[ROM] [OneUI 2.5] SnakeOS V2.5 [Updated 24/2/21]


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Aug 21, 2018
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Please read thread carefully

SNAKE OS V2 Common features
  • Based on A50s latest firmware with its all features.
  • Edge lighting and Edge panel.
  • Extra hidden features enabled.
  • Some custom ringtones and notification sound.
  • ONE UI 3 fingerprint icon and animation.
  • Singletake ,food mode,FULL pro mode, pro video,shot suggestion and document scan etc.
  • Volte and screenshot QS toggle.
  • Applock in advance setting.
  • Call Recording working for most of the region.
  • One ui 3 phone apps and many system apps.
  • High performance mode
  • Tima and vaultkeeper removed from vendor.
  • Dolby atoms enabled speakers and gaming.
  • Extra CSC features.
Snake OS V2.5 Changelog

This is my final Android 10 Rom
Code name is King cobra

UPDATED ON 24.2.21
  1. February sec patch.
  2. Slightly modified charging animation
  3. Boot fps set to 32.
  4. Samsung S5 shutdown animation
  5. Dual messenger now support all apps cloning thanks to DarkGod14.
  6. Added One ui 3.1 keyboard.
  7. Updated many systems app so u no need to update it.
  8. Removed useless permissions files and jar files.
  9. Samsung calendar removed.
  10. 90+ CSC support thanks to el0xren.
  11. Zipalinged framework ,app and priv app.
  12. Camera features enhanced.
  13. Charging bolt now using green color.
  14. Biometrics improved.
  15. New default wallpaper.
  16. Performance and battery tweaks
  17. DVFS disabled.
  18. Home up as system app.
  19. New over the horizon ringtone.
  20. Switch sound as default notification sound.
  21. Bug fixed.
  22. Dual speaker mod.
  23. It now come with latest Magisk and refined kernel.
  24. No more Read only system issues.
  25. Fixed Bluetooth issue.

  • GOS nuked
  • NFC nuked
  • BIXBY nuked
  • Video in custom call background will not work because it's one ui 2.5 limitation.
  • And some useless bug 🐛 😒

Gdrive link

Mega download link

  • Strongly recommended to MAKE BACKUP in TWRP.
  • Boot in to recovery.
  • Wipe Vendor, System, Data ,Caches and product if you can.
  • Flash ROM and ignore no OS installed warning and reboot
  • Enjoy the ROM!
  • King cobra already come with latest magisk u only need to reboot to recovery.
Telegram support

Snake OS 🐍 Code name - Viper

Features.. updated on 19/2/21
  • Extremely debloated only 177 system apps.
  • Faster booting.
  • Snapdragon boot animation.
  • Improve camera features based on @a7hmE1 latest camera mod.
  • Ultra power saver completely nuked.
  • Now you use hex themes on contact app without fc.
  • Google messages now default messaging app.
  • Its A50s system
  • Wi fi calling and smart view and samsung services removed.
  • More free RAM.
  • Dialer telephony ui are now from one ui2.5 and in call ui from one ui3 .
  • Especially for performance.
  • Edge lighting and Edge panel only important panel other are removed.
  • Dolby on speakers
  • Google document ui as default file manager
  • Zipaligned system apps
  • Samsung calender removed use Google calendar.
  • Nfc fully nuked
  • Samsung keyboard added back.
  • Removed useless permissions files
  • Immersive gesture.
  • One ui 3 fp icon and animation
  • One ui 3 latest gallery app

It have only system and vendor and now zip is flashable and you must have to wipe system and vendor before flashing.

Only for special users and it requires clean flash otherwise contact app may keep fc and it's extremely debloated so use at your own risk.

Download Link 🔗
Mega download link

Gdrive link
Now you can enjoy it.

1.How to pass safety net on cobra build enhanced?
Ans.- first enable magisk hide then set A50s fingerprint using magiskprophide.
2.If anyone facing any issue related to network feature please let me know your CSC.
3.Cobra enhanced can be dirty flashed u need to only wipe system and vendor.
4.For root access flash latest refined kernel and reboot to recovery only for viper.
6.It didn't have dual speaker mod.

If you appreciate my work you can help my paypal link-- Paypal
  • Screenshots
Screenshot_20210122-183229_One UI Home.jpgScreenshot_20210122-185225_Settings.jpgScreenshot_20210122-185235_Edge screen.jpgScreenshot_20210122-185516_Voice Recorder.jpg


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  • Strongly recommended to MAKE BACKUP in TWRP.
  • Boot in to recovery.
  • Wipe Vendor, System, Data and both Caches.
  • Flash ROM.
  • Be Patient while flashing cause it can take a while.
  • After Flashing succeed, simply reboot.
  • Enjoy the ROM!
SnakeOS v1.0

  • Screenshots
  • Haptic Feedback
  • OneUI 3.0 Apps
  • Updated system apps
  • OneUI 3.0 Fp and OneUI3.0 settings icons
  • Latest firmware
  • CSC Tweaks for selected region
  • Fake sec patch
  • Debloated with care XD

  • NFC removed completely
  • AR features removed
  • Game optimization services removed


super fast charging not working


Jan 21, 2021
I have 2 questions, admin help me:
1. My backup cannot be restored. It restarts continuously. So I have to reinstall the new rom
2. Your Rom Secondary Sim does not work (Blurred), so it cannot be used to call and open 4G.