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[ROM][OREO] Pixel Experience [AOSP][Android 8.1-9.x]

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Jan 3, 2011
Okay thanks. Only have to find a recovery where the touchscreen works or where I don't have to to wipe whole internal storage to see my files in TWRP file manager :confused: :laugh:

You don't have to wipe the whole internal storage. There is a workaround, if you need to use twrp, disable the pin lock, then TWRP won't have to decrypt anything.
And is not like you are going to boot to TWRP every single day.
A small hassle, till there is a new version of twrp
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Apr 13, 2015
Can't unlock bootloader!!!
I've tried to unlock bootloader..website says that sms code has been sent to my phone but i haven't received any code...so my device is not eligible to unlock bootloader. What do i do? I really want to test this rom ?


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Oct 9, 2016
Xiaomi Mi 6
Very nice and neat Rom. Thank you so much @Verevka :good::good:
Battery is on par with crDroid, about 1% per hour at night and it's still too soon to tell about SOT but I think it is good too. Remember to turn off NFC.
Very smooth, without any lag, no problem with Gboard.
And for those fellas having issues with Magisk-hide, try this: Don't install Magisk with the Rom, install the Rom, boot it once, don't set any pin or password, then go back to TWRP and flash Magisk ( I use 15.3 version ). This way Magisk-hide will work ( Well works for me ) and there is no need to install Magisk Manager afterwards, and also no need for safetynet-fix
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Oct 9, 2016
Xiaomi Mi 6
It's not important, this ota :D I just waiting for stability and performance feedback :) im tired of using miui
IMO it's stable enough for daily use, camera works good, battery is like what you get on MIUI, I just flashed it last night, but I haven't seen any problem.
Here is a screenshot for battery:


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    Welcome to the goodness of Oreo-Pie. This topic will be dedicated to our bring up of Oreo-Pie for Xiaomi Mi6.

    While the feature list will be constantly updated, remember the ROM is in beta stage and would expect logs if you want to report issue.

    An AOSP based ROM, with gapps included, and all Pixel stuffs (launcher, wallpapers, icons, fonts, bootanimation).

    Xiaomi Mi6 Specific Feature Highlights:
    Miui/Google camera


    Installation Steps:
    Backup your existing apps and data
    Boot to recovery
    Wipe System
    Wipe Userdata, if coming from another ROM
    Flash firmware
    Flash ROM
    Flash Magisk for root (if you need)

    If after updating GoogleCamera photographs with a pink color, clear the data / cache in the settings of GoogleCamera applications.

    Download Links:

    Support us by donating.

    XDA DevDB Information
    PixelExperience ROM for the Xiaomi Mi6

    Verevka, ShevT
    Source Code: https://github.com/PixelExperience

    ROM OS Version: 8.1-9.0
    ROM Kernel: Linux 4.4.x

    Version Information
    Status: Official

    Created 2018-02-03
    Last Updated 2019-05-07
    A solution for notification toggles being out of their borders on default screen size:
    Go to developer options, under the "Drawing" section, set "Smallest width" to 372. The bigger this number, the smaller screen elements get, default size is 360 and 372 is closest number to default that fixes the toggles size issue.
    PixelExperience returned :) In the near future will be available on the official website
    PixelExperience 9.0 Update!!!


    Fbe enabled, add GoogleCameraMod