{ROM}{OneUI-2.5}{A50} ALT-F4 v1.5

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    This ROM is heavily debloated and optimized for best user experience,
    keep in mind that many features are removed due performance lacking.

    If you take anything without my permission i'll report you, and you'll probably get banned.

    • Strongly recommended to MAKE BACKUP in TWRP.
    • Boot in to recovery.
    • Wipe Vendor, System, Data and both Caches.
    • Flash ALT-F4 ROM.
    • Be Patient while flashing cause it can take a while.
    • After Flashing succeed, simply reboot.
    • Enjoy the ROM!

    • Based on A505FDDU5BTL1 firmware.
    • December Security Patch.
    • Android 10 One UI 2.5.
    • Fully Deknoxed, Fully prepatched RMM.
    • Aroma Installer.
    • Smooth and Optimized Base (Best for gaming, cause all unnecessary services are removed).
    • Debloated (Apps, permissions, framework, unnecessary features removed).
    • Removed extra hidden product bloatware (Keyboard languages, Handwriting recognition data and hidden vendor apps).
    • CSC/OMC Tweaks (Call Recording, Real time internet speed, Real time data usage and much more).
    • Optimized Build.props/floatingfeature.
    • ROM doesn't have magisk (You can flash any magisk version by your dependencies).
    • SafetyNet passes without props (Just flash Magisk).
    • Removed some useless codings that caused performance issues.
    • Disabled unnecessary services.
    • Roundy UI.
    • Enabled High Performance Mode.
    • Signature Check disabled.
    • No notch cutout Mod.
    • Immersive gestures Mod.
    • Dolby Atmos enabled in games.
    • 86 Regions support.
    • Enabled Zygote Preforking.
    • Samsung Fingerprint Gestures.
    • Underhood tweaks between battery and performance balance.
    • 101 Custom Font.
    • Advanced Screen Capture.
    • New Bootanimation.
    • Custom default Wallpapers.
    • HQM Optimizations.
    And others i forgot due outdated head.

    So who ever flashed, to manage camera work you need stock 2.5 firmware boot.img, we requested kernel sources to be published to fix this **** issue.... Don't report bugs without any log, screenrecord, screenshot. Those "bug" reports, will be ignored.

    Current changelog:
    • Rebased to latest A505FDDU5BTL1 firmware.
    • SafetyNet passes without props (Just flash Magisk).
    • Recommended recovery Latest OrangeFox, it has prebuilt PRISH KERNEL.

    Misc Links.jpg


    @Akhil99 - For helping since i started development.
    @neel0210 - For his all help to me, without this dude i would be nowhere.
    @Gollo99 - For his heavy debloat trough whole system with couple of mods.
    @Astrako - For his amazing work, without this guy there is no stable Q in Samsung community.
    @yash92duster - For his guides and mods he provided with his #TeamExyKings.

    Hit "Thanks" button instead of replying it to thread, it will keep the thread clean and keep me motivated to do more.
    As always awesome work mate!!!
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