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{ROM}{OneUI-2.5}{A70} Infinity OS v2.0

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Jun 10, 2013
Hey! Tried with multiple versions of TWRP. 3.7, 3.6 and even the latest ones mentioned on the main TWRP website. I just cannot seem to get this OS flashed on properly. Every time I reboot after flashing it is stuck in an endless bootloop. My first screen informs me the bootloader is unlocked warning message. All other OS flash ok like Lineage etc its just this one bootloops. Any ideas on how to combat this? Thanks.

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    This is the new Project named Infinity OS...

    I am not responsible if flashing this ROM bricks your phone or causes thermonuclear war
    and ends the world as we know it.
    You have been warned.

    If you take anything without my permission i'll report you, and you'll probably get banned.

    • Video how to install here.
    • Strongly recommended to FORMAT DATA in TWRP, but wiping without Internal Storage is enough.
    • Reboot to recovery after Formating or Wiping Data.
    • Flash Infinity OS ROM.
    • Be Patient while flashing cause it can take a while.
    • After Flashing succeed, simply reboot.
    • Enjoy the ROM!

    • S20 One UI 2.5 Props.
    • Fully Deknoxed, Fully prepatched rmm.
    • Debloated (Apps, permissions, framework, unnecessary features removed).
    • Removed extra hidden product bloatware (Keyboard languages, Handwriting recognition data and hidden vendor apps).
    • CSC/OMC Tweaks (Call Recording, Real time internet speed, Real time data usage and much more).
    • Prerooted with Magisk v21.1.
    • Optimized Build.prop/floatingfeature.
    • 100% Camera quality instead of stock 95%.
    • Removed some useless codings that caused performance issues.
    • Roundy UI.
    • Enabled High Performance Mode.
    • Vulkan enabled.
    • No notch cutout Mod.
    • Dolby Atmos enabled in games.
    • Now you can use Spotify as added alarm.
    • Wireless PowerShare.
    • Multiwindow Tray.
    • Patched settings with removed knox things and added vibration to navigation bar.
    • Enabled Zygote preforking.
    • Underhood tweaks between battery and performance balance.
    • 101 Custom Font.
    • 86 Regions support.
    • Patched Secure Folder.
    • QuickShare.
    • Custom Charging Animation.
    • Battery mod, when drains changes color.
    • HQM Optimizations.
    • Flagship EdgeLighting+ Animations presets.
    • For some users 4k in youtube will be unlocked.
    • Patched knox as Official.
    • Unlimited Storage in Google Photos (Experimental, works only while having pixel props).
    • Patched Theme Center.
    • Enabled Dolby Atmos without Headsets.
    • Dual speakers mod (Enabled earpiece as 2nd speaker).
    • Enabled OEM Sony apps in PlayStore.
    • Removed stubs which sucking bg data.
    • Blazing Fire kernel v5.0.
    • Some apps are updated to One UI 3.0.
    And others...

    Fire Kernel Features:
    • Version: Revision 3.0
    • Linux Version: 4.14.180z zArch Edition
    • Edition: FE | FrostEdition
    • Build Date: 20201021
    • Patch Date: 202010
    • Status: Active & Official
    • Sets: Booted & Working
    • Google & CAF EAS/HMP Optimizations & Performance Patches
    • EAS & HMP Governor Upstreamed & Midly Optimized
    • Governors Unlocked & Free-To-Change Anytime
    • High Throttle Further Deleted & Decreased
    View attachment 5154245
    You tell... Don't report bugs without any log, screenrecord, screenshot. Those "bug" reports, will be ignored.
    View attachment 5154311
    Current changelog:
    • Latest v21.0 Magisk.
    • Added S20 MOD PROPS based on BETA ONEUI 3.0.
    • Rebased to Latest November Security Patch.
    • Enabled Dolby Atmos without Headsets.
    • Flagship EdgeLighting+ Animations presets.
    • New Charging Animation.
    • Patched Theme Center.
    • Unlimited Storage in Google Photos (Experimental, works only while having pixel props).
    • Fixed Live Focus.
    • Fixed Slow Mo.
    • Fixed Biometrics Force Closes.
    • Patched Knox as Official.
    • Dual Speakers Mod (Enabled earpiece as 2nd speaker).
    • Patched Secure Folder and other ****.
    • Enabled OEM Sony apps in PlayStore.
    • Fixed Battery Percentage stuck, till reboot.
    • Removed stubs which sucking bg data.
    • Blazing Fire Kernel.
    And others...
    View attachment 5154309
    Google Drive | Mega
    View attachment 5154313
    Channel | Support Group
    View attachment 5154315
    View attachment 5154491
    @Soul_broker_1441 - For increasing camera quality.
    @Akhil99 - For helping since i started development.
    @MrWaehere - For amazing kitchen and his help with big support.
    @topjohnwu - For magisk to make Android 10 possible of rooting.
    @samsung - For firmware, without this ROM's won't exist.
    @neel0210 - For his all help to me, without this dude i would be nowhere.
    @Gollo99 - For his heavy debloat trough whole system with couple of mods.
    @shumway66 - For his help anytime and anywhere.
    @Astrako - For his amazing work, without this guy there is no stable Q in Samsung community.
    @corsicanu - For RMM patch.
    @yash92duster - For his guides and mods he provided with his #TeamExyKings.
    @DRATEM - For Theme Center patch.
    @osm0sis - For Busy Box.
    @DarkGod14 - For helping me in mods.
    @Subodhkr360 - For listening my **** while testing stuff lol.
    @hgunduz295 - For help.
    @kovacs - For helping in patching knox.
    @firemax13 - For blazing Fire Kernel.
    @Cerebro1 - For Dual Speakers Mod.
    @Divyam 2004 - For making Lit Banners.
    And of course for you!

    Hit "Thanks" button instead of replying it to thread, it will keep the thread clean and keep me motivated to do more.
    XDA:DevDB Information
    Infinity OS, ROM for the Samsung Galaxy A70

    Source Code: https://github.com/sm7150/a70qkernel/commits/ten

    ROM OS Version: Android 10
    ROM Kernel: Linux 4.x
    ROM Firmware Required: Custom Recovery
    Based On: OneUI

    Version Information
    Current Stable Version: v2
    Stable Release Date: 2020-12-05

    Created 2020-10-04
    Last Updated 2020-12-05
    The author updated the link from google Drive.
    The problem with Error:5 does not occur, it will update the post after installation of the system

    Game Launcher does not work, does not install games in the folder, you cannot add applications manually.
    A message appears The application is not a game // Problem solved

    If someone needs a working Game Launcher, just download the Game Launcher from the Galaxy Store.
    Download and install from ApkMirror:
    - Samsung Game Booster (the best way for Galaxy store to update it is to use the old version, I used first version marked 0.0.26
    - Samsung Game Optimizing Service (The higher version will not install on the A70 but the Galaxy Store will update it)

    After these operations we run the Game Launcher and the problem does not occur anymore
    Thank you sir, That was really helpful.
    but the dialer doesn't show, so I can hang the call

    You might have downloaded the wrong file, it happened to me too when i was fixing mine