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[ROM] [OFFICIAL][Q][r41 BlissRoms v12.11 [7PRO][08/21/20]

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Aug 13, 2013
Moderator Announcement: THREAD CLOSED! By our information, the OP @AxxPyrtlexx20 regretably doesn't own this device anymore and has dropped support.

If interested in BlissRom for the OP 7 Pro, please follow this new thread: [ROM] [OFFICIAL][Q][GApps] BlissRoms 12.x [guacamole] by @srgrusso

team bliss is pleased to present to you
bliss rom based on Android 10 Q

Our focus is to bring the Open Source community a quality OS that can run on all your devices as a daily driver, syncing your apps + settings + customizations across all platforms you run Bliss on.
Bliss ROMs comes with a wide selection of customization options from around the Android community as well as unique options developed by our team. With so many options available, you’ll find it hard not to enjoy the Blissful experience.


The OP and most recent discussions will generally help to answer any questions you will encounter. If not, we will do our best to answer your questions & concerns as soon as possible.​
We will also simply direct you to the OP if the answer is contained there. We encourage community minded interactions: users helping fellow users allows Team Bliss to focus on the work involved to make things Blissful.
Please do not ask for ETA's
We will not tolerate any rudeness or anyone being disrespectful in this thread. Moderators, feel free to enforce anything you feel is necessary to stop bad posts

AIO Thread

Bliss Source

BlissRoms Devices Source

Kernel Source
SM8150 Kernel

As of Now OpenGapps ARM64 10.0 is Suggested for the OnePlus 7pro and is found below
OpenGapps Project

Bliss Device Downloads
Bliss Download Server
Source Forge

Team Bliss is not responsible in any way for anything that happens to your device in the process of installing
Please familiarize yourself with flashing and custom rom use before attempting to flash the rom. Please make sure you download the correct version of Bliss for your specific device. The links are labeled clearly.​

Make sure you are rooted
Make sure you have a custom recovery installed
For Q-BETA- Make sure you are on Q firmware, is currently set to use OOS 10.3.0 Stable firmware- CLEAN INSTALL!!
Download the latest Bliss Rom & the latest GApps package- GAPPS NANO IS RECOMMENDED FOR Q-BETA
Clean flash instructions

Boot into recovery
Backup your current ROM
Perform a factory reset
Flash Bliss Rom
Reboot recovery
Flash OpenGapps--NANO PACKAGE!!
*Flash magisk* optional
Reboot to system
Dirty flash instructions

Boot into recovery
Back up current rom just to be safe
Wipe cacche
Flash updated rom zip
Reboot, let it boot up
Reboot back to recovery
Flash OpenGapps--NANO PACKAGE!!
Flash magisk* optional
Reboot to system
First boot may take up to 10 minutes for some devices. This is due to Gapps and root optimization.

If you have a major bug to report that has not been reported already, please take the following steps to report it to us. It will save you and our team quite some time.

Download the Catlog app from the Play Store.
There is also a donate version which you can purchase to show appreciation.
After downloading the Catlog app, go to the app settings, and change the log level to Debug.[/CENTER]
Clear all previous logs and take the exact steps to produce the error you are receiving.​
As soon as you receive the error (probably a force close), go straight into Catlog and stop the log recording.​
Copy and paste the entire log either to Hastebin or Pastebin
Save the log, and copy and paste the link into the forum with a brief description of the error.

@Pimpmaneaton@Jackeagle @electrikjesus @rfwaterspf1 @Makaveli_da_dev @ElfinJNoty @BitOBSessiOn @customworx
@nilac @sixohtew @aclegg2011 @Roger.T @T.M.Wrath @kanttii @rev3nt3ch @techfreak243 @SuperDroidBond @USA_RedDragon @bcrichster
@deadmanxXD @krittin98 @BlackScorpion @techexhibeo @droidbot @siphonay @pacer456 @nitin1438 @theGeekyLad @kunalshah912 @regalstreak @lordarcadius
A huge thanks to Chainfire, CM/LineageOS, Android-x86, Jide, @farmerbb & all the other developers who work hard to keep all the great features coming!
We really appreciate all your knowledge & hard work!

Team Bliss aims to develop and maintain various OS & software projects for educational and the Android community building purposes. Team membership consist of and provides:
training, development opportunities, design opportunities, build servers, download servers, design & development software,as well as professionals and mentors in all fields revolving around Android development.​
If someone wants to donate, please do so via this PayPal link:

PayPal Link

We receive a small donation each time you make a purchase with “Amazon Smile”:

Very Important Information
Team Bliss will allow some minor off-topic comments in our development threads. Please post in the general forums for off-topic comments and/or questions. Overall, please keep comments relevant to development, as this better helps you and our teamwhen trying to determine problems that users are having. We appreciate all levels of knowledge in our threads, and therefore we ask that the seasoned members be helpful to those with less knowledge. Most importantly, do NOT troll those with less knowledge than yourself.
Should you feel inclined to not abide by our request, the XDA Moderators may be called in to remove posts. We thank you for adhering to our thread rules.


Telegram Communities

Official Platform Links

Thank you for using Bliss! And as always: #StayBlissful

XDA:DevDB Information
[ROM] [OFFICIAL] BlissRoms v11.9[8/11/19], ROM for the OnePlus 7 Pro

ROM OS Version: 10.0 Q
ROM Kernel: Linux 4.x

Version Information
Status: Official
Current Stable Version: 12

Created 2019-08-10
Last Updated 2020-08-07
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Feb 25, 2012
Do we have a full features and setting List for this ROM like on the HavocOS thread? I'd love to try new roms, but I like to see All of the features first :) maybe I'm just missing it


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Jun 1, 2017

Hi, I hope someone can check whether the 90 Hz are available! Which camera is preinstalled? And how is the speaker sound?
Would be nice if someone could test! Thank you


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Jun 23, 2011
Hi, I hope someone can check whether the 90 Hz are available! Which camera is preinstalled? And how is the speaker sound?
Would be nice if someone could test! Thank you
90 HZ is available under OnePlus Settings > Display Modes. Speakers sound great! OnePlus camera is preinstalled. It did FC for me a few times, but if you long press on it and select which option you would like, it works :)
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