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Jan 27, 2019
Is stable the last version for daily use?
Which type of gapps do you recommend to install?
Personally i love pixel Gapps, but don't now if it is working on this rom.

Thanks in advance for the patience.


Oct 12, 2019
How to disable the default on screen navigation panel to get the normal one? This is kinda annoying and is getting in my way while using normal day to day apps .


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Oct 12, 2019
How to disable the default on screen navigation panel to get the normal one? This is kinda annoying and is getting in my way while using normal day to day apps .

Guys? I could use some help over here. The navigation panel gets on top of the app. What do I do to fix it. Can't attach any image, please see my post from the previous page where I have attached an image.
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Jun 25, 2018
since flashing the rom i cant make phone calls and status bar keeps saying invalid card, before flashing the rom everything works fine, is this problem from the rom or what

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    Havoc-OS 2.x is based on AOSP, inspired by Google Pixel.
    Has a refined Material Design 2 UI by @SKULSHADY.
    So many features that you probably won't find in any ROM.
    All you can dream of and all you'll ever need.
    Just flash and enjoy...


    MD2 UI
    Rounded UI
    Enhanced QS Battery Estimation
    Seekbars for Media Notifications
    QS Panel Inspired by OOS
    Pixel Lockscreen weather
    Substratum Support
    Compiled using SDCLANG
    OTA Support
    Signature Spoofing
    Micro-G support
    Lockscreen charging animation
    In-built Oneplus Camera & Gallery(Oneplus Device only)
    [SIZE="3"][B][U]Status Bar:[/B][/U][/SIZE]
    Double tap to sleep
    Statusbar brightness slide
    Quick & Smart pulldown
    Clock Settings
    Date Settings
    Battery Customization
    Battery Bar
    Network Traffic Indicator
    Carrier Label Customization
    Status Bar Icons Toggle
    Notifications Count
    Bluetooth Battery Status
    VoLTE Icon Toggle
    Old Mobile Type Icon style
    4G/LTE icon switch
    Data Disable Icon Toggle
    Breathing Notifications
    [SIZE="3"][B][U]Quick Settings:[/B][/U][/SIZE]
    Layout customization
    Brightness Slider Customization
      Brightness Slider On Bottom
      Auto Brightness Icon
      Auto Brightness Icon on Right
      Brightness Control Buttons
    QS Elements Customization
      Tile Tittle
      Vibrate On Touch
      Information Header
    QS Footer Customization
      VPN Warning
      Settings Icon
      Running Services Icon
      Edit Icon
      User Switcher Icon
      UI Style (Pixel/AOSP)
      Background Color (Automatic/Light/Dark/Shady/Glassy)
      Accent Color
      Font Manager
      App Icon Shape (Default/Square/Rounded Square/Squircle/Circle/Teardrop/Hexagon)
    QS Themes
      QS Color based on Wallpaper
      QS Color based on Accent
      Custom QS Panel color 
      QS Panel Opacity
      QS Header Style (Black/Grey/Light Grey/Accent Based/Transparent)
      Custom QS Header Image
      QS Tile Style (Wavey/Cookie/Teardrop and 15+ More)
    Settings Customisation
      Switch Appearance (OnePlus/Material Design 2)
      Dashboard Icons (Round/Oreo/Round Accented/Round OnePlus Style/Oreo Style Accented)
      Dashboard Conditions
      Dashboard Suggestions
    [SIZE="3"][B][U]Ambient Display:[/B][/U][/SIZE]
    Ambient Options
      Always On
      Always On When Charging
      Wakeup On New Notifications
      Sensor Based Screen Wakeup (Tilt/Hand Wave/Pocket)
    Battery Level at Botton while Dozing
    Music Ticker
    Smart Pixel
    Screen Stabilization
    Corner Customisation
      Rounded Corner Radius
      Corner Content Padding
      Satus Bar Padding
    Volume Rockers
      Volume Panel On Left
      Volume Dialog Timeout
      Volume Steps
      Keyboard Cursor Control
      Swap Keys
      Control Ring Volume
      Control Music Volume
      Volume Rocker Wakeup
      Volume keys Answer Call
    Power Button
      Power Menu Customization
      End Call
      Screen off power button torch
    Hardware keys
      Disable Keys
      Swap Keys
      Backlight Brightness
      Backlight Timeout
      Backlight On Touch
      Accidental Touch Protection
    Back/Home/Overview Button Customisation
      Single Tap Action
      Long Press Action
      Double Tap Action
      Home Button Use While Ringing Toggle
    [SIZE="3"][B][U]Navigation bar:[/B][/U][/SIZE]
    Navigation Mode (Fling/SmartBar/Default)
    Stock Navigation Bar Customisation
      Pixel Animation
      One-Handed Mode
      Layout Customisation
    Smart Bar Customisation
    Fling Customisation
    Pulse Customisation
    Height Customisation (Potrait/Landscape)
    System Gestures
      Jump to Camera
      Long Press to Activate Torch
      Swipe Up on Home Button
      Full Gesture Mode
      Double Tap on NavBar to Sleep
      Prevent Ringing
    Swipe to Screenshot
    Swipe Gestures
    OnePlus Gestures
    Edge Gestures
    Pie Control
    Double Tap to Sleep
    Media Cover Art
    Media Cover Art Filter (Blur/Greyscale/Accent tinted/Greyscale and Blurred)
    Music Visualiser
    Clock Widget Customisation
    Info Widget Customisation
    Weather Temperature Unit (Celsius/Fahrenheit)
      FP Authentication Vibration
      Force FP Authentication
      LS Dismissal On Face Unlock
      Pocket Detection
      Allow FP in Pocket
    Elements Customisation
      Quick Settings
      Satus Bar
      Multiuser Switch
      Status Text
      Charging Info
      Left/Right Shortcuts
      Lock Icon
      Mid-Screen Shortcuts
      Bottom Shortucts
      Pin Ripple
      Scramble Layout
      Quick Unlock
      Auto Lock
      Power Button Instantly Locks
      Direct Unlock
      Lockscreen Message
    Recents style (Quickstep/Oreo/Grid/Android Go/Slim)
    Oreo Recents Customization
      Clear All Button
      Clear All Button Location
      Button Style
      Memory Bar
      Custom Styles
      Icon Pack
      Apps Blacklist
      Immersive Mode (Full Screen/Status Bar/Navigation Bar -- Clock/Date)
    Slim Recents Customisation
    Lights Customization
      Charging Light
      Notification Light
      Blink Flashlight on Call
    Status Bar
      Heads Up Customisation
      Ticker Customisation
    Disable/Enable FC Notifications
    Immersive Mode Messages
    Toast Icon
    Force Expanded Notifications
    Kill App Button
    Noisy Notifications
    In-Call Vibration
      On Connect
      On Disconnect
      On Call Waiting
      For Notifications
    Disable animation
    Animation Duration
    Animation customization
    List view animation
    QS tile animation
    Power menu animation
    Screen off animation
    Toast animation
    Signature Spoofing
    CPU info
    Privacy Guard
    Burn-in protection
    [SIZE="3"][B][U]Input Method:[/B][/U][/SIZE]
    Selector notification
    Auto keyboard rotation
    Auto-Rotate Timeout
    Disable Full Screen Keyboard
    Show enter key
    [SIZE="3"][B][U]Battery Saving:[/B][/U][/SIZE]
    Sensor block per-package
    Alarm Blocker
    Wakelock Blocker
    Suspended Actions
    Doze settings
    Aggresive Battery
      Aggresive Idle
      Aggresive Standby
      Auto-enable on Battery saver mode
    View CPU Frequency Stats
    MediaScanner behaviour on boot
    Scrolling Cache
    USB Configuration
    Wake Up on Charge
    Launch Music App
    Screen Capture
      Screenrecord Shortcut
      Screenrecord Quality
      Screenshot Shortcut
      Screenshot Type (Full/Partial)
    [SIZE="3"][B][U]Other Features:[/B][/U][/SIZE]
    On-the-go mode 
    Prevent Accidental wake-up
    Seperate ringtone for SIM1&2
    Battery Charge Warning
    Smart Charge
    Advanced Battery Info
    [SIZE="3"][B][U]QS Tile Shortcuts:[/B][/U][/SIZE]
      Heads Up tile
      Caffeine tile
      Ring mode tile
      CPU info tile
      Suspended action tile
      Smart pixel tile
      Ambient display tile
      AOD tile
      Screenrecord tile
      Stabilization tile
      Gaming Mode tile
      Screenshot tile
      Accidental touch tile
      Alarm/Calc/Phone/Camera/Music tiles
      Expanded Desktop tile
      Havoc settings tile
      HW key tile
      LTE tile
      Navbar tile
      On the go tile
      Pie control tile
      Reboot tile
      Sleep screen tile
      Accent picker tile
      Volume panel tile
      High Brightness tile
      Sound Search
      One Handed Mode Tile
      Compass Tile
      App Picker Tile



    If you like our work then please consider donating.
    PayPal: https://www.paypal.me/vhermann | https://www.paypal.me/ANUSHEK
    UPI: [email protected]



    1. Download the ROM, GApps (Optional), Magisk (Optional) from the links above.
    2. Wipe System, Data, Dalvik, Cache.
    3. Flash the ROM, GApps (Optional), Magisk (Optional).
    4. Reboot and Enjoy.


    LineageOS (https://github.com/LineageOS)
    Crdroid (https://github.com/crdroidandroid)
    Pixel Experience (https://github.com/PixelExperience)
    Nitrogen Project (https://github.com/nitrogen-project)
    Omnirom (https://github.com/omnirom)
    MSM-Xtended Team (https://github.com/Project-Xtended)
    Skydragon (https://gitlab.com/HolyDragonProject)
    Syberia Project (https://github.com/syberia-project)
    And all the other Developers, Testers, Donators and Users.


    XDA:DevDB Information
    HavocOS, ROM for the Xiaomi Redmi Note 5 / 5 Plus

    blacksuan19, ZeNiXxX, SKULSHADY, Rama
    Source Code: https://github.com/Blacksuan19/android_kernel_dark_ages

    ROM OS Version: 9.x Pie
    ROM Kernel: Linux 4.x
    ROM Firmware Required: Latest

    Version Information
    Status: Stable
    Current Stable Version: 2.7
    Stable Release Date: 2019-10-04

    Created 2018-06-22
    Last Updated 2019-11-02
    Changelog 02/10

    * fix device reboot issues
    * fix random freezes, lags
    * ship with dark Ages Decimo
    * add wifi and signal Q icons
    * other havoc changes

    Changelog 11/09

    • Merged September security patch
    • Added New Recorder app with audio support
    • Added Lockscreen Date styles
    • Added OP gestures haptic feedback toggle
    • Added Circle battery style from PA
    • Added Default data SIM switcher in CellularTile
    • Added edit action on screenshot notification
    • Improved Media seekbar in notification
    • Other fixes and improvements

    Changelog 26/08

    • Increase Zram size to 1GB
    • Add AOSPA battery style
    • Added Extended screenshot function
    • Added new implementation for In-display fingerprint sensors
    • Added hotspot setting to allow VPN upstreams
    • Added support for internal audio recording
    • Added mapping files for DualShock3 and DualShock4
    • Added keylayout for Xbox One USB controller
    • Improved Battery estimates toggle
    • Improved LiveDisplay
    • Fixed constant FC on certain devices
    • Fixed NotificationColorUtil logspam
    • Fixed wrong data usage in QS tile
    • Fixed wrong locale causing reboot in recovery
    • Other fixes and improvements

    Changelog 09/08

    • Merged August Security Patch
    • Added ability to restrict app vpn usage
    • Added translations for Text Clock
    • Enabled OP gestures on keyguard
    • Improved Dynamic gaming mode
    • Updated prebuilt apps
    • Other fixes and improvements

    Changelog 26/07

    • Added Gesture Anywhere
    • Added NFC Sounds
    • Added translations for Text Clock
    • Changed Text Clock color to Wallpaper based
    • Improved Battery Estimates
    • Improved Pocket Lock
    • Improved App info
    • Improved Sound settings
    • Fixed PiP for Multi-user
    • Removed QS tile overlays from app list
    • Updated Lawnchair to alpha-2338
    • Other fixes and improvements

    Changelog 18/07

    • fix smart charging
    • Upstream kernel too 4.9.185
    • Added Gaming mode QS tile
    • Improved Gaming mode
    • Improved OP gestures feedback duration
    • Improved Aggressive battery
    • Improved LiveDisplay
    • Improved Pocket lock
    • Fixed crash with some music players
    • Performance improvements
    • Other fixes and improvements

    Changelog 05/07

    • move battery estimate to QS top
    • add fingerprint boost driver to kernel
    • Merged July Security Patches
    • Improved Gaming mode
    • Improved Statusbar icon padding
    • Improved Smart charging
    • Removed Quick unlock
    • Updated Lawnchair to alpha-2238
    • Other fixes and improvements

    Changelog 18/06

    • build with latest Dark Ages kernel (without the profile)
    • little tree cleanup
    • update overlays for LED's and doze
    • Added Android Q activity animations
    • Added new QS tile styles
    • Added new Gaming mode
    • Improved Pocket mode
    • Improved LiveDisplay
    • Improved media notifications
    • Improved statusbar items layout
    • Improved navbar pixel animation
    • Changed battery stats reset level to 95%
    • Removed screenshot delay

    Changelog 18/06

    • Fix USB tethering
    • Upstream kernel to 4.9.182
    • Revert GPS blobs update
    • Move xiaomi doze inside display settings
    • Build live display hal
    • Fix goodix fingerprint acting as a button
    • Fix call hanging up doesn't work sometimes
    • Add new IMS apk (fixes incoming calls issue on volte)
    • Remove A/B stuff from tree

    Changelog 09/06


    • Switch to new 4.9 trees
    • Merged June security patches
    • Added an animation for charging
    • Added back Night Light
    • Added battery saving mode for location
    • Added toggle for lockscreen charging animation
    • Changed Android Q clock to Accent color
    • Updated Lawnchair to alpha-2081
    • Some more fixes/improvements
    • Added a toggle for charging animation
    • Added Battery temp in battery usage
    • Fixed analog clocks not refreshing in AOD
    • Improved Android Q clock related stuff
    • Some more fixes/improvements

    Changelog 24/05

    • cleanup device tree
    - cleanup useless flags
    • add some optimization flags
    • move battery estimates to QS top
    • Added Android Q like Settings searchbar
    • Added support for Pixel 3 live wallpapers on Ambient display
    • Added network traffic back to the statusbar for devices with notch
    • Added Lineage Touch HAL support
    • Added Via browser
    • Switched back to the old Music ticker
    • Improved Lockscreen visualizer
    • Improved QS edit layout
    • Improved Battery estimates switching
    • Disabled Battery estimates by default
    • Fixed SystemUI crash for some users
    • Fixed Smart charging for some devices
    • Fixed Aggressive battery auto mode
    • Optimized the size of statusbar icons on the right
    • Smart Charging compatibility improvements
    • Increased media art blur
    • Added more actions for HW keys/Navbar
    • Fixed SystemUI crash when Portugese is set as system language
    • Fixed disappearing Q clock
    • Fixed Amber accent color
    • Fixed Home button while ringing
    • Fixed Battery estimates showing in statusbar

    Changelog 18/05

    • Upstream kernel to .140
    • Fix FM Radio
    • little tree and vendor cleanup
    • Added Enhanced battery estimates in QS
    • Added bolt when charging for Text battery style
    • Added seekbar to media notification
    • Added accents from Android Q
    • Added outdoor mode in LiveDisplay tile
    • Moved Music ticker to KeyguardSlice like Android Q
    • Improved statusbar icons alignment
    • Improved Android Q clock
    • Fixed SystemUI crash with auto face unlock

    Changelog 11/05

    • merge .139 tags and CAF tags into kernel
    • Merged May security patches
    • Added LiveDisplay
    • Added Pocket Judge
    • Added Force fullscreen for apps (Thanks to @jhenrique09)
    • Added fingerprint support for OP6T
    • Added Lockscreen visualizer customizations
    • Added Android Q style battery icon
    • Added Reading mode QS tile
    • Added advanced location tile options
    • Improved QS detail view
    • Changed NFC icon
    • Removed proximity check on wake
    • Fixed Battery icon padding
    • Fixed In-call UI layout
    • Fixed three finger swipe for screenshot
    • Fixed statusbar icon animation
    • Added Smart charging
    • Improved FP in Pocket mode
    • Fixed notification lag
    • Fixed SystemUI crash when language is set to Spanish

    Changelog 27/04

    * fixed color inversion
    * fixed color correction
    * fixed nightlight
    * switch back to aosp FM implementation

    Changelog 26/04

    * fixed fingerprint acting as a button
    * updated kernel to latest
    * general rom upstream

    Changelog 18/04

    • Added Lava lamp for lockscreen visualizer
    • Added Dirac QS tile
    • Improved seekbars for some settings
    • Improved translations
    • Fixed crash on changing default phone app
    • Fixed Ambient visualizer glitches
    • Removed Custom visualizer color
    • Disabled boost framework for incompatible devices
    • Added Aggressive battery settings
    • Added deep sleep info to uptime
    • Added 2 more variants for Cover art filters
    • Added OnePlus Red accent color
    • Added Black Pearl theme color
    • Added Slim recents enter/exit animation
    • Added Statusbar logo customizations
    • Fixed Cover art blur for some music apps
    • Fixed screen unpinning with hw keys
    • Fixed old mobile type icons
    • Removed Browser temporarily
    • Imported translations from Crowdin
    • Merged April security patches
    • Added media cover art filters
    • Added long squeeze actions for Pixel
    • Added Browser
    • Improved gaming mode tile

    Changelog 27/03

    if you use swift installer make sure to uninstall all overlays before updating

    • add prop for better system performance
    • Ustream DA to .137
    • Added systemwide adaptive icon setting
    • Added mobile data tile icon from OOS
    • Fixed proximity sensor issues in Dialer
    • Fixed partial screenshot
    • Fixed music ticker on AOD
    • Fixed multiuser icon glitch in QS footer
    • Added QS panel inspired by OOS
    • Added Music ticker inspired by Android Q
    • Added back the dividers in settings
    • Added back Screen-off animation
    • Added toggle to hide wifi icon
    • Added new icon for Sim toolkit
    • Added MD2 icons for power menu
    • Improved expanded volume panel layout
    • Improved and cleaned up Settings
    • Fixed OnePlus gestures in landscape
    • Fixed a few settings seekbars
    • Fixed some theme glitches
    • Fixed double vibration on pill navbar

    OTA should be rolling now

    Changelog 16/03

    * latest dark ages septimo
    * some prop tweaks
    • Added Expanded volume panel
    • Added WPS support
    • Added a toggle to hide user switcher in QS footer
    • Improved AOD on charge
    • Improved in-call vibration
    • Updated Lawnchair
    • Updated inbuilt GBoard themes
    • Fixed QS glitches
    • Fixed Lockscreen weather disappearing after SystemUI restart
    • Fixed less annoying notification sounds

    Changelog 08/03


    * remove advanced controls
    * Implement CAF based FM radio(fully working)
    * Cleanup init
    * Update configs
    * general dt cleanup
    * Merged March Security Patches
    * Added One Hand mode tile
    * Added New Updater
    * Added About section in Havoc Settings
    * Fixed QS panel padding
    * Fixed Power menu layout
    * Fixed Auto-hide clock
    * Some other fixes

    Changelog 24/02

    * upstream kernel
    * Added Grid recents
    * Added option to hide Multiuser switch on lockscreen
    * Added a slider for changing statusbar padding
    * Added Auto hide clock
    * Improved statusbar padding
    * Improved some features for notch
    * Improved power button flashlight gesture
    * Improved Night mode
    * Improved Dark theme
    * Improved full gesture navbar
    * Forced date to be always visible in QS header
    * Changed default launcher to Lawnchair
    * Fixed blank notifications on ambient display

    Changelog 16/02

    * Added new ambient display implementation
    * Added theme background color picker
    * Added AOD on charge
    * Added accent option for QS panel
    * Added haptic feedback duration for OP gestures
    * Added Home button wake for some devices
    * Reorganised Havoc Settings
    * Improved UI
    * Removed ambient music from lockscreen
    * Fixed toasts with RTL languages
    * Fixed QS gradient when custom header is disabled
    * Fixed music ticker glitches
    * Fixed compact navbar layout
    * Fixed autofill dialog on dark themes
    * Fixed wellbeing dark theme

    Changelog 07/02

    * latest dark-ages kernel(sexto) by default
    * Added February Security Patches
    * Added small VoLTE icon for some devices with notch
    * Added per-app thermal control for some devices
    * Added 8 new lockscreen clocks
    * Added Custom QS header image
    * Added Pie controls
    * Added new SIM colors
    * Added Cookie QS style
    * Added support for DiracSound FX
    * Added App picker QS tile
    * Added Uptime in About phone
    * Improved Edge gestures
    * Improved Screenrecord
    * Improved Lockscreen Weather
    * Improved Messaging app UI
    * Improved File manager app UI
    * Improved Settings theme
    * Improved app permissions header
    * Changed 3G icon to H+
    * Updated Privacy Guard
    * Fixed Signature Spoofing
    * Fixed Root detection for banking apps
    * Fixed ADB
    * Fixed Screen Pinning
    * Fixed Statusbar signal icon
    * Fixed Messaging app opening animation

    Changelog 26/01

    * fix battery info crash
    * fix advanced controls app not showing up

    Changelog 24/01

    * Selinux Enforcing
    * add XiaomiParts
    * add advanced controls
    * add Qcom boost framework
    * move doze to XiaomiParts
    * some more stuff

    * UI improvements
    * Theme improvements
    * Screenrecord improvements
    * Sammy clocks improvements
    * Added Edge gestures
    * Added VoLTE icon from OOS
    * Added Sammy accent clock styles
    * Added ability to display 'Dash charging' in battery settings
    * Added option to hide Edit icon in QS footer
    * Added 3-mode notch settings
    * Added fullscreen caller photo in Dialer
    * Fixed some crashes
    * Fixed dual clock bug
    * FIxed Night mode
    * Fixed Power-off animation
    * Fixed lockscreen animations
    * Some more stuff...

    Changelog 12/01
    * build xiaomi doze
    * use havoc included hals
    * some tree cleanup

    * Added January security patches
    * Sound search tile improvements
    * Music ticker improvements
    * Added ambient display visualizer
    * Added Lockscreen shortcuts
    * Added Proximity check for power button torch
    * Added Lockscreen clock styles
    * Added options to hide lockscreen clock and date
    * Added support for opus file format
    * Added a few optimizations
    * Fixed Statusbar Clock glitches and bugs
    * Fixed Signature spoofing
    * Fixed navbar swipe to back glitches
    * Fixed keyboard settings crash
    * Removed fireworks
    * Some more stuff...

    Changelog 05/01

    * switch to new trees based on @mdeejay's (CLEAN FLASH IS REQUIRED)
    * new default kernel (upcoming DA)
    * included fully working gcam
    * fixed screen mirroring
    * Added Switch appearance styles
    * Added crash log button to App Error Dialog
    * Added Round Corners frameworks value toggle
    * Added Sound search tile
    * Added Ambient music ticker
    * Added Stock Recents icon pack support
    * Fixed small qs tiles in landscape mode
    * Added QS layout menu in QS customizer
    * Added QS themes
    * Added Network traffic location
    * Fixed text size for network traffic type
    * Improved Network traffic
    * Improved Face unlock
    * Improved Lockscreen weather
    * Fixed Proximity check on wake
    * Added QS panel opacity
    * Added a New year's surprise (to turn off uncheck show fun stuff in havoc misc settings)

    Changelog 06/11

    * fix nightlight
    * fix audio and video playing issues
    * fix System update not showing up in settings
    * updated blobs from MIUI 10
    * Built using Clang 8
    * Added SmartNav (Smartbar, fling, pulse, etc)
    * Added Boost framework
    * Added Game boost
    * Added toast when screenshot is deleted
    * Added Kill button to notification guts
    * Added Android Go recents
    * Added Settings dashboard icon themes
    * Bluetooth icon hidden until connected
    * Disabled ticker in dnd
    * Fixed Always on display
    * Fixed Navigation gestures
    * Fixed Statusbar pulldown bug in fullscreen
    * Removed edge gesture service and related features
    * Removed omniswitch recents
    * Tons of performance improvements (Smoothest ROM so far)
    * for full changelog check havoc channel

    Changelog 10/11

    finally, android pie is here!!
    clean flash is required
    since this is using new blobs you have to flash new firmware
    if your fingerprint is not working you have to restore persist partition

    => Build by rama982
    => Android Pie 9.0
    => November security patch
    => New trees based on MIUI 10 blobs
    => All new havoc 2.0 features (too many to list)
    => Compatible with all kernels

    => Night Light

    Changelog 21/09

    Flash Latest Dark-Ages Kernel After ROM or it won't boot!!

    => final oreo build, focus will be pie after this build
    => September security patch
    =.> general bug fixes and upstream from havoc git

    Changelog 11/08

    * August security patches merged
    * Source updated to latest LineageOS
    * Added Screenshot delay
    * Added lots of optimizations
    * Added On-The-Go mode tile
    * Added LTE tile
    * Added Log tile
    * Added Navigation gestures
    * Added toggle to hide bottom shortcuts on lockscreen
    * Added Animations for back edge gesture
    * Added Sammy accent clock styles
    * Added Volume panel blur
    * Added Dnd toggles for volume panel
    * Added roundness to app permissions dialog
    * Added Maintainers telegram links to the about section
    * Added double vibration on call hang up
    * Improved Volume panel
    * Improved Lockscreen clocks
    * Improved Edge gestures
    * Fixed Disable HW keys
    * Fixed HeadsUp stoplist and blacklist
    * Fixed Recents styles crash
    * Fixed Notification LED brightness dialog
    * Fixed Battery saver color
    * Fixed Airplane mode QS tile
    * Fixed Do not disturb QS tile
    * Updated Launcher
    * Replaced Omni Events with OmniBrain
    * Removed FP gestures prefernece for unsupported devices

    Changelog 01/08

    => updated included gcam
    => Added toggle to switch between Oreo and P qs styles
    => Added Advanced doze settings
    => Fixed Recents lags
    => Added Ability to scroll Volume Panel
    => Added Recents blur
    => QS Panel and Volume Dialog improvements
    => Added colored Bolt and Text to Ambient when device is charging
    => Added weather symbol to Ambient weather on bottom
    => Keyguard Fixes
    => UI glitches fix
    => Disabled hw key vibration on ambient display, lockscreen
    => Added Chinese and Polish translations

    Changelog 10/07

    => July security patches merged
    => Added lots of new fonts
    => Added optimizations
    => Added data tile
    => Added alarm font options
    => Added a fix for signal strength
    => Added battery saver mode color
    => Fixed reboots with hotspot and tethering
    => Fixed lockscreen layout
    => Fixed autofill dialog theming
    => Changed some icons
    => Removed ambient play
    => Updated Italian translation

    Changelog 05/07

    => QS panel improvements
    => Android P style volume panel
    => Fixed recents
    => Fixed lockscreen position, ambient display
    => New ambient play implementation
    => Animated Music Note when soundtrack detected
    => Fixed Lockscreen Alarm switch not working
    => Fixed HW Disable tile
    => Added Game mode qs tile
    => Added more apps to sensor block per package
    => Added translations
    => Fixed advanced heads up settings
    => Fixed gesture anywhere
    => Fixed pulse
    => Volume Panel dim
    => Lockscreen owner info font options
    => On the go mode
    => Settings UI improvements

    Changelog 28/06

    => include dark ages kernel by default
    = > for features and changelog check thread

    => Fix battery Charging LED
    => latest upstream tags from havoc git

    => if you are having network issues try flashing this modem
    If another rom is more stable to you then use that and stop spamming the thread with **** like " this rom needs a better developer who has Vince and fixes bugs" whilst you as a user don't actually give any use full information other than complaining like the little ***** you are
    And never forget we all have lives, if you want the rom fast then build it yourself
    Next time am closing this thread
    New build is UP
    Check second post for changelog
    Final Havoc v1.0 Build here
    make sure you Read the second post before flashing
    everyone please don't answer those who keep saying it's not booting(which means they didn't read second post)