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Should the new build be released with the changes posted on page3?

  • No. I hate the current build and dev too.

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Dec 26, 2016
@tanish2k09 Please i request..if you release the new build ...plz don't make it prerooted and give magisk support(only if possible update the security patch)...i want a secure rom like your stock debloated one.Thnks.


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Jun 21, 2014
@tanish2k09 Please i request..if you release the new build ...plz don't make it prerooted and give magisk support(only if possible update the security patch)...i want a secure rom like your stock debloated one.Thnks.
ROM discontinued.

Can i use venom kernel for this rom ?
Yes you are more than welcome to use venom kernel. It works flawlessly with this ROM, but simply flashing the zip might cause a bootloop. What you might need to do is to use Android Image studio from play store, or Carliv image kitchen on windows pc to unpack the boot.img from the ROM zip and replace the kernel file of boot.img with the Image.gz-dtb file from the kernel zip.
It sounds difficult but it is very easy and takes hardly 2 minutes. You can search Google for how to unpack boot.img using Carliv image kitchen. I can't personally spoonfeed every newbie. Remember xda is a place to learn stuff yourself, it is not a place just for asking for support to other devs.
You learn the most if you try. Good luck ;)


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Dec 7, 2021
I need some help. My brother and I installed BBQ Linux on his Lenovo laptop and we can not get the wifi to connect. We have literally tried everything and I figured I would come here since this is home of bbq linux. Please help. Thank you

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    Hey guys!!! Wassup?
    I'm back with another awesome AOSP ROM. Better than Swift_AOSP.
    You'll so much love this one. It's from ghost team.
    Lets jump right into it!!!


    Ghost AOSP stable BBQ edition by tanish2k09

    Features :
    1) Aosp mm features
    2) Clearmotion
    3) Miravision
    4) OTA updates available!!!
    5) Camera working fullscreen at 6mp and 4:3 at 8mp.
    6) kernel adiutor pre-included in settings
    7) SuperSU included in settings.
    8) Pre-rooted
    9) Fast! And stable!
    10) SMS working.
    11) Settings security working
    12) Gapps removed from Rom. Flash your own gapps to boot Rom.
    13) Added CPU tweaks.
    14) Added ui tweaks.
    15) Added ghost mods.
    16) engineer mod included in settings>dev options
    17) Fixed build.prop
    18) Released first ota
    19) Added google now launcher for aosp feel.
    20) Disabled navbar
    21) Xposed sdk23 supported
    22) Layers themes and substratum themes supported.
    23) Debloated
    24) Odexed
    25) Zipaligned
    26) Integrated MTK engineering mode.
    (go to settings and about phone. Tap on build number 7 times to enable developer options. Then go to settings and developer options and select engineering mod to open)
    27) Jio 4g data working completely without requiring any additional configuration :D
    28) Integrated data protection.
    (go to settings and security. Scroll down to data security. Select the audio, video, documents or other files that you want to secure with pattern)

    Not working :
    1) Pretty much everything is working. Use gapps from link given below.

    Special thanks to MRr Farhan for testing.
    From this moment, I declare him as my tester for any and all future developments for a7k.

    How to get ota :
    Go to ota update app. Check for updates manually. Download ota. Download progress bar doesn't work but download will be successful. After ota download is complete, select "wipe cache" and unselect "backup" and "wipe data". Click install.

    ROM build links :
    Stable 1.0 :
    [Next updates will be pushed as OTA]

    Gapps :

    Installation :
    Installation :
    1) Wipe dalvik, cache, system, Data.
    2) Flash ghost aosp
    3) Flash gapps or bigger. THIS STEP IS COMPULSORY.
    4) Reboot and wait for ROM to prepare the ghost!!!:eek:
    5) If ROM doesn't boot, wait for 10 minutes, then reboot again.

    Screenshots :


























    XDA:DevDB Information
    Ghost AOSP, ROM for the Lenovo A7000

    tanish2k09, farhan20, HDHR, Farhan Tariq, Aryan kedare, Ghost team, me
    ROM OS Version: 6.0.x Marshmallow
    ROM Kernel: Linux 3.10.x
    ROM Firmware Required: Custom recovery (tested with TWRP 3.0.2-1), The ROM package, gapps package, patience, brains
    Based On: AOSP

    Version Information
    Status: Stable
    Current Stable Version: 1.0
    Stable Release Date: 2017-02-17

    Created 2017-02-17
    Last Updated 2017-02-19
    Important stuff :
    1) Don't update kernel adiutor. Otherwise kernel adiutor option in settings will crash.

    2) Fix everything ota 2.0 manual link :

    3) Ota 3.0 manual flash link :
    (Same as fast charging patch. All credit to @HDHR)

    4) If data protection is crashing for you from security settings, then follow below steps :
    --->Go to settings>apps
    --->Press on the 3-dot in the corner.
    --->Select "Show system apps"
    --->Scroll the list and find "Data Protection"
    --->Tap on "Data protection" to open its settings
    --->Tap on permissions, and turn on "storage".
    --->Congratulations!!! Now data protection is in-built in this ROM.

    5) Stock kernel for AOSP MM roms :

    6) Only build 1 will be supported completely by me. Note that v3 isn't an upgrade to ghost ROM. It is just another ROM version made by the ghost team. Both v1 and v3 are different versions. Not to be compared.

    7) Link of build v3 :

    (Changelog for v3 on page 3)

    8) For fixing GPS bounce glitch, download an app from play store called " GPS fix"
    Hmm is it also failing to detect Baseband, RIL, WiFi MAC, BT MAC ?

    PMing :D
    No. Wifi is working and Sims are detected too. But since IMEI isn't detected, the ril process reports the system to stop detection of signal.

    However, I would like everyone now to stop replying to the new ROM post. It was just for knowledge that development isn't over yet.
    There is another ROM coming this way. A nougat rom. With minor bugs like offline charging only.

    Don't ask me about it. You'll know shortly anyways.
    Here is a new sweetdish by me:
    Link for v3 ghost Nexus rom :


    Final change log :

    1) Deodexed
    2) Same devil kernel
    3) Google camera
    4) MiXplorer added
    5) CyanogenMod browser and audiofx.
    6) Fly-on mod support
    7) Ghost boot animation from k3 note. Don't blame me.
    8) DPI 280 for cool nougat-like feel.
    9) Nougat system sounds for nougat-like feel.
    10) Added ringtones, notifications, and alarm sounds from AOSP and stock vibe sources.

    11) Cool feature : In landscape mode, the status bar will come down on right, center, or left side depending on which side you swipe down. Handy for one hand use.

    12) Clearmotion support
    13) Miravision support
    14) Engineer mode working.
    15) All sensors fixed
    16) Fixed heat issues
    17) Fixed GPS glitch.
    18) Ghost music player added.
    19) Power off animation added.
    20) No turbo download. NO data protection in-built. Pure AOSP feel.

    21) Added nova launcher.
    22) Added YouTube for fixing videos.
    23) Added Gboard.
    24) Added kernel adiutor.
    25) Added pico Gapps support.
    26) Gapps not pre-included to reduce size. Flash your own.
    27) Upgraded to Android 6.0.1
    28) Added reboot button in power menu :D
    29) OTA support present.

    That's it! Enjoy :D :good: