{ROM}[OneUI 3.1] Snake OS V3.4 {Updated on 18/4/21}

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Nov 29, 2016
Can someone send me the twrp link, I get an error I think I have to throw the appropriate one for the latest version, I don't know exactly, I want to install this rom, but I couldn't root


Mar 25, 2019
I tried this rom and it's fantastic, but I need the Samsung Calendar app and I wasn't be able to download it from anywhere, could somebody help me with that? Thanks


Dec 7, 2013
hej, wiem, że usuwasz nfc z salo romów, aby utworzyć rom z nfc lub plik zip, abyś mógł pobrać dziękuję

Translation: hey i know you are deleting nfc from salo roms to create a rom from nfc or zip file so you can download thank you
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    Tried all of that.
    Tried with file on sd and internal and same.
    I just upgraded with ODIN and still same. Looks like I'll have to stick with Stock. :(
    It it failed to install extract the rom zip in internal storage and u will get 3 img files --system product and vendor.img and flash this in their respective slot for example flash system.img as system.
    bro Im using 3.1 snake os .Do I have to wipe when switching to 3.2?
    Not necessary to wipe if u face bugs then wipe data
    The notification badge is not displayed when I receive a text message? Any help?
    Is it safe to make a dirty flash to update from 3.1 to 3.2?
    Great ROM, man. For root I recommend install the Refined Kernel
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    Please read thread carefully

    • Based on A505F latest Android 11 firmware XEO region
    • Full photo editor
    • Some custom ringtones and notification sound.
    • Screenshot QS toggle.
    • Applock in advance setting.
    • Call Recording working for most of the regions.
    • Enhanced processing mode
    • Tima and vaultkeeper removed from vendor.
    • Dolby atoms enabled speakers and gaming.
    • Extra CSC features.
    • Debloated and deknoxed
    • Performance and battery improvements
    • Custom default wallpaper
    • Extra features in samsung recording app
    • Applock in advance setting
    • Extra camera features--- Singletake, Food mode, Full pro and pro video support and shot suggestion
    • 322 fonts included

    • Changed base again to INS firmware
    • Google WearOS fixed
    • Properly ODEX App ,priv-app and system_ext apps
    • Device care deep sleeping apps feature fixed
    • More advance Wi-Fi feature
    • Initial Aroma Installer support
    • Reverted back to Galaxy animated Bootanimation
    • As always new Default wallpaper
    • Samsung S10 Preloaded wallpapers
    • SOS messenges in advance settingd
    • Panic Mode in advance settings
    • Talk back feature in accessibility
    • Updated some system apps
    • Samsung glance in wallpaper services
    • Now you can use both Google Discover and samsungfree
    • Faster booting than prevous version
    • Printing services fixed
    • Changed Setup Wizard

    Gdrive || Mega

    For NFC devices 》》Mega

    Version information
    • Rom Version : V3.4/3.4n
    • Android Version : Android 11
    • Currentl Build : Stable
    • Kernel : No Kernel included


    If you are coming from Android 10
    1. Flash stock Android 11 rom uisng Odin
    2. Flash latest Twrp or ofox available for Android 11
    3. Got to your custom recovery and remove encryption 1st
    4. Wipe system vendor and data
    5. Flash the rom you downloaded
    If already updated to Android 11
    1. Go to twrp and make sure you didn't have encryption
    2. Wipe data system and vendor
    3. Flash the rom zip and reboot
    Warning ⚠️ I am telling you again you must update to official One ui 3.1 first and don't forget to backup efs in twrp .

    How to pass safety net
    Flash this module Click me and enable magiskhide in magisk manager setting.



    @el0xren my mentor
    @TenSeventy7 for helping me in many things
    @BlassGO for Google package Installer mod
    @ianmacd for multidisabler
    @redymedan for publishing my rom video and testing
    @Winb33 for Fonts pack
    @By Zonik for contribution in A50 Community and helping me.
    @amarullz for Aroma Installer source
    @3arthur6 For Bluetooth lib patcher
    SAMSUNG for firmware
    And my all users supporter and whole A50 Community

    If you appreciate my work you can help me by donating me via Paypal
    Good Jobs! Use latest TWRP that support OneUI 2.5 if you want to root it or you will face Camera problem. If Camera does not work, check your kernel and twrp
    Sir which kernel
    Everything is okay so far. The problem is with the shutter speed.
    Long exposure doesn't take time to take a photo though photo comes brighter but can't take light trail photos.

    Another problem is with the shutter speed also. When I change shutter speed in low light, a lot of noise appears.

    (I have tested that in open camera if I manually control shutter speed noise appears but if make it fast shutter such as 1/5000 then I lock the exposure and then I increase the shutter speed noise doesn't appear at all.)

    So I think the problem in pro mode is in between shutter speed and Exposure (EV).
    I've seen that in flagship phone and in mid ranges also when I change shutter speed the Exposure (EV) controls it self automatically where as Pro mode in Snake OS if I change shutter speed then Exposure (EV) doesn't control it self automatically.

    Save Raw photos in saving option is also broken however I'm still impressed to see that It still manages to save raw somehow.

    Kindly fix the Exposure (EV) so it manages it self according to shutter speed to eliminate noise and fix the shutter speed too so we can take long exposure photos/light trails and raw.

    (Sorry for my bad English).
    sorry but i am not good at camera modification so i idk and idc.
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