{ROM}{OneUI-2.0}{A30} ALT-F4 v1.0


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Jul 11, 2020

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This ROM is heavily debloated and optimized for best user experience
keep in mind that many features are removed due performance lacking.


• Strongly recommended to MAKE BACKUP in RECOVERY.
• Boot in to recovery.
• Wipe System, Vendor, Data and both Caches.
• Flash ALT-F4 ROM.
• Be Patient while flashing cause it can take a while.
• After Flashing succeed, simply reboot.

• Enjoy the ROM!

• Based on A305FDDS6BTL1 firmware.
• January Security Patch.
• Android 10 One UI 2.0.
• Fully Deknoxed.
• Fully prepatched RMM.
• Most Security nuked.
• Encryption nuked.
• Smooth and Optimized Base (Best for gaming, cause all unnecessary services are removed).
• Debloated (Apps, permissions, framework, unnecessary features removed).
• Removed extra hidden product bloatware (Keyboard languages, Handwriting recognition data and hidden vendor apps).
• CSC/OMC Tweaks (Call Recording, Real time internet speed, Real time data usage and much more).
• Optimized Build.props/floatingfeature.
• ROM doesn't have magisk (You can flash any magisk version by your dependencies).
• Removed some useless codings that caused performance issues.
• Disabled unnecessary services.
• Roundy UI.
• Enabled High Performance Mode.
• Signature Check disabled.
• No notch cutout Mod.
• Immersive gestures Mod.
• Dolby Atmos enabled in games.
• Unlocked Dolby Atmos for speakers.
• Multi CSC (101 Regions support).
• Enabled Zygote Preforking.
• Multiwindow Tray
• Side Key Features ( Power button remapper).
• Underhood tweaks between battery and performance balance.
• 101 Custom Font.
• Advanced Screen Capture.
• Custom default Wallpapers.
• HQM Optimizations.

And the rest i forgot.

News Channel | Support Group
Don't report bugs without any log, screenrecord, screenshot. Those "bug" reports, will be ignored.


@neel0210 - For his all help to me, without this dude i would be nowhere.
@Astrako - For his amazing work, without this guy there is no stable Q in Samsung community.
@yash92duster - For his guides and mods he provided with his #TeamExyKings.
@dotAbasshunter - For testing with big patience.

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Feb 22, 2021
is good rom, i have debloat some app more and use minhker kernel v4.8, GLtool,cachbooster,magnetar,nfs injector, zram,levvgpuperformance v7, so i got 163.385 Antutu :) CPu score= 58.203 Gpu=29.248 :) Mem score = 33.328, Ux score = 42.606 wow :) can u make some custom rom support F2FS format