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[ROM][P769/760/765/768] UltraROM [6B][Locked/Unlocked BL]

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May 24, 2014
Lol I've had 3 grandbabies born since Nov 4. Now I'm dealing with winter, which makes weeks longer & weekends shorter. If it wasn't for life, we'd all have hobbies!

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Dec 6, 2011
Tried installing rom using Ultra kernel, and it was stuck on LG logo. With stock kernel I was able to boot, but right of the bat I got an issue. When screen goes off, or I lock it, the screen back light is still on.

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    By: UltraRoboto​
    Made by a young Android Developer of 17 years. Built from stock for a close experience to the Pure Android experience. One of the sole surviving Custom ROM's for the Lg Optimus L9.​
    What's In this?​
    • XDA app
    • ShowBox Movie Downloader
    • Custom Start/End Animations
    • Choice of Keyboards
    • Choice of Messengers!
    • CM Browser
    • Aroma Customization
    • Better Battery Life
    • B/W StatusBar
    • 100% Stock Kernel
    • Removal of the horrible BLOATWARE!

    • CM Launcher/Google Home/Smart Launcher 2/(6.0)ActionLauncher3/EverythingME Launcher(6.0)
    • Music/Apollo/Google Music
    • Browser+Chrome to CM Browser
    • Google Messenger/Textra Messenger

    How To Install:

    • Download Rom(GAPPS included)
    • Reboot into Recovery
    • MAKE A BACKUP!!!!!!!
    • Factory Reset and wipe caches for full effect(not necessary though)
    • Install Rom
    • Reboot
    • Open the Setup App and continue
    • Give Thanks!

    • Open OTA Updater App]
    • Check for update
    • Download Update
    • Manually Restart to Recovery
    • Find File by installing from >
      /external_sd/OTA-Updater/download/ROM/*Insert UltraRom File Here*
    • Install!


    • 5.0- More app options in Aroma, NEW bootanimation, Preparation of OTA Updates.

    Older Versions:
    • 1.8- Boot Animation Fix and OTA Update Notifier...just download the file and find it in /sdcard/OTAUpdates/download/Rom-Update.zip
    • 1.9- Deleted OTA Updates because I couldn't get it correctly and BootAnimation curtesy of @nasheich and addition of ULTIMATE BOOST
    • 2.0- BIG UPDATE! KumaKan-V3 Base Patch! XThemeEngine App and Chrome Browser! New 4.4 Android L designed Home App by @nikaosoft ! Aroma stuff(@kuma82 's work thanks! C-Locker!
    • 3.B- Android L Preview stuff! P760 Version Status 7'ed ;((((((((((((
    • 3.C- Deleted C-Locker(Didn't work correctly on first-boot. Added Google Now Launcher. Switched Stock Messaging to Hangouts. G2 Lockscreen. HK Theme Manager. Cooler Toggles! P760 Version: Not Uploaded Yet to fix Status 7 :)
    • 4.0- P769 Version Version Update! New Toggles, More app choices on install, and a smoother experience with Unlimited Boost!
    • 4.1- Animation Patch!(Failed, BootAnim failed to show during updates)
    • 4.2- UltraROM now available to P768, P765 and P760! Material Designed Apps Update in GPlay.
    • 5.0b- Beta Testing of the new update.

    What's Next?
    • 6.0- MonsterUI, Action Launcher 3, Everything Me Launcher, Google Keyboard (Fix ?), OTA Update, Android Marshmallow BootAnimation, AcDisplay(LockScreen) Option, LG G3 Status Bar Update!

    Thank you for visiting one of the last remaining custom roms for the Lg Optimus L9! I hope I served you well. :D

    What The Boot Animation Should Look Like:

    6.0b/6.0 Screenshots:​


    Thanks to @kuma82 for providing the base!!! You can see his rom in action here: http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=2468880
    Thanks to @Sphax for letting me use Unlimited Boost! See it here: http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1873234
    Thanks to @wlado93 for boot.img and extra files for p760 conversion!!!!​

    UltraROM 5(P760,P769,P768,P765): https://mega.co.nz/#!m44jCSDZ!CyqW7LYmacVZcZzlY5Rp8PVNHZELNHgj0ijBXWgft48
    UltraROM 6 Beta!(P760,P769,P768,P765)::crying::crying::crying:

    XDA:DevDB Information
    UltraROM, ROM for the LG Optimus L9 P760, P765, P768

    UltraRoboto, Kuma82, Ilxaot
    Source Code: http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?p=51811575

    ROM OS Version: 4.1.x Jelly Bean
    ROM Firmware Required: Locked OR Unlocked Bootloader!
    Based On: LG Stock Kernel and System

    Version Information
    Status: Stable
    Current Stable Version: 5
    Stable Release Date: 2015-03-15
    Current Beta Version: 6
    Beta Release Date: 2015-10-24

    Created 2014-07-20
    Last Updated 2015-12-01
    BETA COMES OUT TODAY! SAVE BACKUPS! I trued, and hopefully, it installs...:thumbup::thumbup::D:D If it works, please tell me so I can actually put it on the downloads(the beta is thru inbox and optional download)

    Sent from my P769 running URom4
    P760 version URom4 is on the way as well as URom4 P769!
    P.S.- P769 today! And p.m.'d beta for p760 if people want

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    Ha i'm not a Dev. I won't truly feel happy until I can build from source. But thanks for your kind words and motivating me ;)

    Sent from my LGMS769 using XDA Premium 4 mobile app
    Same here, but you are still a Dev for at least doing what you do for this phone... I still have a long way to go but this, for me, is the first step

    3.B is out!!! There shouldnt really be any problems in the aroma script...if there are tell me and it will get fixed as fast as i can reach my computer!:D:D;)