{ROM}[OneUI 3.1] Snake OS V3.6 {Updated on 5/5/21}

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Apr 17, 2021
Alwaysondisplay keep crashing and sometimes systemui too. pls help


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    Screenshot_20210417-144615_One UI Home.jpg
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    Screenshot_20210417-144624_One UI Home.jpg
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    The disable Blur option don't work
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    Tried all of that.
    Tried with file on sd and internal and same.
    I just upgraded with ODIN and still same. Looks like I'll have to stick with Stock. :(
    It it failed to install extract the rom zip in internal storage and u will get 3 img files --system product and vendor.img and flash this in their respective slot for example flash system.img as system.
    Is it possible to change in any way this colour?
    View attachment 5289751
    Yes use Samsung theme park
    Nice rom, man. Keep it up. Boot up in my A505GT
    Great ROM, man. For root I recommend install the Refined Kernel
    hi can anyone send me passreset.zip i'm not able to join telegram comunity whithout my phone
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    Please read thread carefully

    •Based on A505FN firmware
    •80% Odexed for faster system app loading and booting and security.
    •Full photo editor
    •Some custom ringtones and notification sound.
    •Screenshot QS toggle.
    •Applock in advance setting.
    •Call Recording working for most of the regions.
    •Enhanced processing mode
    •Tima and vaultkeeper removed from vendor.
    •Dolby atoms enabled speakers and gaming.
    •Extra CSC features.
    •Debloated and deknoxed
    •Performance and battery improvements
    •Custom default wallpaper
    •Extra features in samsung recordingapp
    •Extra camera features--- Singletake, Full pro and pro video and shot suggestion
    •3mint battery mod
    •Secure folder and samsung health working
    •Bug free
    •Dynamic battery color mod
    •Adaptive power saving for Wi-Fi
    •323 fonts included and i will add more in request


    • Improve system stability
    • Improve camera features now no lag while switching between modes
    • Removed food mode cause useless
    • Highend launcher animation
    • Reduced rom download size
    • Fp animation improved
    • Improvement in aroma installer
    • Now you can select NFC functionality in Aroma
    • Multiuser now part of system
    • AR Zone now selectable in aroma
    • Debloating menu now safe to use
    • Fixed all known bug of V3.5.1
    • Battery life improved
    • HQM Optimization
    • Selfie video in screen recorder
    • Smooth scrolling
    • Improved ui Smoothness
    • SnakeOS exclusive preloaded wallpapers
    Bugs 🐛
    • Bixby removed
    • ANT+ removed
    • It's stock based so no bugs at all

    G Drive || Mega
    *You can choose NFC in aroma
    Extra mods
    This link contains some extra mod like many different fp animation , Bootanimation and dual speaker mod for A50 check it out some Bootanimation need manual replacing.
    link= Mega
    Version information
    Rom Version :
    Android Version : Android 11
    Currentl Build : Stable
    Kernel : No Kernel included

    Android 11 bootloader


    If you are coming from Android 10
    1. Flash stock Android 11 rom uisng Odin
    2. Flash latest Twrp or ofox available for Android 11
    3. Got to your custom recovery and remove encryption 1st
    4. Wipe system vendor and data
    5. Flash the rom you downloaded
    If already updated to Android 11
    1. Go to twrp and make sure you didn't have encryption
    2. Wipe data system and vendor
    3. Flash the rom zip and reboot
    How to root this rom
    Root is completely depends on your Kernel and recovery because magisk work systemless if don't know yet.

    Warning ⚠️ I am telling you again you must update to official One ui 3.1 first and don't forget to backup efs in twrp .

    SnakeOS One ui Tips
    How to pass safety net
    Flash this module Click me and enable magiskhide in magisk manager setting and ignore the Api error use 3rd party app to check safetynet this method is 100% working.

    3mint and dynamic battery mod

    You can choose only one battery icon mod at a time.
    3mint battery online battery fc fix - Go to system_root/system/app/3mint batterysetting and reinstall it.

    Disable this following useless settings
    1.Go to settings/connection/more connection and disable advance messaging and calling.

    2.Go to settings/location and disable emergency locations services.
    3.Go to settings/privacy and disable Android personalization services.

    4.Go to settings/advance features/accessories and disable all
    5.Go to settings/LockScreen settings and disable roaming clock.
    6.Go to settings/Google/Security/Find my Device and turn it off.

    How to fix reboot from lockScreen while changing Kernel and lock screen is set.
    Check here Read this aarticle. passreset



    @el0xren my mentor
    @TenSeventy7 for helping me in many things
    @BlassGO for Google package Installer mod
    @ianmacd for multidisabler
    @redymedan for publishing my rom video and testing
    @Winb33 for Fonts pack
    @By Zonik for contribution in A50 Community and helping me.
    @amarullz for Aroma Installer source
    @DarthJabba9 For lifesaving passreset
    @gharrington for 3mint battery
    @3arthur6 For Bluetooth lib patcher
    SAMSUNG for firmware
    And my all users supporter and whole A50 Community

    If you appreciate my work you can help me by donating me via Paypal


    Screenshot_20210426-093455_Camera.jpgScreenshot_20210424-202318_One UI Home.jpgScreenshot_20210424-202339_One UI Home.jpgScreenshot_20210424-145712_3Minit Battery Settings.jpgScreenshot_20210426-140609_One UI Home.jpg
    Screenshot_20210503-101328_Device care.jpg
    Sir which kernel
    no kernel included flash any kernel you want and it doesnt do anything to your existing kernel and recovery.
    Good Jobs! How to Flash Custom rom Snake OS v3.5 on Samsung Galaxy A50 Android 11.
    Will pubg run in this os.pls tell the best kernel for A50 A505F
    yes PUBG will run in this and i suggest prish kernel latest
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