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Wajdi Muhtadi

Senior Member
Sep 29, 2016
is this new version will solve my no sim service issue in nexus 6? i am already using pixel experience and installed all required apps so to flash this new version i have to delete everything and install it from scratch

I am making a new build today witnh new vendor files
If lineage has sim working the new build also should have sim working


Senior Member
Sep 18, 2014
I upgraded from Shamu (battery life got too bad; random shutdowns at 60% because of sudden changes in voltage) but I'll keep using the little fellow for testing builds and other stuff. Shamu is still a respectable device three years after release!

I'll report on the new build first thing tomorrow morning.


Senior Member
Oct 20, 2009
Central Florida
I've noticed on non-neo RR that expanded desktop causes UI crash that makes screen not turn on after sleep, I've turned off expanded and ta-dar no more crashing. I think the only problems I have are that, no nfc, and can't watch "Google play movie and TV" shows. Otherwise buttery smooth, I'm thinking I'll switch from lineage is to this from now on. If those problem get fixed.

Hi Guys. Also something new-ish that's cropped up....I seem to be getting the black screen of death. I did search the forum, and see that earlier someone had also mentioned this issue in about February. They had also mentioned that they were running substratum, so I'm wondering if it could be that. Who else here is running substratum, and have you experienced Black Screen of Death?

Try the last release I put out and see about expanded desktop. Also, I have nfc working and Netflix/Google play stuff can be played on my rom since the new drm blobs were added (you still will need to delete a lib file in order to resolve the playback - liboemcrypto.so needs to be deleted from vendor/lib).

I think I actually got to the bottom of this bug. I don't know how many other people it affects, it might be just Oreo, but I was running the second-to-last build of Neo's Oreo for over a year using expanded desktop with no problem, but when I updated to the final build of Neo's Oreo, I started getting this constant "sleep of death" behavior. What we know is happening is the phone wakes up but the screen doesn't turn on.

Anyway, in order to stop the sleep of death crashes (at least in Oreo), you have to disable the navigation bar BEFORE turning on expanded desktop. I know it sounds strange, but I've repeated this fix and this definitely solves the crashes (for me). I hope this helps somebody, it took me quite some time to figure out the pattern.

I know a lot of people are running Pie now but I've had to stick with Oreo because I use the phone for work and I have to minimize my risk of suffering from developmental bugs.
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Senior Member
Dec 9, 2015
Flashed the latest build (Oct-1), this ROM is very stable and RAM management is very good! Thank you @Wajdi Muhtadi for the excellent RR custom ROM!

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Flashed the latest build (Oct-1), this ROM is very stable and RAM management is very good! Thank you @Wajdi Muhtadi for the excellent RR custom ROM!

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    Shamu Update!

    After 3 months, here's an update for you Shamu guys :)

    Boot and runs smooth. I threw all my Neofication into it and uploaded it.

    Angler is building now and should be available in a couple hours.


    * * * SHAMU ONLY * * *
    MD5: 940e1b3394474e4e4bfe5e6876bc9e10
    DOWNLOAD: https://www.androidfilehost.com/?fid=962339331458997870
    For those of you flashing X, know that it's minimalist. It does not have a camera so you will need to flash gapps that contain one. The gapps package I recommended was linked up a few posts back.

    RR to come tomorrow for both shamu and angler. Both will be off the latest 8.1 _r23 revision.
    Shamu Neo Variant

    The Neo Variant for Shamu is here!

    I set encryption to encryptable in the device tree, but there is no way for me to see since my device is already encrypted. Let me know.

    Neo Variant for Angler to come tomorrow around this time.

    MD5: c1dfdff5c1524caa64ced927bf1dc1f9
    Download: https://www.androidfilehost.com/?fid=818070582850492839
    So I ran into some complications yesterday while trying to get all projects wrapped up, and was unable to do so. I'm actually afk today as I accompanied my son on a school trip to the zoo, and with it being the weekend, I will not be providing any builds until sometime Monday when I return. This next release will be a pretty nice update and hopefully, more stable.

    Thanks guys and have s great weekend.

    Sent from my Nexus 6 using Tapatalk

    Resurrection Remix Q


    * Your warranty is now void.
    * I am not responsible for bricked devices, dead SD cards,
    * thermonuclear war, or you getting fired because the alarm app failed. Please
    * do some research if you have any concerns about features included in this ROM
    * before flashing it! YOU are choosing to make these modifications, and if
    * you point the finger at me for messing up your device, I will laugh at you.


    Resurrection Remix the ROM has been based on LineageOS, SlimRoms, Omni and original Remix ROM builds, this creates an awesome
    combination of performance, customization, power and the most new features, brought directly to your Device.

    Many things that in previous versions were tweaked with mods, are now included by default in the ROM so, please enjoy!
    Special thanks to, the LineageOS team, Omni team , SlimRoms and of course to all the supporters.


    Make sure you have a custom recovery installed(TWRP is the preferred recovery)
    Download the latest Resurrection Remix Rom & the latest GApps package
    Boot into recovery
    Perform a FULL factory wipe and wipe/system and dalvik cache as a precaution
    Flash ResurrectionRemix Rom
    Flash Google Apps package(Optional)
    Flash Magisk Root(Optional)
    First boot may take up to 10 minutes.


    ROM Download


    Resurrection Remix Source
    Device Source
    Kernel Source
    Vendor Source


    Neo for his amazing work for shamu and RR
    XDA Developers
    LineageOs Team for device tree and kernel
    TheMuppets for vendor
    And Of Course To All The Supporters, Donators And Users
    If You Would like to Support Me Please Donate To This Link



    If you have a major bug to report that has not been reported already, please take the following steps to report it to us. It will save you, Team Resurrection Remix and me quite some time.

    Download the Catlog app from the Play Store.
    There is also a donate version which you can purchase to show appreciation.
    After downloading the Catlog app, go to the app settings, and change the log level to Debug.
    Clear all previous logs and take the exact steps to produce the error you are receiving. As soon as you receive the error (probably a force close), go straight into Catlog and stop the log recording.
    Copy and paste the entire log either to Hastebin or Pastebin
    Save the log, and copy and paste the link into the thread with a brief description of the error.
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