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{ROM}[OneUI 3.1] Snake OS V3.9[Final]{Updated on 04/08/21}

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Sep 7, 2016
Guys any suggestions for final version and I am gonna use April firmware.
Hey, I don't know if it's okay but I reinstall my phone by wiping the /data at each upgrade, and since the 3.7 included, I don't have the one time initializer launching the first time I boot my phone after the wipe (so I have to configure Internet connection, lock settings, accounts, ..., myself manually in the phone settings)


Senior Member
Dec 24, 2013
Hi,i have some problems with root and kernel.I installed twrp with magusk,but when i update magisk i get boot loop .I tested 2 kerneks,carbon and refenid.Carbon doesn't work for me,with refined kernel i get root,but i must not update moagusk,or i get bootloop.


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Aug 21, 2018
jharkhand INDIA
Samsung Galaxy A50
Hi,i have some problems with root and kernel.I installed twrp with magusk,but when i update magisk i get boot loop .I tested 2 kerneks,carbon and refenid.Carbon doesn't work for me,with refined kernel i get root,but i must not update moagusk,or i get bootloop.
It's kernel limitations Developer already said if you update magsik it will bootloop so use kernel that already have magisk and unpatched twrp
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Jan 15, 2021
The ROM is of excellent quality. However I have 2 minor problems.
The first one being when searching for wifi, it has trouble searching for existing wifis (it tries to connect to a registered wifi but not available. We are obliged to force several times so that it seeks the wifis around).
The second one is the notifications. Many notifications do not appear although everything is well configured in the rights (no problem for SMS, Discord and Facebook, but the rest not)
For the rest, nothing to report.

Problems I didn't have with Copperhead V7.2 🤔

And sorry for this approximate English.
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Jan 7, 2017
TWRP crashes when it starts flashing product, then restart and goes directly to twrp.
If i reboot the phone, it gets stuck on bootlogo.
I'm doing something wrong? i wiped caches, data, system and vendor, and had installed 3.8 before.


Apr 29, 2009
I too have a small problem...
ROM installation, reboot and... false hope, Bootloop
with the symptom : failed mount /product (invalid argument)
Need to reinstall official firmware to be able to reinstall the 3.8 rom.
Back to 3.8
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    Please read thread carefully
    I am not a dev because i just modified stock firmware a bit.As i didn't develop any new thing. I just wanted to share my experience i hopes you like it.

    •Based on A505FN firmware
    •Completely based on stock A50 firmware
    •Some custom ringtones and notification sound.
    •Screenshot in QS toggle.
    •Applock in advance setting.
    •Call Recording working for most of the regions.
    •Enhanced processing mode
    •Tima and vaultkeeper removed from vendor.
    •Dolby atoms enabled speakers and gaming.
    •Extra CSC features.
    •Highly Debloated and deknoxed
    •Performance and battery improvements
    •Custom wallpaper resources
    •Extra features in samsung recording app
    •Extra camera features--- Singletake, Full pro and pro video and shot suggestions and more
    •3mint battery mod
    •Secure folder and samsung health working
    •Dynamic battery color mod
    •Adaptive power saving for Wi-Fi
    •Smooth like butter
    •323 fonts included and i will add more in request


    ×Based on July Security patch firmware
    ×New fingerprint animation and icon
    ×Improvement in aroma installer
    ×Reported V3.8 bug fixes
    ×Many apps and services now aroma selectable
    ×Changed default wallpaper
    ×Fixed some Aroma bugs
    ×Smart reminder fixed
    ×AR Zone now available again
    ×Only some basic camera features
    ×Video brightness now available
    ×Super fast charging animation
    ×Fixed some issues related to OMC
    ×Don't forget to use Galaxy store for updating some system apps
    ×Customization services now available in aroma
    ×Better battery backup

    Bugs 🐛
    • Tell me if you found because i have bad habits to delete system apps

    size 2.34GB

    Snake os V3.8
    Mega||G Drive
    Size 2.32GB
    System ui mods
    1. Dynamic battery color mod
    2. 3mint battery mod
    3. stock battery system ui
    4. Flash in twrp
    Download link AFH
    Bootanimations AFH
    Launcher mods AFH


    Android 11 Kernel like refined ,carbon Kernel and fresh Kernel.


    1. Go to twrp and make sure you didn't have encryption
    2. Wipe data system and vendor and do not wipe product
    3. Flash the rom zip and android 11 kernel if you are in android 10
    4. Reboot system
    How to root this rom
    Root is completely depends on your Kernel and recovery so Flash Refined or Crabon Kernel and reboot system.

    SnakeOS One ui Tips
    How to pass safety net
    Enable magisk hide in magisk manager apk settings

    3mint and dynamic battery mod

    You can choose only one battery icon mod at a time.
    3mint battery online battery fc fix - Go to system_root/system/app/3mint batterysetting and reinstall it.

    How to fix reboot from lockScreen while changing Kernel and lock screen is set.
    Check here Read this article. passreset



    @el0xren my mentor.
    @TenSeventy7 for helping me in many features.
    @BlassGO for Google package Installer mod.
    @ianmacd for multidisabler.
    Yandroid for rresolution Changer
    @redymedan for publishing my rom video and testing.
    @Winb33 for Fonts pack.
    @By Zonik for contributing in A50 Community and helping me.
    @amarullz for Aroma Installer.
    @DarthJabba9 For lifesaving passreset.
    @gharrington for 3mint battery.
    @3arthur6 For Bluetooth lib patcher.
    SAMSUNG for this amazing firmware it's base this rom.
    And my all users,supporter and whole A50 Community .


    Screenshot_20210627-222732_Camera.jpgMockup.jpgMockup(1).jpgScreenshot_20210503-101328_Device care.jpg
    no kernel included flash any kernel you want and it doesnt do anything to your existing kernel and recovery.
    Sir which kernel
    Will pubg run in this os.pls tell the best kernel for A50 A505F
    yes PUBG will run in this and i suggest prish kernel latest