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[ROM] [Official] Passion_Google_WWE_1.01.1700.1_ERD79_release

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Senior Member
Jul 25, 2009
1. Do I flash this via the recovery screen -> flash zip?
2. Will this restore to factory default including un-rooting?

Thank you btw :)


Senior Member
Jan 3, 2009
In theory, you can't really blow it up. Worst case, it'll not boot and you should still be able to get back into boot loader, in which case, you can find the right image and reflash.

I think he was simply asking...

"if this is not a standard zip file, how do I go about flashing it".

Which could have been answered in a line or two, be it with directions or a link to directions :)

I am personally unable to get a file downloaded that isn't effed up. I posted in the other thread about it hoping someone would toss the file elsewhere for me to grab seeing as I am getting invalid archive errors from the MU hosted file.