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Jun 28, 2022
Moto G7
Xiaomi Mi A3
How have you enabled the showing of the back image (and the front) of the phone in phone settings. Stock rom has not this enabled and you can only see the front image.


Nov 30, 2022
I tried to reflash therom again and now I'm stuck at bootloading. It doesn't loop, it's just stuck. Also whenI'm flashing, it says Failed to Decrypt Data. What can I do to fix this?


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Apr 3, 2014
Samsung Galaxy A52 4G
How have you enabled the showing of the back image (and the front) of the phone in phone settings. Stock rom has not this enabled and you can only see the front image.
Take a look at this:



Feb 25, 2018
Hello everyone, can someone help me?

Install the rom but when starting the system the front camera does not work, only the rear one works.

I have android bl 13.

and perform the procedure as it is in this thread.

Would anyone have a solution if you are so kind, I would appreciate it.

Jack Droid

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Jul 15, 2014
Hi all,
maybe it is a stupid question but let's try....

If this rom is based on S21FE stock firmware, may we use the custom rom released for S21FE phone on our A52S 5G ?


I take the occasion for express my gratitude for this fantastic rom to ShaDisNX255

After a couple of week of using, I have had all run smoothly and no matters happens so thank you again,

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    Update: Hey guys, I know I usually don't give updates on stuff that's WIP but I just had to let you guys know. I'm very excited to announce that I've been working with some super awesome pro devs and we're almost ready to launch OTA update support to NcX ROM

    Testing's been looking great, only a few details to fix but they're completely functional at this stage and will be appearing in the next big NcX update.

    Stay tuned!

    NcX May update now released
    You can check the details in OP
    feature request: toggle between 4 and 5 bars, personal preference I liked 4 a bit more
    I'll try to remove it, didn't like it that much either

    Can you add a function: Long press back - force close the application?
    Couldn't find a working guide, skipping for now

    Help please I can't chose CSC I try default installation and advanced installation how can I fixed
    View attachment 5912423
    This happens when you recently flashed a new CSC you weren't using previously. You need to skip CSC features but if you really want them, dirty flash the ROM after having booted to system at least once.
    Trying to come from Lineage 20.0 to NcX but results in a boot loop every time, even after wiping caches and data. Do I potentially need to go back to stock then flash NcX?
    A simple wipe data isn't enough, you need a full format.
    Screenshots and app report 1440p, but i dont notice any extra clarity
    Well that's obviously because it's limited by your screen which can only output 1080p
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    NcX S21FE Port for Samsung Galaxy A52s 5G
    Updated to OneUI 5. This is the successor to RayOS. Wanted a different name/logo for the OneUI 5 version, so enjoy!

    * Warning, your warranty is now void.
    * We are not responsible for bricked devices, dead SD cards,
    * thermonuclear war, or you getting fired because the alarm app failed. Please
    * do some research if you have any concerns about flashing this ROM
    * before flashing it! YOU are choosing to make these modifications, and if
    * you point the finger at us for messing up your device, we will laugh at you. HARD!

    Supported variants!
    • SM-A528B

    • Based on S21 FE May firmware (G990BXXS4EWE3)
    • OTA Support
    • Resolution change in Settings
    • Voice Focus
    • Gallery object cut/copy from S23 series
    • [Optional] Bootanimation zip support instead of Samsung's qmg implementation
    • DeX working
    • Live Blur
    • Native AppLock
    • Advanced Reboot options
    • Bluetooth patched
    • Fix for Camera (thanks to @BlackMesa123 and @DavidArsene )
    • Remaster Picture in Gallery
    • Allow screenshots on secure apps
    • Fixed Private Share and Secure Wifi
    • Secure Folder fixed
    • Smart Widgets (Already on S21FE FW by default)
    • Object eraser (Already on S21FE FW by default)
    • Debloated
    • Edge Lighting fully enabled (Already on S21FE FW by default)
    • High-End Animations (Already on S21FE FW by default)
    • Enhanced pocessing (this also probably doesn't do anything, but give it a try) (Already on S21FE FW by default)
    • CSC Features like:
      • Stock call recording
      • Speed meter on statusbar
      • Spam call blocker
    • Added camera privacy toggle to remove camera access across apps (Already on S21FE FW by default)
    • Added HDR10+ lines (improves effect in HDR content)
    • Added optional AOD to clock animation. Avoid using it with FOD. You can disable it in the installer.

    Screenshot_20221226_092841_One UI Home.jpg
    Screenshot_20221226_092951_App Lock.jpg
    Screenshot_20221226_095205_Photo Editor.jpg
    Screenshot_20221226_095211_Photo Editor.jpg
    Screenshot_20221226_095453_Private Share.jpg
    Screenshot_20221226_095923_Android System.jpg
    Screenshot_20230104_110157_Call settings.jpg

    I decided to show my work so to speak on GitHub. You can see the list of all the apps I removed and all the lines that were added to camera and floating features. Feel free to take a look and make pull requests if you want me to add something on potential future releases.

    • Changing wallpaper no longer prompts changing color palette [bug introduced by Samsung]
    • Share external doesn't work on Facebook

    • 30/May/2023: Release based on May S21FE Firmware (G990BXXS4EWE3)
      • Officially added OTA support
      • Removed 5 signal bars in CSC features
      • Fixed Reboot to download mode - SystemUI
      • Fixed document scan crash
    • 26/April/2023: Release based on April S21FE Firmware (G990BXXU4EWC7)
      • Fixed volume bar not being themed (thanks to Samsung)
      • Added 5 signal bars in CSC features
      • Add multiple resolution options in Settings
    • 31/March/2023:Released based on March S21FE Firmware (G990BXXS3EWC4)
      • Update to OneUI 5.1
      • Add Voice Focus in calls
      • Add Gallery object cut/copy [special thanks to [email protected] for providing the necessary libs]
    • 12/February/2023:Released based on January S21FE Firmware (G990BXXU2DWA4)
      • Fixed block capabilities for SMS and calls (you may need to re-install your stock CSC before applying this)
      • Added Quick Switch in Secure Folder settings (same as above)
      • Updated installation visual instructions
      • Changed under-display FP animation to flagship ripple
      • Removed SSRM warning for people who use MCK kernel
    • 03/January/2022:Release based on December S21 FE Firmware (G990BXXS2DVK4)
    • 05/December/2022: Release based on November S21 FE Firmware (G990BXXU2DVK3)


    • Orangefox or TWRP
    • Being unencrypted (recommended)
    • Android 13 Bootloader (Android 12 BL may break camera features)

    • Video tutorial here
    • Add zip to either internal memory or SD card
    • OPTIONAL but recommended: Format data. This will erase media too.
    • Flash zip via custom recovery and read the on-screen information. ROM installs in 2 steps.
    • After step 1 is complete, you should be able to reboot to recovery and flash the zip again
    • Follow instructions and make the selections based on your preference
    • [Optional]: Flash Magisk

    @SuperR. For his Super R's Kitchen which you can find here:
    @topjohnwu for Magisk
    @BlassGO for dynamic installer, which makes this installation easy. You can find dynamic installer here:
    @kirbynx for allowing me to use some aspects of her setup of Dynamic Installer and for the Samsung Services disabler.
    @SkylinesHD for his continued work in the A72 scene and continuing to share his knowledge
    @ricci206 for various fixes and mods posted here:
    @ananjaser1211 for always being there willing to help on all my questions and support.
    @BlackMesa123 for a lot of his help, giving advice and sharing his knowledge
    @Simon1511 for his help with kernel and development in general.
    @Flylarb for helping me fix Remaster Picture
    @DavidArsene for his method to bypass the Samsung Health knox check which was shared in the Telegram Development group
    @PhatWalrus for the changes made to updater script to auto detect step 1 and 2
    @afaneh92 for helping me add bootanimation zip support in OneUI 5
    @sameepkambli__ for his wonderful NcX custom bootanimation, I think it looks great!
    @ All my testers
    @ Samsung for the firmware
    @ To users like you!

    If you feel I missed you, please give me a PM so I can add you
    Q: Will this work on A52 4G or A52 5G?
    A: No, I included A52s 5G specific vendor with hw libs. This will only work on A52s 5G

    Q: Will this work on A73 5G?
    A: I have no clue. I've been told HW is very similar with a few lib exceptions but I honestly have no interest on supporting this device. Anyone else is free to try and flash and fix it for A73, you've got my support.

    Q: How can I report a bug?
    A: Try and be as detailed as possible on how you encountered the bug. If you can include a logcat then even better. The more information provided the more likely it is to get the bug fixed.

    Q: Can I flash this ROM without wiping my phone (dirty flash)?
    A: There have been reports of this being successful, but I never do it myself. I always try to use the same bases to make the ROMs so in theory it can be done similar to an OTA update. All up to you, a clean wipe is always recommended for the best performance.

    Q: Help, I'm getting "secure check fail :" what should I do?
    A: This is usually an error produced by mismatch in bootloader and the ROM images. To fix this, the easiest way is to install the latest stock firmware or the firmware best close to the version of the ROM you want to install (install February 2023 firmware if you want to install NcX February 2023 or install stock March 2023 firmware if you want to install NcX March 2023...etc...)

    Q: Why aren't OTA updates installed automatically?
    A: There's a bit of unfortunate news regarding this. Current OTA updates depend on TWRP's openrecoveryscript which seem to be broken on the latest TWRP official releases on both my A52s and A52. I don't like bothering TWRP devs or maintainers so I've passed on reporting it because it's really not widely used and for some reason stuff like crDroid OTA works fine on it. It could be that I'm working with outdated code but I'm not skilled enough to fix it.
    If you want to keep using the latest TWRP, the way you install OTA's is following:
    • Download the update when available
    • When pressing Install, it should reboot to recovery. If it doesn't because you don't have Magisk installed, reboot to recovery manually
    • Once in recovery, select Flash on TWRP or directly navigate to the following directory with OrangeFox
    • sdcard/Android/data/com.mesalabs.ten.update/files
    • Flash the zip in the directory and wait for update to finish
    • [Optional] Wipe cache and dalvik cache
    • Reboot to system
    If you want to use an outdated TWRP with openrecoveryscript working fine (which I really don't recommend unless you only want to use NcX and not any other ROMs), you can install the attached TWRP build which is unofficial and should not be used for any AOSP ROMs. The only benefit you'll get is that OTAs will get installed automatically.
    This may be fixed in the future but for now, this is the current state of OTA updates

    I don't do this for monetary compensation. I have fun making edits and personally using my own creations. I don't mind sharing my work for all to use. If you want to invite me a coffee, you can give a small donation to my PayPal or Wise account. It motivates me to improve my work and I like coffee :)
    Donate to:


    Wise: [email protected]
    Do not update to the official February security patch if you want to continue using this ROM.
    Samsung bumped the bootloader version and NcX will not work due to BL version missmatch and you will not be able to downgrade to January security patch as well!

    NcX will not update to February security patch. S21FE firmware is already in OneUI 5.1 so NcX will only update after this device gets OneUI 5.1 officially.

    You have been warned.
    Join our Telegram group

    Check out the latest projects on our Telegram group, where we share our advancement on new things and try to help as best as we can.
    For anything already released, please ask here in XDA

    Link: Telegram Group

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    Link: Grupo Android
    Update: Hey guys, I know I usually don't give updates on stuff that's WIP but I just had to let you guys know. I'm very excited to announce that I've been working with some super awesome pro devs and we're almost ready to launch OTA update support to NcX ROM

    Testing's been looking great, only a few details to fix but they're completely functional at this stage and will be appearing in the next big NcX update.

    Stay tuned!