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[ROM][OneUI 3.1][A30]Ultimate R

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Utimate R Rom
lots of under the hood tweaks great battery based off stock very debloated now Ultimate R for A20

Kernel source https://github.com/topser9/kernel_samsung_universal7885
Kernel credits @topster99
Download https://drive.google.com/file/d/1u_U593cxLAykIT8yXFZTVjM0KhpvrLzK/view?usp=sharing

no Magisk added to rom use magisk 23 if wanting root
flash an enjoy

Install Method
1. Format data
2. Wipe davick cache data system and vendor
3. Flash dmvertity
4. Reboot to recovery
5 Flash rom
6. flash kernel if wanting different (hypersonic is in it)
7.Flash Magisk if wanting root
8. Flash dmvertiy again
9. Reboot and enjoy

Telegram https://t.me/ultimate_Pie2


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What was deleted? talking about debloating rom... downloading to try...


After 12 hours of use, it's very stable, heavily debloated without sacrificing functions, GPS works correctly, had to delete some apps that are not from my taste anymore, but it's very complete. Thanks!
Your welcome glad you like it
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