[ROM][OFFICIAL][R] LineageOS 18.1 for Xiaomi Redmi Note 5 Pro [whyred]

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May 31, 2019
Thanks for the upgrade bros! I just installed los18.1 and receive notifications from emails and messaging apps after 10+minutes. Is there a fix for this? I already disabled their optimization
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Ok, I dirty flashed the new 18.1 whyred LOS image and mindthegapps arm64 too trough TWRP, cleared cache and dalvik, rebooted and everything went fine. But:

1. Funny, I can't see anymore "Unlocked device" in the very first mi.com screen at boot.

2. Have to reinstall #Magisk, but can't backup without root with Migrate-GPE... is Magisk install going to wipe my data?

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Aug 22, 2013
Ok, I dirty fleshed the new 18.1 whyred LOS image and mindthe gapps arm64 too trough TWRP, leared cache and dalvik, rebooted and everything went fine. But:

1. Funny, I can't see anymore "Unlocked device" in the very first mi.com screen at boot.

2. Have to reinstall #Magisk, but can't backup without root with Migrate-GPE... is Magisk install going to wipe my data?

Hello. which gapps have you used? opengapps beta, or nikgapps?


Jun 24, 2018
Dirty flash worked however Signature spoofing is no longer working for me using the old patches (e.g. NanoDroid patcher). Has anybody got signature spoofing to work?


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Apr 13, 2021
I need some help to install Lineage on my whyred. My phone's bootloader is already unlocked.

I don't have much experience on installing custom roms. So a detailed installation guide(like a video or something) will be very much hellpful.


Aug 24, 2011
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After one day with the first build of official LOS18.1...
  • UI is very smooth
  • Battery life is incredible, atm more than with crdroid
  • Global feel is really good.
Only 2 annoying things :
  • Wi-Fi cast seems to not work (like other Android 11 roms, I hope it will be solved)
  • Amazon apps force close (store, prime, music...). No problem with many other apps, I really don't know how to solve it ?!?
Good job for our phones, thanks.
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Aug 15, 2020
Upgraded to 18.1 with the official Recovery provided by LineageOS itself ( Dirty Flash ) then flashed back to the TWRP Recovery. So far it seems to be working fine.

Tip: if you are having issues flashing the TWRP Recovery in fastboot mode, execute the command first and then plug the device. At least that's how it works for me. 🙂


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Aug 22, 2013
Upgraded to 18.1 with the official Recovery provided by LineageOS itself ( Dirty Flash ) then flashed back to the TWRP Recovery. So far it seems to be working fine.

Tip: if you are having issues flashing the TWRP Recovery in fastboot mode, execute the command first and then plug the device. At least that's how it works for me. 🙂
wifi work?

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    Updated thread for 18.1 🎉
    are we getting lineageos 18.1?
    Good news. Whyred has been promoted to 18.1 yesterday :)
    Along those lines, is anyone going to create new thread for the Official 18.1?
    Flashed the 18.1 update over 17.1 (dirty flash). Went smooth. Thanks devs and maintainers! Guys if dirty flashing the 18.1 update then remember to flash Android 11 GApps also just after you flash the ROM's zip.
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    * Your warranty is now void.
    * I am not responsible for bricked devices, dead SD cards,
    * thermonuclear war, or you getting fired because the alarm app failed. Please
    * do some research if you have any concerns about features included in this ROM
    * before flashing it! YOU are choosing to make these modifications, and if
    * you point the finger at me for messing up your device, I will laugh at you.

    LineageOS is a free, community built, aftermarket firmware distribution of Android 11, which is designed to increase performance and reliability over stock Android for your device.

    LineageOS is based on the Android Open Source Project with extra contributions from many people within the Android community. It can be used without any need to have any Google application installed. Linked below is a package that has come from another Android project that restore the Google parts. LineageOS does still include various hardware-specific code, which is also slowly being open-sourced anyway.

    All the source code for LineageOS is available in the LineageOS Github repo. And if you would like to contribute to LineageOS, please visit out Gerrit Code Review. You can also view the Changelog for a full list of changes & features.


    - srfarias
    - SebaUbuntu

    Installation instructions
    - Here
    - If you want to flash this from unofficial LineageOS or any other ROM, you must do a clean flash

    Device info
    - Here

    - Official weekly builds
    - GApps aren't included

    - Xiaomi SDM660 common device tree
    - Xiaomi Redmi Note 5 Pro device tree
    - Xiaomi SDM660 kernel sources
    - Xiaomi vendor blobs

    How to report a bug
    - Please head over to LineageOS issues page in GitLab and create a report here
    To clarify:
    It was not a device-side issue, nor a ROM side issue, it's actually a build server isssue
    If someone want an accurate explanation, ask me
    If you don't, just wait the next build
    Updated thread for 18.1 🎉
    Re: SoterService & Qualcomm Location

    1. SoterService

    SoterService [...] helps chinese users with secure payments (e.g. WeChat)
    So for starters it certainly isn't useful to anybody outside China. As for users in China (not Chinese users, there's a difference), official LOS isn't really suitable for them anyway without further patching (at least fallback DNS, SUPL, captive portal and connectivity test URLs should be changed, Chinese-specific fonts and IME also aren't included). In practice not many people there are going to install a custom ROM on a device like this and if they do, it's most likely going to be something locally-brewed like Moqu. Thus, "helping users in China" (not "Chinese," since Chinese people all over the world by and large don't and in fact usually can't use Weixin either unless they happen to be in China) is not a realistic consideration. And as you can see it's also not as if not having this preinstalled would be an extra burden to any user in China.

    This APK was not included in official LOS 15.1. I don't even recall it being a part of MIUI Global ROM for this device. Those lucky few who have the use for it (if anybody at all) will know how to install it, just like everybody else installs all kinds of other stuff on top of LOS. However, Lineage OS defines itself as a "free [as in 'libre'] and open-source operating system," and incorporating proprietary, third-party blobs of dubious benefit to the user is hardly in line with the project's objectives.

    https://www.github.com/Tencent/soter/wiki [link edited to remove Google Translate]
    Please read this and check why we need it.
    I read it, again (I first did when I was looking up this APK before even writing anything in this thread) and all the more I don't see any reason why it should be included. On the contrary, it's specific to China and only compatible with some of the devices launched in that market. Why would it be so indispensable that it just has to be part of the official LOS build for this device? (If you were referring to some specific statement in what's written there, feel free to quote it, and I will look at it again.)

    For the record, I never said it was spyware, just a leftover that serves no purpose. But device security can be compromised in a number ways, for example through an exploitable bug in the APK. We all know the whole vendor blob for this device is completely outdated. The less is kept of it in its original form, the better. If something can be safely removed without impact, this should be the default action to take.

    This blobs and apps are in stock ROMs, so, to not break something, we leave them in place.
    The whole point of having a custom ROM is to be able to critically pick and choose what should be in it from the usability perspective. Obviously this involves informed experimentation and something can occasionally break, so what? Reading something like this here makes me want to scroll back to the top of the page to check if this is still "XDA Developers."

    Vendor blobs are not sacred. Xiaomi's in particular are usually rather bad. For instance, previous vendor blobs for this device enabled Wi-Fi diagnostics by default, needlessly spamming the logs and draining battery. Should this have been kept too?

    2. Qualcomm Location

    Again, this is a system component
    What is that even supposed to mean? By definition it's a user-space application, so it's a "system component" as much as Candy Crush is in Windows.

    as you said, can help in specific scenarios
    I wanted to save everybody the boring details. In practice I doubt it makes any difference. It's supposed to work by querying the location from nearby Wi-Fi access points but only those with supported SoCs in them (so QCA-only I believe), and then again only those that were configured to provide it.

    The benefit is supposedly better location indoors, so it could be life-saving if you get lost in a shopping mall but 99.9% of the time when you need precise location is when you are outside and not near any particular Wi-Fi access points.

    The idea behind it is not unsound and it could indeed save battery life if GPS doesn't have to run in such situations (and if it really is indoors then it wouldn't work anyway) but the bigger point is that Google (and others) have already been doing the same for years and are better at it. So if you install Google Apps you are already getting all of this functionality anyway.

    You can't blame Qualcomm for trying even though they're late to the game but essentially it's about duplicating what already works just was "not invented here." Your location won't get any more precise than what Google already provides, all it accomplishes is Qualcomm being able to use your battery time and data allowance to seed their own database so as to compete with the incumbent.

    with MIUI you can't disable this stuff so that's an improvement
    Actually, here you can't disable it either: given how it's set up, there is no setting for it anywhere in the UI, it just runs all the time in the background. I think it'll also interfere if you wanted to use mock location.

    So even if Qualcomm location were to stay by default, there should be a toggle for it, or at the very least the framework overlay settings should be restored to their defaults because now it's effectively impossible to use any other location provider: it's either Qualcomm or nothing.

    Since LOS does not include a complete location solution (people will install Google Apps, MicroG, or perhaps something else), arguably it shouldn't force a partial one on the user either. To be brutally honest, I thought these settings were left like that by mistake, couldn't imagine anyone defending them but here we are. (Feel free to also check out the discussion I linked to in my previous post, and the commit where it was removed for beryllium - Xiaomi Pocophone F1.)


    I appreciate your effort in building this ROM and making it official. I understand the way you responded must be due to the impression that I attacked or criticized your work. This was not my intention.

    I'm not saying anybody should do anything, I'm just sharing what I did. Hopefully it can help others one way or another. And if I'm wrong about something I'll be the first to admit it, after all I'm here to learn.

    In the end it's your work and your decisions, you'll do as you wish. But there is a valid argument for the majority of the users and readers of this thread not to have these included in the official LOS build, which is why I wrote about it.

    Agree or disagree, either way it's really not necessary to make any of this personal.
    you are scared
    go completely offline and buy a Nokia 3310
    Don't be racist and don't apply stereotypes, not all chinese app spy on you
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