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[ROM][OneUI 3.1][A50] Fresh - No-frills Samsung Experience (Updated 5/3/2021)

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Senior Member
Mar 14, 2016

Fresh 3.1.3 Stable (21051301) is now available on Fresh Hub!
This update brings device improvements from the initial Fresh 3 release.

See the FAQ to see steps on how to update your device with Fresh Hub!​

  • Update Magisk Embedded to v23
  • Upstream kernel updates from Samsung
  • Various performance improvements
  • Fixed status bar cropping on smaller DPIs

  • Fix font and other setting backup/restore on Samsung Cloud
  • Attempt fixing Dolby for Gaming

  • Fixed Slow Motion mode
  • Improvements to Document Scan feature

Update notes:
  • Kernel update will not be installed for users with Fresh Core Beta installed. Update the kernel manually from Fresh Hub.
  • Bixby Voice addon must be updated if installed, to not remove backup-restore fix when uninstalling addon.

Eid Mubarak to all of our Muslim friends! 🌟


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May 12, 2021


Dec 27, 2010
Hi, I have a problem with the fresh hub app, everytime I try to update it crashes and I can't update the rom to 3.1.3. I don't know if anybody have the same problem

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    It's been a while since I've posted here. But after 2 months of work Fresh 3.2 will be officially released for everyone on July 30, 2021 at 7:30 AM PST (GMT+8).

    Fresh 3.2 breaks the boundaries of what you can do with your phone. Think outside the box, save the date. ;)

    Group 1.png
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    Fresh for the Samsung Galaxy A50
    The no-frills Samsung Experience!






    Under-the-hood Changes
    • Fully pre-patched system and vendor for Knox, Bluetooth, and Samsung Security services. No need to flash Multidisabler or Bluetooth Library Patcher after installing Fresh.​
    • Fresh Core, a kernel optimized for One UI, is pre-installed.​
    • Magisk is installed on kernel by default.​
    • Dual-speaker mod installed by default.​
    • NFC working for supporting variants (ie. SM-A505FN; SM-A505GN)​
    • Removed bloat - a lot of them have been made as addons.​

    More One UI to Explore
    • Brief notification lighting (Edge Lighting) with all effects
    • Haptic feedback enabled for Touch, Dialer, Navigation, and Keyboard​
    • Dolby Atmos on speaker​
    • EQ Knobs, Tube Amp Pro, and Concert Hall effects for SoundAlive​
    • Speech-to-text mode in Samsung Voice Recorder​

    More Photo Experiences
    • AR Doodle​
    • Single Take​
    • Fun Mode​
    • Togglable Video Stabilization​
    • Switch cameras while recording video​
    • 1080p120 and 1080p24 in Pro Video mode​
    • Full Pro Photo mode​
    • Shot Suggestions​
    • Full-featured Video Editor​
    • Samsung Story Maker​

    OMC Tweaks (for supported OMCs)
    • Use "LTE" icon for 4G​
    • Disabled KnoxGuard​
    • Enabled Useful Cards in Messages​
    • Alt Z Life for all regions​
    • Enabled App Lock for all OMCs​
    • Enabled "LTE only" network option​
    • Enabled Call Recording (please observe local regulations)
    • Camera enabled during calls​
    • "Superfine" Camera and Camcorder quality​
    • XTC is used if your OMC is not supported.​


    Screenshot_20210501-110016_Settings.jpg Screenshot_20210501-165154_One UI Home.jpg
    Screenshot_20210501-110042_Fresh Hub.jpg Screenshot_20210501-110138_Fresh Hub.jpg
    Screenshot_20210501-110248_Camera.jpg Screenshot_20210501-110259_Camera.jpg

    (More screenshots here!)


    Get the latest Fresh build for the Samsung Galaxy A50
    Current Version: 3.1.2 Stable (21050106) - Android 11
    Installing a third-party kernel and/or recovery is at your own risk.

    NFC-enabled Variants (i.e. SM-A505FN; SM-A505GN)
    Google Drive.png

    Google Drive.png

    Buttons not showing up?
    SourceForge | Google Drive Mirror | MEGA Mirror

    Non-NFC Variants (i.e. SM-A505F; SM-A505G)
    Google Drive.png

    Google Drive.png

    Buttons not showing up?
    SourceForge | Google Drive Mirror | MEGA Mirror

    Find the addons on the second post!

    How to Install.png
    1. Download latest build of Fresh, and chosen addons.
    2. Reboot to custom recovery of choice (TWRP/OrangeFox).
    3. Flash downloaded Fresh build. This may take a while.
    4. Flash the addons you have downloaded.
    5. Flash any other stuff you want (Magisk modules, etc.)
    6. Reboot to System.
    7. Set-up your device.
    8. Enjoy the No-frills Samsung Experience!


    Q: What bootloader does this need?
    A: It is strongly advised to install the One UI 3.1 update before installing Fresh 3, for the most stable experience. Installing on Android 10 will cause issues, and is not supported.

    Q: Do I need to flash anything after installing Fresh?
    A: There is no need! Fresh is already pre-patched. Simply flash all mods you need, as well as data recovery ZIPs (ie. data restore packages) and Reboot to System.

    Q: Does X feature work?

    A: Yes! Try it for yourself. 😉

    Q: How do I update my Fresh installation?
    A: It's very easy! Simply go to Settings, tap Software updates and update away. You can access it much faster using the Fresh Hub shortcut on your Apps screen!

    Q: Is my data safe with Fresh Hub?
    A: Yes. Fresh Hub does not collect any information except ping counts to the download server, facilitated by SourceForge.

    Q: I'm experiencing X bug on my Y device.
    A: Please report through this feedback form, or the Fresh Community on Discord or Telegram. Please include logs, screenshots, or screen recordings so I can help you better.

    Addons Store.png

    Addons are also available in the all-new Fresh Hub!


    Quick System Patches for Fresh
    Quick patches for Fresh 3

    Fake Encryption Flag
    Tricks One UI and apps to think that device encryption is enabled. Needed by some apps.
    Download - MEGA.png

    Single Speaker Mod
    Reverts the dual-speaker mod and replaces it with stock mixer_paths.xml

    Banner - MyGalaxy.png

    My Galaxy
    Enhance your Samsung Experience. Most of the debloated apps from core Fresh.

    My Galaxy
    Includes Dual Messenger, Samsung Dictionary, Kids Home, Microsoft OneDrive, and Samsung Billing.
    Download - MEGA.png

    Samsung Game Home

    Includes Samsung Game Tools, Game Home, and Game Optimization Service.
    Download - MEGA.png

    Samsung Seamless
    Includes "Call & text on other devices" and Microsoft Your Phone (Link to Windows)
    Download - MEGA.png

    Samsung Live
    Includes Samsung wireless apps, including Smart View, Quick Share, and Wi-Fi Direct Sharing
    Download - MEGA.png

    Banner - Googleful.png

    All debloated Google apps from core Fresh.

    Includes Android Auto, the Google (Search) app, Google Maps, Gmail, and Google Duo.
    Download - MEGA.png

    Banner - Bixby.png

    Unlock the full potential of your Samsung device.

    Bixby Voice
    Includes Bixby Voice and associated services.
    Download - MEGA.png

    Bixby Vision
    Includes Bixby Vision and associated services.
    Download - MEGA.png

    Bixby Smart
    Includes Bixby Reminders and Routines.
    Download - MEGA.png

    Banner - ANTplus.png

    Makes it easy. A technology supported by Samsung Galaxy devices that allows better communication to fitness devices. Garmin is known to use ANT+.

    Know more here.

    Includes ANT+ and associated services.
    Download - MEGA.png

    Banner - Facebook.gif

    Facebook Services
    Building and connecting communities.

    Includes Facebook App Manager and Notification Services.
    Download - MEGA.png

    The My Galaxy, Bixby and Bixby Vision logos are trademarks of Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. The Android Auto, Google Maps, Gmail, and Google Duo logos are trademarks of Google LLC/Alphabet Inc. in the United States and other territories. The Facebook typography, and Facebook, Messenger, Instagram, WhatsApp, and Oculus logos are trademarks of Facebook Inc. in the United States and other territories.

    3.1.2S (21050106)

    1.3.1S (21022101) - EOL
    See full changelog:

    - Use separate vendors for non-NFC and NFC variants.
    - Update vendor to A505FNXXU6BUA1 (NFC) / A505FDDU6BUA8 (Non-NFC).
    - Update Magisk to 21.4.
    - Fsync and Software CRC Checking is enabled by default to alleviate "data corruption" and data loss concerns.
    - Re-patched mixer_paths and mixer_gains with changes from One UI 2.5. In-call audio is better.

    - Performance and battery improvement
    - Removed several Samsung and Google services from the power-saving whitelis
    - Force Google Play Services to "basic attest" SafetyNet. Workaround courtesy of @kdrag0n. Enable MagiskHide to pass SafetyNet.
    - Apply ro.build.fingerprint in build.prop and init.rc.
    - Disable Rescue Party. Courtesy of phhusson and the Phh-Treble Project.
    - Disable strict mode logging. Courtesy of phhusson and the Phh-Treble Project.

    - Fix some Galaxy A50-specific configs from framework. It includes HQM and enabling page boost.
    - Flip Cover support has been (re-)added from stock firmware.

    - More camera features, including a full-featured Pro and Pro Video modes. Huge thanks to a7hmE1 for making this possible.
    - Fixed Scene Detection/Optimization in Camera.
    - Smart Scan has been added and is tested working.

    Apps and Services
    - Lock Screen Stories and Dynamic Lockscreen can now be used at the same time. This is only available for users on INS (India).
    - Added "LTE Only" network option to all OMCs. Please take precaution as a lot of carriers don't have VoLTE services yet, which can cause inability to receive and send phone calls and/or messages.

    Special Thanks.png

    Special Thanks to These People
    • @Yanndroid - pretty much all the custom apps. Thanks man!
    • a7hmE1 - Camera features
    • @AlperSal - pretty much a lot of dumps (xD), and the Discord community.
    • @Subodh.993435 - number of One UI tweaks
    • @el0xren
    • Omar (from the Telegram community) - OMC
    • JuanCarlo15s (from the Telegram community) - OMC
    • SergeiSova (from the Telegram community) - OMC

    Testing Community Members
    • AlperS
    • Aldykey
    • Alehandro
    • Amine
    • ananlk
    • ashish2002
    • avin
    • Riju1997
    • daynasour
    • Deian
    • JuanCarlo15s
    • LordArrin
    • lukasrubiolo12
    • mausfing
    • maverick316
    • MaxVrn36
    • ninja1x
    • osmafuda
    • Paco
    • PearceRC
    • Piyush1200
    • eahulsharma
    • Rakesh
    • s0lus
    • SC
    • Yanndroid

    Fresh Hub Translation
    • Ahmed - Arabic
    • Amine - Arabic
    • Osama Fouda - Arabic
    • saber - Arabic
    • iyad engle - Arabic (SY)
    • Tofe97x - Arabic (SY)
    • Dhia - French
    • @Yanndroid - German
    • Ashish - Hindi
    • AshPulkit - Hindi
    • Vágenhofer Erik - Hungarian
    • Anan Kalimasada (ananlk) - Indonesian
    • Randy Dimas - Indonesian
    • Rizal H. - Indonesian
    • Klain Eduard-Robert - Romanian
    • Сергей - Russian
    • Gabriel Correa - Spanish (LA&C/MX)
    • Juan Carlos - Spanish (LA&C)
    • Gerson - Spanish (MX)
    • Luis Alvarez - Spanish (MX)
    • @AlperSal - Turkish

    Mods and Tweaks

    And of course, you!



    Telegram Channel.png Telegram Group.png
    Open Source.png

    Fresh Core (Kernel)
    GNU General Public License v2.0

    Device Trees for TWRP Recovery
    Forked from realYukoSky's OrangeFox trees
    Forked from geiti94

    Multi-disabler for Samsung Services
    Ian Macdonald (@ianmacd)

    Bluetooth Library Patcher
    Arthur Trouillot (@3arthur6)

    SafetyNet Bypass
    Danny Lin (@kdrag0n) - Compiled against Android 9 sources
    MIT License

    Fresh Hub
    Developed in collaboration with @Yanndroid
    MIT License

    Over-the-Air Updates service
    Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License

    Tyler Nijmeh (@tytydraco)
    GNU General Public License v3.0

    FreshROMs is here!
    See the full changelog here.

    Install notes:
    On INS, Lock Screen Stories will show up and not work by default, install any My Galaxy addon to use Lock Screen Stories, or use the Lock Screen Stories remover addon if you want to use Dynamic Lock Screen.

    Download it today from the OP!