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[ROM][OneUI 3.1][A50]Ultimate R

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Utimate R Rom
lots of under the hood tweaks great battery based off stock very debloated same as A20 A30 and A40 now Ultimate R for A50

Rom Download
V3 Download

kernel source https://github.com/mohitmallick17/android_kernel_samsung_a50dd
kernel credits mohitmallick17

no Magisk added to rom use magisk 23 if wanting root

Install Method
1. Format data
2. Wipe davick cache data system and vendor
3. Flash dmvertity
4. Reboot to recovery
5 Flash rom
6. flash kernel if wanting different
7.Flash Magisk if wanting root
8. Flash dmvertiy again
9. Reboot and enjoy

flash an enjoy

Telegram https://t.me/ultimate_Pie2


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Mar 12, 2021
Samsung Galaxy A50
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Jul 25, 2021
Hi there, I have problem with ADB debugging over USB on my Samsung A50. It worked fine with stock ROM and the same cable. E.g. I've pushed UltimateR ROM itself using this cable with `adb push`, so I'm pretty certain that the issue occurred only after flashing UltimateR ROM and the cable is also fine.

Plain file transfer works fine with developer options switched OFF — I connect the phone with USB cable to my linux laptop, I see notification with USB settings, I select "files transfer", after this I open file browser and can navigate to phone memory.

It doesn't work with developer options and USB debugging switched ON — I plug that USB cable in and this time I don't see any notification with settings, but just notification "cable charging". `adb devices` emits empty output. I also don't see phone memory mounted in file browser.

I'm pretty sure that ADB debugging is common necessity for people using custom ROMs, so this issue is either something really rare OR something what has well-known workaround. I scanned similar issues at Stack Overflow and solutions there didn't help me, however I could miss something for sure.
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