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Oct 1, 2019
Microphone muted in some apps but not during calls

Hey guys,
I updates my NitrogenOS to the latest version one week ago. It looks super cool, since my installed version to that date was almost a year old and had some bugs which did not really bother me enough.
As a few of you already noticed there seems to be an problem with the microphone. I am fading the same issue now. First of all: it is not too bad since it is still possible to call someone. I am not sure what the reason is but I can say that voice messages in apps like WhatsApp, Telegram and Instagram are kinds muted. But as I said: Phone calls are still working like a charm.

Hope this will be over in the next version. I am looking forward to it. And again: Thank you for providing such a great OS! ?


Prateek Punetha

Senior Member
Aug 11, 2018
New build is up guys, also guys I would like to inform you that this will the last build from my side, as my vince is dead and I have bought Poco X2 recently ( like 4 days ago ) so Yep thats it guys. I will be messaging one of the mods to close the thread now, Thanks for all the love, you all are my fams ????
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    Based on AOSP


    xyyx (Max) - main developer
    Prateek Punetha - vince bringup, some device specific features etc etc


    Download the ROM, GApps (Optional), Magisk (Optional)
    • Reboot to recovery
    • Wipe Data, System,Vendor and cache
    • Flash ROM , GApps (Optional), Magisk (Optional).
    • Reboot
    • Enjoy


    Rom: https://sourceforge.net/projects/nitrogen-project/files/vince/
    Recovery: https://sourceforge.net/projects/orangefox/files/vince/
    Open GApps: https://sourceforge.net/projects/opengapps/files/arm64/beta/
    Magisk: https://github.com/topjohnwu/magisk_files/blob/canary/magisk-release.zip

    Nitrogen Project

    XDA:DevDB Information
    [ROM][OFFICIAL][STABLE][10.0] NitrogenOS, ROM for the Xiaomi Redmi Note 5 / 5 Plus

    Prateek Punetha, xyyx, wight554

    Source code:

    ROM OS Version: Android 10
    ROM Kernel: Linux 4.x
    ROM Firmware Required: Latest
    Based On: AOSP

    Version Information
    Status: Stable
    Stable Release Date: 2020-09-16

    Created 2019-09-24
    Last Updated 2020-09-16
    Changelog 16 September 2020

    • Merged September Security Patches
    • Minor Nos Upstream Changes
    • Build with latest Genom kernel
    • Other Fixes and Improvements

    Changelog 6 August 2020

    • Merged August Security Patches
    • Add feature IMS/VoLTE icon on status bar
    • Build with latest Genom Kernel
    • Other Fixes and Improvements

    Changelog 7 July 2020

    • Merged July Security Patches
    • Build with latest Genom Kernel
    • Other Fixes and Improvements

    Changelog 4 June 2020

    • Merged June Security Patches
    • Build with latest Genom Kernel
    • Other Fixes and Improvements

    Changelog 28 May 2020

    • Switch to device/qcom/sepolicy-legacy-um policy
    • Build with latest Genom Kernel
    • Nos Upstream Changes
    • Other Fixes and Improvements

    Changelog 10 May 2020

    • Merged May Security Patch
    • Nos Upstream Changes
    • Other Fixes and Improvements

    Changelog 22 April 2020

    • Set Rounded corner radius to 22
    ( as the corners were too much round, specially noticable on those devices with white colour so decreased little bit. )
    • Build with latest Genom Kernel
    • Added dotted circle battery style
    • Bring back good old circle battery style
    • Other Fixes and Improvements

    Changelog 10 April 2020

    • Merged April Security Patches
    • Port face unlock feature
    • Bypass Safetynet
    • Build With Latest Genom Kernel
    • Increased Rounded Corner Content Padding & Radius
    • Other Fixes and Improvements

    Changelog 27 March 2020

    • Build with latest Genom kernel
    • Add Screen Off Power Button Torch
    • Other Nos Upstream Changes
    • Other Fixes and Improvements

    Changelog 20 March 2020

    • Disable Camera2Api by default
    • Hide OEM unlock by default in Developer Settings ( The "OEM unlocking" toogle should not be visible on any device running Aosp or Lineage based custom Roms, for obvious reasons. Allow it only to show up for Google devices, such as Pixel, that set
    ro.oem_unlock_supported=1. )
    • RingtoneManager: Don't crash if the ringtone doesn't have a numerical ID
    • PhoneWindowManager: Allow torch during ambient
    • Update qti-telephony-common from DRG
    • Nos Upstream Changes
    • Other Fixes and Improvements

    Changelog 8 March 2020

    • Merged March Security Patches
    • Add option to disable auto brightness icon in brightness slider
    • Add simple iconpack support in launcher
    • Add Simplified Chinese translation
    • Updates to various icons
    • Add a new screenrecord icon for statusbar
    • Fix dull AOSP accents with dark theme
    • Screenrecord: use H264 codec for low quality
    • Correctly display notification title for screenrecord
    • Implement better partial screenshot
    • Built with latest Darky Ages Kernel
    • Other Fixes and Improvements

    Changelog 15 February 2020

    • OTA: Fix Prop
    • Built with latest Darky Ages Kernel
    • Nos Upstream Changes
    • Other Fixes and Improvements

    Changelog 4 February 2020

    • Merged February Security Patch
    • Add "Built-In (Back) Mic" to "primary input" sink
    • Use AOSP SurfaceFlinger
    • Nos Upstream Changes
    • Other Fixes and Improvements

    Changelog 31 January 2020

    • Added OTA support
    • Update Framework Config overlay
    • Update Graphics & Media Blobs
    • Build with latest Darky Ages Decimo Kernel
    • Increase ZRAM Size to 1GB
    • Other Fixes and Improvements

    Changelog 14 January 2020

    • Update CarrierConfig overlay from LA.UM.8.6.r1-02900-89xx.0 ( So basically now Volte in Airtel && Vodafone SIM works )
    • Nos Upstream Changes
    • Other Fixes and Improvements

    Changelog 08 January 2020

    • Merged January Security Patches
    • Fix overlaying max notification icons after r20
    • Stop hiding LTE+
    • Avoid casting network traffic to StatusBarIconView to prevent crash
    • Other Fixes and Improvements

    Changelog 22 December 2019

    • Update WFD blobs from LA.UM.8.6.r1-01900-89xx.0 ( So basically now wireless display/cast/mirror cast works )
    • Add aptX blobs from crosshatch QP1A.190711.020
    • Other Fixes and Improvements

    Changelog 21 December 2019

    • Fix black screen for pulse and AOD
    • Allow to disable lockscreen media artwork
    • Other Fixes and Improvements

    Changelog 12 December 2019

    • Merged December Security Patches
    • Nos Upstream Changes
    • Other Fixes and Improvements

    Changelog 26 November 2019

    • Upstreamed kernel to 4.9.199
    • Fixed Hiding of Statusbar Clock
    • Fixed Double Tap to Wake on Ambient Display
    • Added Call Recorder
    • Added ScreenRecorder
    • Added Dark Mode in Dialer
    • Added Dark Mode in Message's
    • Allow to suppress notifications sound/vibration if screen is On
    • Added Option for Answering Call by pressing Volume keys
    • Other Fixes and Improvements

    Note: To Enable Call Record Go to Phone --> Settings --> Other Settings --> Auto Call Recording

    Changelog 6 November 2019

    • Merged November Security Patches
    • Nos upstream changes
    • Other Fixes and Improvements

    Changelog 23 October 2019

    • Show bluetooth battery level when available
    • Do not disconnect profile till bluetooth is off
    • Fix Bluetooth carkit position issue when music app is killed
    • Audio: Fix flac offload not working
    • Audio: Extend platform parser to allow device name alliasing
    • Other fixes and improvements

    Changelog 13 October 2019

    • Add Support for exfat & ntfs ( should work fine now )
    • Nos upstream changes
    • Other Fixes and Improvements

    Changelog 10 October 2019

    • Merged October Security Patches
    • Fixed Double tap to wake
    • Fixed QS autobrightness icon tint
    • Fixed brightness slider animation on qs expand
    • Use OnePlus drawables for autobrightness icon
    • Added auto brightness toggle to Quick Settings
    • Added Double tap to sleep on lockscreen
    • Added Double tap to sleep on statusbar
    • Added Launcher 3
    • Added switch for vpn, data saver and roaming icons
    • Added tuner pref for qs brightness slider position
    • Correct colors for icons in "Search settings" for dark theme
    • SettingsProvider: cleanup leftover logspill
    • Quick statusbar tiles header: expand panel on longpress for details view
    • Other Fixes and Improvements

    Changelog 30 September 2019

    • Fixed Goodix Fingerprint, so basically now both goodix & fpc works )
    • Updated Keylayouts
    • Blacklist camera on goodix
    • Nos Upstream Changes
    • Other Fixes and Improvements

    Changelog 26 September 2019

    • Fixed Fpc fingerpint
    • Fixed Bluetooth Audio
    • Fixed Internal Problem Error on Boot
    • Enabled Camera2Api by default
    • Nos Upstream Changes
    • Other Fixes and Improvements

    Changelog 24 September 2019

    • September Security Patch
    • Increased In-call earpiece volume (will fix low voice during calls)
    • Used 4G icon instead Of LTE
    • Increased corner content padding
    • Set default hotspot name
    • Show DocumentsUI internal storage by default
    • Enabled clearkey drm plugin v1.2 (fixes lag issues in drm apps like chrome)
    • Other fixes and improvements
    By the way new build is Up Guys )
    Because people won't get it any section. All Roms are full of bugs and will be.

    The reason why devs are telling you, no bugs cause they just hit up the home screen without any modifications.

    Lineage os, aosp. No official drivers, no official stuff anyway.

    They don't optimize kernels expect havoc rom, but this guy is also arrogant.

    We're having the baddest phone for xda.

    In many cases we loose root, random freezes, bootloops, lot of of fcs and error.

    They are just taking bases and implementing regular stuff.
    I can understand your frustration though I think it's possibly misplaced.

    Xiaomi are the reason for most, if not all, the issues afflicting custom ROM users. It was the same story on the last Xiaomi device I owned - they don't keep sources that developers rely on up-to-date.

    Vince hasn't had the smoothest ride when it comes to bugs - even as I type this my touchpanel goes unresponsive here and there. But it's the same in MIUI. Xiaomi have pretty much orphaned the Redmi 5 Plus. Updates were repeatedly stopped and eventually dried up completely. They never fixed the issues with this device. If they'd taken the time to fix them and release the fixed code to developers, the story might be different.

    With that said, the few developers here on XDA have worked to make Vince usable as best they can with the expertise they have and the time they have. Vince isn't as popular as the mainline note series or a Snapdragon-based flagship. There's less owners and likely less devs than in the sub-forums for other devices.

    They also work on these ROMs as a hobby in their free time, for free (with likely very few donations). They're not accountable in the same way Xiaomi is - their developers are paid a salary and it's much fairer to expect a working product from them and complain when that isn't delivered.

    Now back to bugs - for the most part Vince is in good working order. Camera issues have been around for a while and that's entirely down to Xiaomi not releasing fixed drivers. There's a few other known issues highlighted in the thread - but for the most part, things work.

    Then there's "bugs"; I use quotations because there's too many users not following best practices when flashing ROMs. A lot of issues encountered just cannot be replicated on a clean installation of most ROMs. The amount of users who don't understand how to push a stock image is worrying - but also OK in that this is a community and we should be open for all levels of expertise.

    You mentioned developers hit the home-screen without any modifications. But the issue here is that when you combine other code from other projects things can go wrong. V4A for example is outdated and just wasn't made to run on Q. It's been repeatedly ported forward using hacks and whatever can be done to just get it working. The same can be said of many projects which are still barely getting things right so shortly after Pie. It's not a ROM dev's responsibility to make sure anything else (such as a custom kernel or a random Frankenstein vendor image) works unless their code is implicated.

    On a final note it's worth taking the time to understand that ROMs might not be so easily compiled as you might think - that is, I don't think they're simply 'taking a base' and applying regular stuff.

    I tried myself and it's not straight-forward or easy to understand; if it was we'd have every other user doing it. Once you start trying to figure out what everything means within the Android documentation for compiling ROMs you'll find you're in way over your head and a bit frazzled.

    That doesn't mean devs should be revered as the all-knowing gods of custom ROMs (no one is better than anyone here) but they do deserve your gratitude. Things like "this is broken/fix it now" would probably get you grizzly after hours of working on and testing out a new nightly.