kernel
    - Fixed random crashdump
    - Updated OnePlus Camera from Oxygen OS 12 Stable
    - Added back OnePlus Settings translation
    - Switch back to LA.UM.9.12.r1-13300-SMxx50.QSSI12.0 Graphics blobs
    - Minor fixes and improvement
    New build up!

    Source changelog
    - Introduce preferred network tile
    - Introduce Automated Sleep Mode
    - Implement background process killer
    - Added expanded volume panel
    - Use Mi 11 Ultra games prop for mobile Legends
    - Allow alert slider changes in pocket mode
    - Fixed launcher search bar color
    - Misc fixes and improvements

    Device changelog
    - Update media blobs from LA.UM.9.12.r1-13300-SMxx50.QSSI12.0
    - Fixed low volume mic for calls and apps
    - Improved media volume
    - Misc fixes and improvements