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[ROM][OREO][NEXUS 6P] crDroid Android 4.7.2 [FINAL][21 DEC]

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sage of six paths

Senior Member
Oct 15, 2014
3 hours isnt really a good battery life. Get the battery from the guy above, this is the best battery i've bought so far. If it holds 6 months like this ill buy another one. I didnt have early shutdowns on pie untill my battery was crap, but i did have some restarts on aosip when watching isntagram stories that are filmed like vids, but no issues now.

As far as 10 goes, its prolly 6 months from being stable like the pies are now, so i wouldn't really try it yet, there is no benefit.
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sage of six paths

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Oct 15, 2014
Heres the sot tday, about an hour and a half of lte rest is wifi. Sorry about the huge image, i didnt know how to make it smaller :/

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Apr 30, 2015
Heres the sot tday, about an hour and a half of lte rest is wifi. Sorry about the huge image, i didnt know how to make it smaller :/


Got to agree on this here, battery life is excellent. So far so good, i was always a RR user but this rom... i used to have it on S6 edge, was blazing fast and some sweets better than RR, native SU is sweet.

sage of six paths

Senior Member
Oct 15, 2014
I have moved past this device, on mi note 10 lite now. Used Crdroid on that device and it was excellent, but the 7.2 version i used could not game. That is call of duty was crashing so I swithced roms. Other that it was excellent. There is no official maintainer for that device and i cant do it my self.

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    Welcome to the goodness of Oreo. This topic will be dedicated to our bring up of Oreo for Nexus 6P.

    While the feature list will be constantly updated, remember the ROM is in beta stage and would expect logs if you want to report issue.

    Feature Highlights:
    Click Here

    Nexus 6P Specific Feature Highlights:
    • Sigma Kernel - Upstreamed stable kernel
    • OTA support
    • Arm-v8a optimizations

    Pre-installation Notes:
    • Forced encryption is present
    • Requires latest Oreo 8.1 firmware to boot
    • Latest official TWRP works fine

    Installation Steps:
    1. Backup your existing apps and data
    2. Boot to recovery
    3. Wipe System
    4. Wipe Userdata, if coming from another ROM
    5. Flash ROM and ARM64 Gapps
    6. Native root can be enabled under Dev Options in Settings. You can optionally flash Magisk for alternate root.
    7. Reboot and profit

    Download Links:

    Loving this? Support us by donating. :good:
    Join us on Telegram for crDroid on Nexus 6P. :fingers-crossed:

    Cheers! :cool:

    XDA:DevDB Information
    crDroid Android, ROM for the Huawei Nexus 6P

    Source Code: https://github.com/crdroidandroid

    ROM OS Version: 8.x Oreo
    ROM Kernel: Linux 3.10.x

    Version Information
    Status: Stable

    Created 2017-12-22
    Last Updated 2018-12-21
    Final Update

    Here's final update for crDroid Oreo. It contains latest December security merges, fixes and improvements.



    Cheers! See you on PIE soon?!
    New build is up! v4.2 with new goodies :)

    Short changelog:

    • New revamped launcher based on Rootless Pixel Launcher
    • Introduce native font customization (crDroid settings > UI)
    • Added support to display battery info on Ambient screen (crDroid Settings > UI)
    • Added toggle to disable FP wake and unlock
    • Moved all Ambient Settings and Gesture Settings under crDroid for ease access
    • Many other fixes and improvements all over system
    • angler: Update kernel with fixes from mainstream

    Happy flashing!!

    READ before you download. This build requires clean flash especially if you are coming from Beta 13 else you won't able to unlock the screen. Beta 13 upgraded encryption API making difficult for many devices to decrypt on TWRP. So, we switched back to older API. So, backup apps before you flash. Also, following LOS this requires OPM3 firmware to be flashed at least once.

    Now, we are out of beta and have switched to nightly builds. Nightly builds are stable and ready for daily use.


    • Clock customizations
    • Battery customizations
    • Ambient display customizations using sensors
    • Suspend actions
    • Performance improvements
    • Improved dark theme
    • Improved UI
    • Improved OTA support


    Latest Gapps (arm64):

    OPM3 firmware (extract and flash):

    Cheers! Happy flashing :)

    Thanks for the reviews. We will do better.

    Here's a new update. We moving to 4.1 weekly builds with new features and improvements.

    Short changelog:

    • Added google assist, voice, search tiles.
    • Added dark notifications support
    • Added toggle to switch black amoled dark style
    • Added ticker animation customization
    • Fixed intermittent theming issues
    • Platform compiled with optimized snapdragon clang
    • Added screen off animations customizations (crdroid settings > user interface)
    • Added screen record tile
    • Enhanced call block support (from Android P)
    • Fixed intermittent conflict issue between expanded desktop and keyguard
    • Improved slim recents
    • Removed fancy colon from lock screen to let themes works properly


    Cheers and happy weekend to everyone!