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Apr 24, 2013
Hey I've had the newest release installed for a while now but I keep getting the popup saying I need to install the latest security update.

I was on a previous release before this one and I got that message for a while and kept ignoring it until the popup said it would install the next time I restarted my device.

Is there a way to keep this from popping up?


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Mar 6, 2022
last build was 0714 is this now dead or will it abandon android 12 for android 13?

it would be nice to see A12 with security updates and bug fixes in the future


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Dec 8, 2014
last build was 0714 is this now dead or will it abandon android 12 for android 13?

it would be nice to see A12 with security updates and bug fixes in the future
Nope there are releases for A12 with September patch too, but we have devoted our resources to Android 13 at this point. Expect Android 13 builds soon ;)
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    I know they are different roms 💀
    But what are the differences exactly? because it looks very very similar..
    Those on ProtonAOSP might be interested in trying this custom ROM unless there is hardly any difference between the two builds .. I don't mean to sound disrespectful by saying that of course 😌

    Edit : Posting some screenshots and exact features of the rom would not have been too much too..

    Anyway thanks for the hard work! 🙏🏼

    I also would like to see any kind of feature list!

    I appreciate your work but you have not given us any reason to go through the effort to flash this ROM. What do we gain? What do we lose? Why would I switch from stock to this? Why would I switch from a ROM like ProtonAOSP which gives me thorough documentation on what it does and what it doesn't do?

    I mean no disrespect and I understand that a lot of work must have been put into this. But give us SOMETHING to go on!

    Well as far I know, ProtonAOSP doesn't have smartspace; which controls lockscreen weather, and other extras like a stopwatch counter, upcoming calendar events, and upcoming alarms. Everything we do is open-source and public for anyone to reuse, or modify. While we are there, we don't have a paywall that has "early access" stuff behind it. This is solely our hobby project and we don't intend to make a profit out of it. We post regular automated updates using our in-ROM OTA updater once official builds are seeded which usually happens after Google source gets relatively stable and free of super massive changes. We have our own changelog system as well located here: and screenshots here: You can also keep track of our automated build instances here: As of now, the changelog is empty since we haven't started an official rollout and screeshots provided are definitely non-final as well.

    Our aim as a custom ROM - especially for Google Pixels - is to maintain the "Pixel experience" that really sets the phone apart from the competition with some quality-of-life improving features on top of it like say something as simple as double tap to sleep in the Launcher.

    At the end of the day, we all have our own lives to take care of. Most of us are university students and some of us even have part-time jobs and sometimes, things come in our way and we have no other choice but to make our users wait - which we don't like either. We try the best we can in our limited free time to bring you this project for 4 years now and counting! Thank you for your understanding.


    StatiXOS for Google Pixel 6 (oriole)

    What is StatiXOS?

    StatiXOS is a custom ROM based on the Android Open Source Project aiming to be minimal while providing quality of life improvements and up to date security patches.


    1. Download the image
    2. Reboot your Pixel 6 to bootloader mode and plug it in to your computer
    3. Now open up your Terminal (macOS and Linux) or Command Prompt (Windows) and download the firmware from the links below.
    4. Once downloaded, type in fastboot -w to make sure your /data is formatted
    5. Now type in fastboot update <location of the firmware>, things will be automated from this point on.
    6. Profit!

    Credits to Anay Wadhera (check him out for the builds. He's the main developer bringing you StatiXOS for the Google Pixel 6. As a part of StatiXOS, I am posting on behalf of him here :)

    Note: Please keep in mind that this is being actively worked on. Updates would arrive as things are fixed so please be patient and if you report a bug, please be sure to explain what caused it and a logcat.

    Prerequisite firmware: Latest stock release
    Android version: 12.1.0
    Linux Kernel Version: 5.10.101
    Source code: GitHub
    Code Review: Gerrit
    Do you guys have pixel launcher included? Only thing I'm missing with proton. Thanks for the hardwork and great looking ROM!

    Nope. We have plans to reverse Pixel Launcher and implement parts of it in Launcher3.

    Double tap to sleep on lock screen?

    Should be if I recall correctly. If not, it will be implemented soon.
    Very excited for this, do you have a features list? Also does esim work ?