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Jan 23, 2022
Work not well with 2 SIMs, especially Message, can't choose which card to use.
I wonder if the multi-windows is forced to 1:1... Once I try to adjust it, the borderline can only stoped in 50%, 0% or 100%(stop split screen) of the screen.
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Aug 13, 2012
Work not well with 2 SIMs, especially Message, can't choose which card to use.
I wonder if the multi-windows is forced to 1:1... Once I try to adjust it, the borderline can only stoped in 50%, 0% or 100%(stop split screen) of the screen.
There are settings for. Go to system setting, choose first menu "netword & Internet" > "sim cards" and you can set your choice


Mar 22, 2017
Xiaomi Mi 8
OnePlus 9
The issue with the missed incoming calls (like ringing for 1 second and dropping the call) is noted to the dev and I think they are trying to fix it. Also, if you can try to capture some logs with the issue. Those do tend to help a lot. (maybe after a missed call try adb bugreport)

Other than that this is a beautiful ROM!


Jan 23, 2022
There are settings for. Go to system setting, choose first menu "netword & Internet" > "sim cards" and you can set your choice
I set it, but it seems message don't read it. When I touch the button which should switching cards in message, icon of SIM1 and SIM2 jump out, but none of them can be touch. I can only disable one of them to force set another to active. I wonder if it's because they are of the same communication carrier.


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Nov 25, 2014
I can't change in-call volume, can anyone help me with that? Nothing happens when moving the slider, and the volume is stuck to max
Did you find a fix for that? I don't see anyone replied to this for you, I have the same problem first I thought it was telegram but it's on all calls apps including the normal dialer it's annoying when you're on video calls but I guess it's better than being too quiet

I just thought... Maybe it's cause we updated on top of the old version? If we had root that might also add to the problem, I'm considering a fresh install but it's soo time consuming to back up everything and restore alone


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Jun 6, 2022
Absolutely fantastic ROM! Has a lot of customizability. It could do with music control gestures like two finger swipe to pause/play. And auto resume music playback once a Bluetooth speaker is connected would be nice too.

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    Hey another day another rom, that's what you might be thinking. but we at stag aim towards elegance. We are learners just like everyone out there, This is small project we have started which helps us learn every single day. Why Stag, you might question, my answer would be why not. After all Harry's patronus was a stag(pun intended). After having a couple of iterations, we still intend to stick to our roots, and keep refining what we have. With Android 12, Stag would still be aiming at an elegantly beautiful close to stock experience, that satisfies just the features and customisations you'd crave for (nothing more, nothing less), at the same time being blazing fast and silky smooth. You'll have to try it to believe it ;).

    ~Sic Parvis Magna~

    PS: for people wondering what sic parvis magna is, it translates to great endings from small beginnings, Something i picked up while playing a game.

    Credits where they are Due:

    Google(No explanation needed n this regards)

    Lineage(For starting of the custom rom war)​

    * Your warranty is now void.
    * I am not responsible for bricked devices, dead SD cards,
    * thermonuclear war, or you getting fired because the alarm app failed. Please
    * do some research if you have any concerns about features included in this ROM
    * before flashing it! YOU are choosing to make these modifications, and if
    * you point the finger at me for messing up your device, I will laugh at you.

    This Build is a Beta Build, I will not be responsible for any kind of issues that might come up (while flashing)


    Pristine Build - Non Gapps: Download Here
    Gapps Build: Download Here


    1. You tell me :p


    1. Refresh rate switch
    2. Advanced Reboot
    3. Google Style monet made better thanks to ProtonAOSP and kdragon
    4. OOS Style Screen Recorder (Check qs tiles)
    5. Enforcing Build
    6. CTS Passes
    7. Unlimited Google photos backup (Fingerprint spoofed)
    8. CTS Passes sucessfully
    9. Face Unlock
    10. Less Annoying Notifications
    11. Working Gcam Pre Installed
    12. Ambient Display Gestures
    13. Off Screen Getures
    14. OTA Support
    And much much more, hope you all love the build.
    The build will be updated with bug fixes, but please don't ask ETA.
    Hope you like it.

    Please follow the instructions properly.
    **Make sure your boot loader is unlocked**

    Follow These Instructions if you are on OOS 11 or OOS 11 Based ROM
    Download the boot.img from here
    Reboot to bootloader
    Use the following command to flash boot.img to both slots
    fastboot flash boot_a boot.img
    fastboot flash boot_b boot.img
    Reboot to recovery
    Format Data (Optional if already on Stag)
    Select Apply update
    Run the following command
    adb sideload

    Follow These Instructions if you are on OOS 12 or OOS 12 Based ROM
    Download the boot.img, vendor_boot.img, debt.img from here
    Reboot to bootloader
    Use the following command to flash boot.img to both slots
    fastboot flash dtbo dtbo.img
    fastboot flash vendor_boot vendor_boot.img
    fastboot flash boot_a boot.img
    fastboot flash boot_b boot.img
    Reboot to recovery
    Format Data (Optional if already on Stag)
    Select Apply update
    Run the following command
    adb sideload

    If none of the above methods work, please use the following.
    Beware this is OOS 12 C.48 based build so it is important that you follow instructions properly and that you are own OOS 12 C.48.
    All builds can be found here


    The Proper due credits will be updated promptly, A huge thanks to the Lineage team and luk for bring up of OnePlus 9 trees.
    A huge huge thanks to everyone who helped me test it, and develop:
    @chandu dyavanapelli for helping me with 12 bringup
    @aswin_a_s forhelping me deal with some huge issues, and stabilizing source (both rom and device)​

    @tbiwalkar for always actively testing out 9 builds all the time​

    EtherealRemnant for testing in general and also, testing multiple builds out to help me fix Verizon.​

    Yashwant for testing almost all the builds, which made it possible for this build today
    Robert, @Jhoopes517, rohan, avid_droid for testing the builds promptly and reporting all the major bugs.
    This release would have been super difficult without your help. Thanks a lot.
    I am extremeley sorry if I forgot someone, please dm me and I will promptly add your names.
    and currently this build is work in progress.​


    I work on this project as a hobby, and the money for the servers completely go out from my pocket.
    If you like my work it'd be great if you could:
    I would really appreciate it.
    Thanks and hope you enjoy the build

    ROM OS Version: Android 12.1
    ROM Kernel: Linux 5.4.x GKI
    Based On: AOSP

    Version Information
    Current Build Version: 12.1
    Build Release Date: 2022-08-09
    Warning: Contains No way Home Spoiler

    To everyone using StagOS

    I have been listening to all the responses you've been sharing, and there's a huge bunch of changes, as amazing as the last release if not better, coming up.
    It's not OOS camera yet, but there's too much more.
    I am just waiting so I can do this release with android 12.1
    Until then I hope you have an amazing time with stag, and maybe cast a patronus :p.

    See ya!
    ~Sic Parvis Magna~
    Changelog - 08/09/2022
    Hey everyone, this update took a bit longer. I have been super busy with life. I'll keep changelog this time short and concise.

    1. OOS Cam is finally here, everything works.
    2. Build is based on August Patch
    3. Added volte icon
    4. And some stability fixes :).

    Hope you enjoy this release, this will be the final A12 release for OP9 series, see you in A13

    Changelog - 20/07/2022
    Hola, We're here quicker then before. This stag build is a simple elegant build that has some beautiful additions. Firstly the build is updated to July Security Patch. Up to date AF.

    I'll directly jump on to changelog:
    1. Now you have multiple options in alert slider, it's a waste just using alert slider for silent, sound and vibrate. Let's use it for a lot more than that. We call it the Awesome Alert Slider.
    2. Added option for higher touch sampling rate.
    3. We have an OOS style clear all icon in notifications, it's boring to see clear all text.
    4. Now you can flaunt android 12L in your version hehe.
    5. We have a screen off fod now, you can use fingerprint when screen is off. You can find the option in Settings > System > Gestures.
    6. And many crashes fixed internally :))

    Changelog - 23/06/2022
    Guys this is a small hot fix build that ensures that sensors are fixed. The older update had a bug due to which all sensors stopped working

    Changelog - 21/06/2022 - Sensors Broken
    Hiya, This time the changelog might turn out pretty long, so yup stay tuned. Before anything else, Yes I realise the time between updates is kinda long, honestly I really try had to get it to you guys much sooner, but this is the best I can do. Another factor that comes in is, every time I add a new feature or fix a bug, I feel like there's something else that can be better, and I go on to fix/work on that, this cycle keeps happening because come on guys, I want to ship out nothing but the absolute best for you guys to use.
    And this time with the OOS 12 base, a lot of things broke, and I had to work on fixing things from around up, so without further ado I'll jump right into the changelog. As always, will start with what's bad

    Assuming not everyone will read through, please follow the install instructions carefully, as mentioned in OP. else you might end up in brick

    So there are two known bugs which I really couldn't fix at this point:
    1. Low mic volume in recording apps, calls are perfectly fine (some reported that if you turn on speaker in call once after every reboot, the mic seemingly becomes better)
    2. Speaker starts crackling in specific audio (only on max volume) otherwise it's absolutely fine as long as you don't hit the absolulte max.

    Ok that aside, now let's get into the good news, the juicy part :p:
    Device Specific:
    1. Ok the biggest change, Now the builds are going to be OOS 12 based, partly the reason why there was an even bigger delay, but man o man, the build just flies, you'll forget using any other OS.
    2. Biggest challenge was to get the haptics right, the vibrations you feel when you touch your keyboard, or the the haptics when there's a notification, OOS 12 base created a huge mess with them but guess what, you'll not have to worry about them because the haptics are much much better than ever, you'll just fall in love with how your phone vibes (literally hehe).
    3. On a few requests, I've decided not to include Gcam in this build, whoever wants are free to install whichever version you want to go with :).
    4. Verizon sims should finally work, Had multiple tests this time so you should have it working for sure, here's to everyone waiting with a Verizon sim.
    5. And everything else that yo love and remember from previous version exactly as they were, if not better 😉

    Rom Side:
    So here's a lot more magic this time, about time I felt the need of a few essential and good to have feature additions without in the slightest compromising how the usability feels.
    1. We now have a working GameSpace dashboard, like for every gaming enthusiasts, finally you can game with the full power without any disturbance of notification.
    2. Again for all the gamers out there, we have added some props to allow a game to unlock the maximum FPS possible, for more info:
    * Free Fire - Spoof Asus ROG Phone 1 will unlock 90 FPS
    * COD Mobile - Spoof Xperia 5 || will unlock 120 FPS (only on multiplayer mode)
    * PUBG Mobile - Spoof OnePlus 8 Pro will unlock 90 FPS
    * Wild Rift - Spoof OnePlus 8 Pro will unlock 120 FPS
    * Cyber Hunter - Spoof OnePlus 8 Pro will unlock 90 FPS
    * Fortnite - Spoof OnePlus 8 Pro will unlock 90 FPS
    3. For apps builds, now we ship a modded Pixel Launcher (credits: source). Gone is the pain of using a half baked custom icons. This is a much more optimised pixel launcher with a lot more goodies (like upto 6x9 grid in launcher)
    4. A small aesthetic change, re arranged the layout of qs tiles, gone are the tiles which you rarely used and a rather depreciated wifi/mobile data tile. Now we have separate tiles for mobile data and wifi just like we remember and love from Android 11, and that's what is default.
    5. Ohh and on the note of QS tiles, Hasn't it been annoying when you long tap on wifi just to be able to quickly connect but you are having to change the screen, now a small panel pops up as an overlay on the existing screen allowing you to work without leaving whatever you were doing.
    6. A proper lock screen charging info, Instead of the boring wrong display, the estimate and wattage have now been fixed, and as multiple people questioned, yes Warp Charging does work :).
    7. And a highly requested feature (and I can see why), long press power button to turn on torch. You ask and thee shall receive, this build comes with the said feature.
    8. Now we allow you to have a haptic feedback on QS tiles, when you tap on that, you know want that, don't you.
    9. Some over the hood source changes, that'll make scrolling and animations go whoosh (faster and smoother), especially optimising the download and upload animations.
    10. And a huge addition to feature list, Network traffic on status bar. For everyone who have been asking it is finally here.
    11. Making life easier with this one, giving you an option to complete pull down the quick status bar either from left side or right side, depending on what you select. So you select, let's say right side, now if you pull down from left you'll have notifications. and if you pull down from right side you'll have the QS tiles. pretty handy right :).
    12. Added an Ambient music ticker, that'll flash new songs on ambient display, I personally love this, happy to finally be able to have it on stag :).
    13. Ok finally everything bugging with lock screen pin and pattern has been fixed, which allows to have scrambled pin layout back :)).
    14. Now directly delete a screenshot if you do not like it, directly from the preview when you take a new screenshot.
    15. That's not all, now you can directly feed a screenshot into google lens, isn't that cool.
    16. Added font customisation and a huge bunch of fonts, you'll absolutely love it. (We also have status bar, launcher icon customisations) you can find them in Horns > System.
    17. Don't like watching '!' when mobile data is off ? worry not you can disable that now. see super thoughtful of me :p (just kidding)
    18. If you are like me, you just want to watch the battery percentage on quick header and not something like "6 hours remaining", so like any sane person would do, I have added an option for you guys to be able to delete it.

    Well that's all the changes for this update people....
    oops spoke too soon, there's,more

    19. Here's a little gesture touch, we now give you an option to turn of sleep either by double tapping on status bar or double tapping on Lock Screen. Use both or use neither upto you.
    20. Wanna wake up your device using volume keys instead of power button. Just like shenron would say: "Your wish has been granted"
    21. Ever seen a Samsung phone, Noticed their pop up notification (click here for reference), See how non intrusive and beautiful they look, don't be sad, you can have a very similar experience in stag, just go ahead and enable reticker from Horns. yay!!!
    22. Ever see all the real estate in the status bar being wasted, the clock being so annoyed stuck beside camera, now you have the ability to customise it's location and the control that gives is amazing.
    23. Made battery settings beautiful, added battery health info and capacity info so you also know what you have.
    24. Added data usage panel.
    25. Nav bar inversion, used to inverted back and recents layout, fear not when stag is here.
    26. Smart auto-rotate, i.e. you rotate the phone by mistake when auto rotate is on, and phone just annoyingly rotates? not gonna happen that often anymore, phone will keep a track of your face and rotate only when it deems necessary based on orientation of your phone. (Will lead to higher battery consumption)

    I could go on, but that's about most of it, there's still tiny under the hood improvements which aim at making stag ever better,
    A huge change set this time, so I really am looking forward for you guys to try this build out, I really really wish you would love it and never want to leave :p..
    Happy Flashing

    ~Sic Parvis Magna~

    Changelog - 10/04/2022
    Hola guys long time no see, I know I promised monthly updates, but this one stretched far too long. The reasons include my college and android 12.1, which was a huge pain for me. But nevertheless here we are as stable as ever :)).. Ok as always
    Without further ado, I'll quickly list down the Changelog.
    Bad news first:
    1. We won't be having OOS camera anytime soon, Almost everything works except for rear normal photo, I need some help for fixing hence I am not including it in release builds. If anyone wants to try it out, feel free to pm me on telegram: @vjspranav.

    Ok that was it, everything further just keeps getting better.

    Device Specific
    * Tweaked the position of alert slider UI to make it feel more natural.
    * There was a small chance of sim not being detected on first boot, that has been fixed.
    * Issues with Verizon have been fixed. A few devices report it as working, a few report it as broken, so you can probably just try it out and let me know.
    * Wait must have been super annoying to see wrong charging info on Lock Screen, stuck at some 1hr 24 mins always. Now your phone works as it should have! Lock-screen charging info now shows correct estimates.
    * One of the biggest things, we no longer spoof our whole device as pixel, It detects as a oneplus and that helps a great deal with refresh rate in a few apps. And guess what!?
    CTS still successfully passes :)).
    * Added a bit of optimised charging support, although you can't control start stop percentage, your phone will still make sure to stop charging after a certain point. This will be adapted based on your usage.
    * Finally for everyone not being able to flash gapps on pristine build, Now you can do so and much more, The issue has been fixed. You can flash any and every apps package, be it micro, mini, full or stock.
    * For people having Indian version or any other version which does not support wireless charging, they were unable to turn off, power sharing. Now you all don't have to worry :).

    * Updated to Android 12.1 with April security patch, nothing but the latest and the best.
    * Added back charging animation ripple removed as part of 12.1 by Google.
    * Temporarily removed pocket lock as it is causing issues with device wake.
    * Added quick unlock with pin, many have asked for it.
    * Added option to enable always on display on charging only.
    * Added options to customise fonts and styles of status bar.
    * And a lot of under the hood changes thanks to both android 12.1 and also things we at stag do.

    As always, stag is as good as you last remember it if not better. I really hope you enjoy the build, and keep showing the love!!.


    Changelog - 25/02/2022
    Hello everyone, first of all, sorry for the delay of two months. I was super busy with life and had covid and college and stuff, secondly I am super happy and thrilled for the support everyone has been giving. I really hope you find this build and also the next exactly to your liking if not more :p.
    Without further ado, I'll quickly list down the changelog.

    Device Specific
    * Firstly The clock being overlapped by camera cut out, padding issue has been fixed.
    * On Lock Screen, you must've seen FP icon and charging info overlapping each other, this issue has also been fixed.
    * You must've loved the new unlock animations of A12 right?, But I'm sure everyone felt, the power button location of animation is off, guess what we've got that fixed too!
    * Ohh how could I forget, the dreaded ring issue, you won't have to face it anymore, every call you do will for sure have a ring giving you the peace of the call being connected and not having to face surprises.
    * We Added OnePlus Specific Settings, That let you select Hyper Touch, Edge touch etc.
    * Added Touch screen gestures, these are just love (we also support single tap for ambient display :))
    * Wake device on pick up, and a couple more ambient display options have been added.
    * Build comes with a pre installed working GCam on gapps build.
    * Wanted to share your battery to your friends? We have power share toggle added, you can wirelessly or through wire charge your friends phone or any chargeable device!

    If you think those are good, wait till you see, what the ROM brings :p
    * Updated to February patch.
    * Ever wanted to look at your phone, and just wanted it to unlock, no sweat, stag has the long awaited face unlock support now.
    * We have ota support now, all further builds can be downloaded and installed seamlessly over OTA.
    * Added an idle battery manager, this helps in saving idle battery.
    * Guess what ever wanted too listen to your class and YouTube, and wanted to decrease volume of your class/meeting only ? It's now possible, we have per app volume control, let your meeting run in silence and let the music begin!. (just kidding, we have the feature but don't miss out on classes :p)
    * I believe there was an issue with no default notification or ringtone in the last build, worry not we got you covered!
    * And remember that annoying screenshot sound ? I don't, because we don't have it anymore.
    * And And, Live translate works, Complete the initial setup and update all apps, and you're all set.
    * For all the enthusiasts, we have an amazing black theme, I know you are there and you are going to love it!
    * You scared your phone gets unlocked in your pocket? Well just a toggle and your phone can be smart enough to not unlock as long as it's in your pocket! with pocket lock.
    * You like your brightness slider at the bottom? Do not want to see the auto brightness icon ? Or don't want to see the bar at all ? Well you can do all of them now.
    * We have saner heads up now, if you are constantly annoyed by every notification pop up on your screen! Explore it to know it.

    * We are working on OOS Cam, we have potrait pro mode etc working, so expect to see the next build with OOS Cam :).

    and too much more, small changes and tweaks to make your experience the best possible!!.

    Due to the volume of changes, it is highly recommended to clean flash for the best experience.
    Guys guess what will have a update real soon in a day or 2
    changelog isn't as huge but definitely stability updates included.
    The main start of the show is flashing, the flashing will now be super easy irrespective of whether you are on oos 11 or oos 12,
    Pain of MSM no more.
    Stay Tuned for more

    PS: this is if testing goes perfectly :)
    ~sic parvis magna~
    Guys latest build has been has been uploaded, change log has been posted in the third post :

    There are a plethora of changes without the slightest compromise in stability, if anything it will be better!!!

    If you enjoy the build please consider

    Would help me out a lot 😄

    ~sic parvis magna~