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Nov 18, 2012
Rom works fine but I had to reboot it twice since I installed it. There's an issue that when you're watching video (for example on YouTube) suddenly screen freezes. Audio is still played but tabled is irresponsible, only power button works (you can turn on and off display) but there is no way to unfreeze screen other than reboot. What logs should I provide?


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Jun 9, 2015
Stable One

Andi, Clean flashed this with complete wipe data and format data.ROM takes some time to stable on P3100.
But from yesterday everything works excellent. Mostly All ROMs on P3100 have problem of call drop including CM13.
This is excellent one. From last two days there is not a single Signall dropout even after heavy usage and 5-6 apps open simultaneously.
First is Format data on P3100 otherwise this problem of signal drop occurs and it leads to reboot. so problem solved.
Thanks Andi once again.Only request is to do the same with Omni 5.1 whenever you are free. Because P3100 was very popular in india and many uses as daily usage. In Indian addition Omni works better than other roms.
So keep it up. Enjoy your life. And yes you bring smile to lots of Tab 2 users. God gives you strength and blessings.


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Nov 20, 2012
After I've got issues on lastest espresso3g slimkat, now I'm trying this rom :D
Didint got any issues so far :good:

Thanks anyway Andi :good:
Feb 24, 2008
Can i send my logcat in another way? Because the policy of xda i don't insert the attacment before 10 post

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Sep 2, 2016
I couldn't find out if it's just me or does Omni 4.4.4 18012017 not support f2fs : on booting after a clean flash and open gapps 4.4 Pico, it says encryption. unsuccessful reset tab? Obviously I DID NOT reset it and have booted into recovery.

Also , f2fs is a filesystem for friendlier (less wear, auto fstrim?) and faster read/writes on eMMC right? is it needed from an aged tablet point of view or will ext4 lead to no observable difference ?
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    for Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 7.0






    Changelog Unofficial Builds
    (i will only update if i have time)
    Please for general changes take a look on Omni Roms's Gerrit
    for what got merged https://gerrit.omnirom.org/#/q/status:merged,n,z

    For now i am using Float-View instead of Multi-Window!

    [B][U]16.03.2014 Unofficial[/U][/B]
    - Multi-Window
    - Changelog in Settings
    - Battery Safer Mode
    - OC Kernel
    - change UserTile view (using a Rounded Image)
    - On-The-Go mode (see screenshots )
    - Added Terminal Emulator
    [U][B]14.03.2014 Unofficial[/B][/U]
    - MultiWindow
    - Changelog in Settings
    - Battery Safer Mode
    - some changes in device tree (cleanup makefiles and overlay)
    - updated "ro.build.fingerprint" and "ro.build.description" from Stock ICS to match Stock 4.2.2 
    - OC Kernel
    - Multi-Window
    - Add percent only and none options for battery icon
    - Changelog in "About Tablet"
    - Battery Saver mode
    - fixed Screenrecording
    (... some builds between, no need to add changelog here now...)
    Fix Sim-Pin-Keyboard bug for P5100 (confirmed working :) )
    2nd try to fix Sim-Pin-Keyboard bug for P5100
    - Hopefully fixed Sim-Pin Keyboard-Bug (i need feedback)
    - Indonesio 3 ID: removed proxy to get PlayStore access 
    and for monthly service, 3 use different APN (i need feedback too)
    - Multi-Window and OC Kernel like every time
    - MultiWindow
    - smoother Bootanimation
    - MultiWindow
    - new bootanimation
    - more german translation
    - MultiWindow
    - green chargeing animation if device turned off incl %.
    - thanks @daavvis for "GET YOUR FOOT OFF THE GAS!!" 
      this fixes the cpu ignoring user settings in settings/performance/processor/cup max freq
    - New Governors for Kernel - thanks @daavvis
    - Switched back to some JB blobs to fix screenrecording 
    next time (not working atm) - thanks @daavvis
    - Patch-Set 22 Multi-Window
    [B][COLOR="Red"]NO[/COLOR][/B] Multi-Window
    All in One Animation Control: Allow configure System, ListView, Scroll, and Keyboard Animation
    Fix Screen-Off animation (P31XX only)
    performance increase (i hope) (add enhanced domx and cmhw) - thanks @daavvis
    Using the older Multi-Window Patch Set again (18 - recommend)
    New Multi-Window Patch Set (21)
    OC-Kernel: switch to interactive gov. and cfq i/o
    Fix bootloop for P51XX: added missing files in /system/vendor/lib/egl
    OC back again
    Multi-Window / Split-View back again.
    "OMAP4-common: Update RIL header to v9": [url]https://gerrit.omnirom.org/#/c/4922/[/url] 
    "fix SIGFPE in hwcomposer caused by modulo by zero" [url]https://gerrit.omnirom.org/#/c/4930/[/url]
    [B][U]18.01.2014 [/U][/B]
    [COLOR="DarkGreen"][B]First official Nightly available :)[/B][/COLOR]
    Another "Test-Builds" before our source can get merged 
    to Omni-Rom for official nightlys.
    (need to fix screenshotbug for P31XX)
    Another "Test-Builds" before our source can get merged 
    to Omni-Rom for official nightlys.
    These are "Test-Builds" before our source can get merged 
    to Omni-Rom for official nightlys.
    I talked to jiangyi and i need to fix the broken keyboard without cherry-picking 
    a commit... 
    the commit i used to fix it is not merged into omni´s github yet... :(
    - but i found another way to fix it :)
    [*]Kernel No-OC by default
    [*]No Multi-Window / Split-view
    [*]"CONFIG_KEYBOARD_SEC_DOCK" disabled in kernel-config ; this
    fixes the broken keyboard too (this bug is kernel related)
    [B][U][COLOR="Red"]Please test this build and report back! 
    This is important to get official support![/COLOR][/U][/B]
    Only Omni changes...
    SELinux: More policies 
    reverted kernel changes (hope this fixes reported kernel issues 
    on last 2 builds)
    Kernel Still OC by default.
    This will be the last build with OC-Kernel by default 
    (i hope it happens next time :D )
    remove 1080p recording, not working as expected
    SELinux: Fix typo in file_contexts
    drawables seetings updated,
    init.espresso10.rc updated permissions
    updated media codects and profiles - thanks @daavvis
    All merged changes from gerrit until 10:01 PM 03.02.2014
    ..... no time to tell what changed ....
    initial release

    XDA:DevDB Information
    [P31xx][4.4.4] OmniROM, ROM for the Samsung Galaxy Tab 2

    ROM OS Version: 4.4.x KitKat
    ROM Kernel: Linux 3.0.x

    Version Information
    Status: Stable
    Current Stable Version: Final Build availabl

    Created 2014-05-20
    Last Updated 2017-04-30
    Me, @Android-Andi
    @CodyF86 - thanks for all your Repos and help for KitKat for P51XX @daavvis - thanks for all your help for KitKat for P51XX !
    @Skywalker.00 for helping me debugging
    @ CyanogenMod-Team; special thanks @codeworkx
    and everyone i forgot :p

    Kernel: https://github.com/codyf86/android_kernel_samsung_espresso10/tree/cm-11.0
    P3100: https://github.com/andi34/android_device_samsung_p3100/tree/android-4.4
    P3110: https://github.com/andi34/android_device_samsung_p3110/tree/android-4.4

    Added Code Review wich not got merged yet
    [B][U][WIP] Multi-window[/U][/B]
    This is a big work in progress, which currently has some bugs,
    but begins to look okay.
    You can already multitask a little bit, by using the
    app switcher and long-pressing an icon, then select "Add to
    Split View".
    Last window touched gets the key focus.

    [B][U]input: Add workaround for broken hardware keyboard support[/U][/B]
    New unofficial for P3110 uploaded already,
    P3100 still compileing - ready after sleep.

    • Upstram OmniRom changes (Android 4.4.4 now :) )
    • some kernel changes, hope fixed Battery-Drain (reported on some devices, not happened to everyone)
    • Boeffla-Sound: Engine 1.6.6 added to kernel
    • all good stuff like every time: floating Apps, AppCircleSidebar, On the go, Batterysafer, Animationcontroll, WhiteKat UI

    Forgive me if you didn't like my above post I am sorry :(

    Sent from my GT-P3100 using XDA Free mobile app
    Sure, i like to see that there are many user likeing my work and are thanksfull all the time.

    I got a lot of sleepless nights in the past view month and can not manage that much work anymore.

    If i like to work on L i do - if i don't like, i won't.
    if people ask for ETAs all the time, then i try to compile for myself only and do not share anything! Maybe.a screenshot, but thats it.

    Also please all together, stop writeing PM's asking for L!

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