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    " #DroidOnTime "

    ROM Version: 5.2.1
    Device: Mojito
    Maintainer: Jaydeep Kumar
    Build Status: OFFICIAL


    * Your warranty is now void.
    * We are not responsible for anything that may happen to your phone by installing any custom ROMs and/or kernels.
    * You do it at your own risk and take the responsibility upon yourself and you are not to blame us or XDA and its respected developers.

    "This is a user-friendly thread, all your suggestions are important to us and will be taken into consideration.."


    dotOS is an Android ROM that focuses on performance, stability, and User Experience. We focus on making our rom look and feel great without struggling on Performance and Battery! So that one can get the most out of your device.....


    CLEAN FLASH/First Time Installation :

    Download the latest build (Both Vanilla [Non-gapps] and Gapps builds are available)
    First Make sure recovery is installed. (LineageOS recovery works fine as of now)
    Reboot to recovery
    Make nandroid backup (Not Necessary, but just in case if you lost somewhere)
    Perform Factory Reset/Format
    Choose - Apply update from ADB
    then sideload the lastest build - adb sideload
    package sideloads till 47% and you can skip Signature verification.
    Reboot to System

    Download the latest build
    Reboot to recovery
    Flash the latest build
    Wipe Cache

    Note: GApps only has to be flashed once whereas Magisk/Su is to be flashed every time you Dirty Flash the OTA Update.


    Website -


    Complete Changelogs:


    Lineage OS
    Pixel Experience
    Dirty Unicorns

    And all other open-source Devs/Teams.


    Mohan CM - Founder/Core Developer
    Iacob Ionut - UI, UX Developer/ Core Developer
    Jaydeep Kumar - Developer/Maintainer

    Special thanks:
    Manish Bajpai
    - Web Developer

    Important Links

    If you liked our Project, please consider supporting us. - Donate -

    dot OS source

    dotOS-Device Sources

    Telegram Group
    Telegram Channel





    As soon as the problem occurs, take a LOGCAT!

    for more READ THIS

    and do not forget to send it to us 😜


    Contributors: Jaydeep Kumar
    Source Code:
    Kernel Source: -
    ROM OS Version: 11.Android R

    Version Information
    Current Stable Version: v5.2.1
    Stable Release Date: 23-11-2021
    Changelog - 5.2.1 Date -23/11/21
    • Source Changelog

    • sm6150-common: Build atrace 1.0 service hals
    • sm6150-common: rootdir: Remove enable-low-power trigger from recovery
    • sm6150-common: rootdir: Allow all filesystems for USB-OTG
    • sm6150-common: prop: Disable sf EGL image tracking
    • sm6150-common: Kill kernel cmdline console parameters
    • sm6150-common: wifi: Disable wifi packet logging
    • sm6150-common: configs: power: Remove pixel audio hints
    • sm6150-common: overlay: Disable global mode and CDMA choices
    • sm6150-common: overlay: Allow seamless Doze state transitions
    • sm6150-common: rootdir: Chown drv8846_dev & akm09970 camera nodes
    • sm6150-common: overlay: Snap: Enable camera API v2
    • sm6150-common: prop: Disable Codec2 input surface
    • sm6150-common: parts: Add drawable icon for AOD
    • sm6150-common: sepolicy: Address virtual AB OTA denies
    and rest i forgot.

    Changelog - 5.2 Date -10/10/21

    • Now Official!
    • Source Changelog
    • October Security patch
    • Fixed libperfmgr nodes crash
    • Added power stats moke service hals
    • Smarter decisions on whether to use 2/5Ghz AP
    • Disabled wifi firmware logging • Disabled NUD failure occurs logging
    • Added stock permission for hwcomposer service
    • Fixed ueventd permissions crash
    • Switched to multihal sensor service hal to 2.1
    • Enabled Wi-Fi hals power saving
    • Switched to Codec2 by default
    • Enabled Codec2 input surface
    • Enabled dalvik dex2oat64
    • Fixed props crashes in logs
    • Added minimal xiaomi parts
    • Fixed SDM and ultrasound_extn crashes
    • Fixed whatsapp mic delay or crashes
    • Improved overall system performance
    • Mic issue is fixed other variant
    Eager to try !
    In Vanilla version till now only Lineage booted for Mojito, thanks for posting and downloading now 👍
    AWESOME BRO 👍 Looks great for now all good ! Smart charging is there, double tap to wake & sleep working, Will test further & post. Thanks so much 🤓
    Can anyone tell me is this a system app or something else 🤔🤔
    If u ask me
    idk....... 🙄
    It looks like a system app IMO
    try checking the app name using Titanium Backup or SD Maid app ( you need root for these apps to work)
    In Titanium, once all the apps are listed, then long click on the particular app name then on the popup click on More Info and it will show the real name of the app. Same for SD Maid.
    View attachment 5467229

    How to enable advanced reboot option ?
    Go to settings>customisation>more settings>system>and scroll down, u will find option to enable advanced reboot